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Which loli is the best looking loli?
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How is this body type called?
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Why did they decide to name their company "david production"? Who the fuck is david? It certainly isn't the name of the founders.
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>celebrate yourself wojaksharing 4chan king

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What is the best way to deal with a cheeky brat like this one?
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Fire Punch Volume 1

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Dumping Volume 1.

If you haven't read Fire Punch yet, strap yourself in and, everyone, enjoy the ride.
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What's the ideal age of a loli vampire? For me it's 100-150. Short enough so that she can actually remember her life.
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Naruto post discussion thread Volume 61

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is he okay

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New episode descriptions

>Episode 8: The Dream Trap
>Towa and others go after the whereabouts of Yotsume, the demon who escaped the mansion of Kanto’s overseer. Yotsume escapes to the fortress of one of the evil Perils, Kyuuki. Kyuuki lends Yotsume a mysterious orb, a rainbow pearl, and orders Yotsume to “find the Yashahimes weaknesses”. Towa, Moroha, and the young tanuki demon, Takechiyo, fall asleep from the dream opening spell that Yotsume casts. However, the spell does not work on Setsuna who can’t fall asleep. Setsuna sees through Yotsume’s plan and stirs up the dreams with Cyclone Burst. Moroha sees a dream of Takechiyo’s past, Takechiyo sees a dream of Moroha’s past, and Towa sees a dream that was stolen from Setsuna’s butterfly.

>Episode 9: Meioujuus’s Meifuku
>Moroha meets up with Towa and Setsuna after accepting the task of slaying a mysterious demon that captured the fortress of a military commander. The demon is Konton, one of the Perils, who defeats Meioujuu and steals his armored shell which is said to be impenetrable. Towa and the others have a difficult battle against the speed spells and divine sword Konton wields as they assist Meifuku, who seeks revenge against Konton for his father. Towa attempts to stab Konton’s armor and absorb the youki. However the plan does not work as the armor does not have youki. As Moroha searches for a way to prevail, she orders Meifuku “Be my shield!”
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