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What are your thoughts on Sherlock Hound now that TMS uploaded it to free on YouTube, and you should have no excuses about not seeing it?

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OK, I will hang myself.

Buyfag thread

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So who is the best Samurai in all of anime?
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Making a high-tier loli is pretty easy:
>draw a little girl
>make her 7-12 years old
>give her the appropriate body and personality for her age
>make her cute and molestable
>make sure she's not Noa
Making a low-tier loli is also pretty easy:
>draw a petite woman
>say she's "actually XXX years old ecksdee"
>give her hag hips
>make her act like a grandma
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Guys... I think I'm in love with Yotsuba...
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ITT: Series that you are an apologist for.

Naruto Storytime Volume 72 (Part 6)

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Previous Thread:
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Dragon ball super

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All shitposting aside, /dbs/ is truly the CHAD’s den of /a/. Yes, our scholars are ESLs (Experts in Several Languages). Yes, even the Gokekfags are undeniably supreme over the moeshitters and waifufags on this site. And yes, all other “““shonen””” series discussed on /a/ are actually moeshit.

>but muh seven quir-
Deku is a cuck.
>but ch-chainsaw-
Discount Fire Punch.
Moeshit. Discarded and expunged.
And let’s not even get started on the Hiatusfags.

/dbs/ is an oasis of testosterone in the moeshit desert that is /a/.