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Who in your opinion is the best tsundere of all time?
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Kuuko is for _____
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Kaeru had a hard life
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If your waifu is on this list, I have some bad news for you
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>let's design the genkiest of girls
>who tries harder than ANYONE
>who is training in EVERY single scene one way or another
>literally never gives up, never stops
>lets take this girl and absolutely and utterly destroy her hopes and dreams forever with a happy ending
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Admit it, you're waifu is only you're waifu because she appeals to your sexual fetishes.
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>He pretend to like this show because he thinks it makes him appear intelligent
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Boruto thread

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Evidence for the new villains to be leftover root members

>them not looking like Otsutsuki and still able to know something about them.The only people who knew something about the Otsutsuki were Danzo and his follower
>"Kara" name could fit to an successor group of the Roots
>They don't seem to have a doujutsu. The Gozu Tennou, created by the roots, can transport you to a different dimension
>Sumire became her mark from Nue, which was created by Danzo and the Roots