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How would you write Elimination Chamber?
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Hotaru Hate Thread (Hotaru lovers are NOT allowed)

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>Slut, has had multiple boyfriends and is sexually experienced at a young age
>Cucks Yuma's boyfriend even though he is a sweet saint of a person who has done nothing to deserve it
>Is aggressive to the point where her best friend thinks she's going to rape her
>Hates her boyfriend just because
>Incredibly selfish and inconsiderate, to borderline sociopathic levels
>Is going to leave a trail of emotional ruin in her wake and destroy all their friendships

This girl is pure poison. She's the kind of person who can damage people's hearts so much they'll still be in pain years later. Why would anyone like her?
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I am still mad. I will always be mad. Fuck you Kyousuke, and fuck you too Kirino.
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What makes people fall in love with each other?
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Someone picked up Shudan

Hunter x Hunter

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What's gonna happen next?
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Code Geass

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Why has there not been any recent news on season 3
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Would you watch an anime about cute flight attendants doing cute things at 35,000 feet? (And one of them, probably voiced by Kana Asumi, wants to be a pilot someday.)