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Is there any other show like Sailor Moon where the filler is better than the main story arc? Call me weird, but I almost retroactively go back and watch Sailor Moon for the filler episodes. More specifically in the earlier parts and where the girls all just kinda hanging out with some banter here and there. Jupiter is my favorite senshi and I think my favorite episode in general is the one where she's trying to impress Motoki and then her and Usagi pair up. In general, let's just have a Sailor Moon thread.

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What was the actual point of this character?
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Non Non Biyori

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Season 3 is coming, this is just a cover up for their mistake.
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So whats going on with this manga? Heard it was ending soon and wanted to speed read it because i hate waiting for chapters

>last chapter tled 5 months ago

Fuck me bakaupdates better be wrong
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Why don't anime characters ever have scars or burns?
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Why are there no MILFS in anime?
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Anon posted this in a one page thread and he put the name on it, and thanks to that i could find it and read it.
And despite it not tying loose ends like so often happens in these damned nip things, i loved it and had many laughs and many feels. Thanks anon.
now i'll watch the anime
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