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How do you feel about yuri?
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A Confession...I liked lucky star

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Is it bad that I unironically enjoyed this anime when it was relevant...
What i just enjoyed it for what it was....
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If you didn't cry you're defective
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hajimete no gal

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havent watch newest episode yet. is best girl in it? otherwise there is no reason to watch
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Boruto thread

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Is this the advanced version of her seal?
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>loli show
>best girl is the non-loli hag

why is this allowed?
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finished marathonig evangelion. first time watch.
anon asked me to post my impressions. also evangelion thread I guess.

I started at 5 pm and finished at ~4:30 am.
I had a dinner and my ass hurts
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How often does Kurumi fuck herself?