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So /a/, did you're husbando finally get that scale fig during wonfes ?
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So this thing was basically a Franxx version of Ramiel from eva?
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How would you describe the relationship between these two girls?
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what does /a/ think of K-on?
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Aikatsu Stars! & Pripara

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>[Mezashite] Aikatsu Stars! - 094 [4A5DF1D0].mkv
Subs out!
Now we Idle till Idol Time previews come out.
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If you watch the whole anime, you won't see Shinka but watch Shinka and you will see the whole anime.


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Episode 7 out and no thread? Things are starting to get intense.
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Cooking in anime/manga

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What have anime and manga inspired you to try and cook?

For example, I have enjoyed:
- Tamago kake gohan (Bakemono no ko), great with Japanese rice
- Traditional Japanese breakfast with miso soup, white rice and natto (various)
- Chahan (Garo: Vanishing Line)
- Ni (Poputepipikku, pictured)
- Hambagu (various, not to be confused with hambaga)
- Tsukemono/asazuke (Flying Witch)
- Toshikoshi soba (various)
- Kinpira gobo (various)
- Medamayaki with Worcestershire sauce (Youkai Watch)

I will also try these soon:
- Kuri gohan (Yotsubato)
- Kitty (Takunomi)

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what did you like most about hxh?
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Trigger has done what Sunrise couldn't: saving the dying Mecha genre with Darling in the Franxx. Move out of the way, Sunrise, Trigger is our new Mecha God now!
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