Where are my images?

Dragon Ball Super

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The love for Kalfa has given her a Zenkai Boost.
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These are your rocks tonight.
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>make the Caster class the weakest even though it has the most potential for creative abilities
>make dude swordbeams lmao the strongest class despite it being uninteresting and bland
Caster has the cutest girls too. Why do they get shafted so hard?
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Rurouni Kenshin Author Arrested for Child Pornography

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More new stuff coming out
>they discovered almost 100 DVDs/CDs
why are you still defending him? He is done.
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Nightmare Funk

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Finally got me typesetter, so here's a project I wanted to do for a while, a 4 volume long manga published a few years back in Jump SQ. It's a story about an unlikely duo of a mysterious assassin and a detective who sees prophetic dreams. Action and violence and various fetishes included.

Check it out if you want to.

Nanatsu no Taizai 244

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Why did people like this show? The ideological conflicts were ridiculous and never had plausible solutions.

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is Ping Pong: The Animation the ultimate pleb filter?
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Dragon Ball Super

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Why didn't he play with Cabba's friends?
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Idle Time Pripara

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Michiru faces Miichiru episode next!
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