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so you got in, right anon?
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Machikado Mazoku

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Today is Shamiko's birthday! Say something nice about her or her show.
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>romance between siblings
This one doesn't make any sense to me. No one is actually attracted to their siblings.
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Miyazaki was unironically right.
Anime stopped being made by people with actual life experience, and is now only made by people who've watched anime. It's an incestuous circlejerk. Also advances in digital animation have made everything look like cheap garbage.
If you watch the great old shows like Evnaglion or Logh, you notice they are all inspired by Literature and film. The people who made these works were well versed in the arts unlike the Otakus who work in the Industry nowadays
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>People say that this is the best manga or even the greatest piece of fiction ever made
>Read over 100 chapters
>Literally written for babies and they tell you everything thats happening word for word like you are a fucking idiot
Did I get filtered? I genuinely dont understand why this is so loved. I know that it gets better and there's also some really cool lore and character moments but its too babyish. I just cant handle it and this is coming from a guy who's favourite movies/shows are made for kids
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Did anyone actually expect Miura to finish it?

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I've cried as much as the next faggot. The world is darker without Miura's genius, for sure, and it's hard to imagine life without Berserk.
But I don't think any of us actually expected it to have a true ending.
There was still A LOT of ground left to cover.
We had SK's backstory, the Moonlight Boy, Rickert's adventures with the Bakiraka, Griffith's tax policies, Guts & co's return to Midland, and everything else leading up to the final battle.
I'd say there was another 20 years worth AT LEAST, and that's being conservative with Miura's recent output (which would only get worse with age & deteriorating health).
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Machikado Mazoku

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S2 confirmed for Spring 2022
Will be titled Machikado Mazoku 2Chome
New KV
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>If you zap a dead person's heart and pump their lungs with oxygen, they'll magically come back to life just fine
Is Togashi just stupid, or should I forgive this blatant ass pull because HxH is a children's shonen manga?
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New chapter of healer hero is out.
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