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Hunter x Hunter

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Which one is genuine?
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How will Berserk end? It's inspired by Devilman, so can we expect an apocalyptic ending? Will Miura pull an Anno and do something like End of Evangelion?
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Why would you ever get together with a girl who's taller than you? Not to mention she's also stronger.
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You can't be serious, TOEI.
You really did make Blanco meme a canon. Holy shit.
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Dragon Ball Super

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Beerus will never be relevant again
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Why does everything turn into either haremshit where no development ever happens or edgy revenge where MC edges so hard he can't make time for relationships. Why can't more stories just have a developed romance, or romance at all?
Isekai thread
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10/10 fights only
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Friendly reminder that Akechi-kun's smile is worth protecting.