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Tell me about Kawakami Sadayo, /a/. Is P5 anime worth watching for her?
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Season is pretty much over,
Name your AOTS /a/
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New Precure villain revealed. Diable (diaburu) is Noir's familiar (bunshin animal) and is voiced by Takeuchi Ryouta.
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Dragon Ball Super

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What are your predictions for the tournament? There are a lot of days left, and they are doing Goku vs Jiren pretty early though.
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This was a bit excessive.
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Princess Principal

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Haha they really did the Victorian swimsuits. Absolute madmen
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/ss/ - The Secret Santaning

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Hi everyone! The time has finally come to start entries for Secret S/a/nta!
The amount of time for sign-ups is going to be a lot lessened this year, and since a lot of people have been looking and asking, I'm sure you'll all be able to see it! The choice for this was to lessen the amount of unnecessary extra posting, and because there was some need for planning. I know I said I'll be quitting this year, but I'm unsure of that. Let's just get started!

First, one thing for sure will remain, and that's the whitelisted high bracket. To participate in the 100+ bracket you must have participated last year.

Next, there are a few changes compared to last year. If you're new, it's not exactly necessary to read this. But, for anyone already having participated it will be as follows -
**Cards are being restricted to 5 maximum
**Cards now have a shipping type
**Grinching now has a price bracket
**Changes should be sent as a REPLY and NOT AS A NEW E-MAIL
I hope that everyone will be alright with this, thank you!

And lastly, we have new people that will be helping out this year, I'm holding them at gunpoint to say hello!
Yes Blondedude, you're still banned

E-mail - [email protected]
Next two posts will be the FAQ and Application guide!

The deadline this year is OCTOBER 28TH, 12:00 A.M. PACIFIC STANDARD TIME!! Thanks!
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which one of these four best represents /a/ and its culture?

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Princess Principal

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How are you going to cope with Sunday mornings where there are no more new episodes?
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