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Delicious Party Precure

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Now that the website for Delicious Party Precure is up, how long do you think we will have to wait for magazine leaks?
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Pretty Series, Mewkledreamy, and Aipla

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Almost time for Lemon's performance.
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Let's have an anime dance music thread

Symphogeah is fine too
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Love Live

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Idols are cute, don't you think so?
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Would you watch an anime that's fat girls doing fat things?
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Kanojo, Okarishimasu

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Dumping HQ Scans
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What would an anime based in jamaica be about?
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Yuru Yuri

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Toshino is strong!
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90s 80s ova

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90s and 80s ova are the best
Change my mind
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After finishing Fire Punch, I just can't. There is no more motivation to consume any new anime/manga. After reading the kino of kino, everything seems boring.

What is this? The end of anime for OP? Have I finally matured and subconsciously decline more of this? Thanks for reading my blog.
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