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Mikakunin de shinkokei

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What was up the opening and images like this feel really out of place.

Ranker's Top 16 Best Anime Of All Time

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What's your biggest problem with this list /a/?
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United States of America

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Is it true that U S A turn any foreign students into huge sluts? or is it just a myth?
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Justify pirating anime without sounding like an entitled baby. Go on.
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>rushing to school because you were late
>bump into this random girl on the way

what do
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Its been a while, does this need to be updated?

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What exactly was Piccolo's plan here? To hope Gero didn't deal an actually critical hit? Is he retarded?
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Yu Yu Hakusho

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Finishing off story time of the Three Kings Arc of YYH, the last arc (and we're in the last volume) of the manga.
Let's see how Togashi concludes things
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