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Hero Academia

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Waiting for spoilers.
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Isekai Sterility

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Why are isekai novels not copying Overlord's formula?

It looks like only ReZero and "Muh Fantasy SOL" are getting the ripoff treatment.
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Why does Kanna have thicc legs
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I can't believe the original Kaban is fucking dead

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After giving a more deep thought about the last episode, the ending doesn't seem so happy anymore.
Judging from Kaban's words about having no memories while being trapped in cerulean - she was either in some kind of stasis or not existing in form of human (i.e. dead). The sphere is about her head size, so there's no way she can fit there while being unconscious.
That leads to the only logical interpretation - she was dissolved into that rainbow soup and reassembled later as a perfect clone. This brings a problem similar to "Teletransportation paradox": the original Kaban really died and copy with her memories was born soon afterwards. But it's not the same Kaban anymore. Which is kind of sad and unnerving.
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has the main heroine ever been NTRed? With that I mean has she ever lost to someone else that was not the main heroine?

pic unrelated
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Post adorable non-virgins.
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Youjo Senki

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Do you think salarman would wear a bra anons?
I hope not
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Just got back from an early screening of the live action ghost in the shell movie

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It's Robocop.
It's Robocop with a cyberpunk re-skin and some homages to famous GitS scenes.

(Spoilers hidden out of courtesy)
The major was a teenage runaway who wrote luddite manifestos.
She and her friends got kidnapped en mass by Hanka.
They killed 96 of them in experiments to perfect the major.
They wiped her memory
; tell her she and her parents were refugees on a boat that got attacked by terrorists.
She meets Kuze, who was one of the failed experiments, and talks like a retard as a result.
He tells her everything; she confronts her doctor about it; get's captured.
Said doctor is ordered by Hanka president or whatever to kill the major and make another, but she betrays Hanka at the last second to help the major escape; dies.
Major learns stuff about her past; teams up with Kuze in final confrontation with spider tank; wins.
Kuze gets sniped from a Hanka helicoptor, but the major survives after Saito shoots it down.
Aramaki confronts Hanka president, asks the major if he should kill him; major says yes, he does.

If you really want to see this film, I implore you to do so illegally.
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Little Witch Academia

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Give me the wand, Akko.

Also vote Diana you faggots :
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I like my coffee with sugar
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