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Post Manga panels where you knew shit was going to get serious
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This is Koharu Yoshino. She's come to revitalize your town. Say hi to her!
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To Love-ru

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Does Mikan have an end game?
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Kimi no na wa

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I'm a little late to the party, but did anyone else cry? Because I cried.
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Cat and Sheep are not gay.
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Come on, Japan, you can't honestly be this daft.

Steins;Gate 0

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Looks like the anime will be trash, who would've thought.
>The anime is turning out to be more interesting than the game
>The VN has several routes, but in the anime, they’ve been restructured into a single route
>In the anime, Okabe isn’t quite as gloomy as he was at the beginning of the game
>Even people who have played 0 should be able to enjoy the anime as though it were a new work
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Hey, you like trains?
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Why does no one like Kuma?
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