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Fuck marry kill
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/a/ - Scanlation thread

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whatcha working on?
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How is a massive war on earth so much more boring than when they were on mars?
This earth arc has been a real mess.

I bet they will ressurect Muse again.

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Love Live sunshine is a failure. Thus they had to create a new group already.
I bet this new group will also be a failure.

Then they will have to make a sequel to the first group.
It will be about Muse going to college.
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Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

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And so Youhei settled down to run this little pub and then married this cute girl. They both lived happily ever after. The end.
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What the hell was her problem?

OPT - One Page Thread

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Previous thread >>157441552
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/a/ what do i watch if i actually hate anime
>just want something comfy and low key
>no stupid overplayed drama or action with characters that are constantly yelling
>no obnoxious high school tier romances
>no pseudo-intellectual philosophical ramblings
>just want something subtle, quiet, human
does it exist?

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Why is genderbenging manga/anime so uncommon?
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