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Aikatsu and Pripara thread

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New Idle Time episode in ~5-6 hours.
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10/10 Villains

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What does /a/ think of Psycho Pass?
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Pure girl

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Isn't she the most cute and pure girl ?
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Did she ever have a BF?

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...and another HOTD thread
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Why does everyone on other forums hate Gochuumon especially in popular ones like MAL and Reddit? Meanwhile in /a/ it get tons of praise?
Does /a/ have a shit taste?
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This is Toshino Kyoko.
She's a slut.
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One Punch Man

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So why did Phoenixman didn't just call Elder Centipede and swoop in to take Garou while Elder distracts the trio?
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What Anime is this from?

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I've been hunting for the name but haven't found one, hoping you guys can help.