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Why do I get the feeling this Chad is going to fuck the shit out of their mankos?
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Blend S

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Which Blend would you S?
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/a/ draws: Jojo, DIO's World Part 09

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If you're new to this, please, be sure to read this entire post before doing anything, knowing the rules is very important. For those who already know everything, you can ignore the following and go read my next post:

>What is this?
Basically, we redraw chapters from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga. You can see or previous works here:, and here:

>Why are you doing this on its own thread and not on a Jojo Thread?
Because those threads are being easily deleted and that's a problem. Also, I wanted to see if doing a separate thread more artists join us, since not every good artist on /a/ browses Jojo Threads.

>But I don't know shit about Jojo, can I join?
Well, of course you can! In fact, I'm sure your edits will be funnier if you don't know the context of what's happening.

>B-but I have no artistic skills...
Don't worry. Even if I call it a "redraw", photoshop edits of the original panels are perfectly valid.

>Enough talking, what are the rules?
Basically, these:

-You can only claim up to three panels, unless I say otherwise at some point during the production of the mosaic.
-You can't claim consecutive panels. But if you have to do it for whatever reason, do something differente with each one, with no continuity.
-You can find everything you need here: and please, be sure to open each image on a new tab and save it on its maximum size. Don't take your panels from pic related because there, the size is very reduced. And yes, you have to crop the individual panels by yourself, don't be lazy.
-You can do whatever you want with your panel or panels as long as it is SFW content, but please, don't change only the text and call it an edit. Always change something about the image.

Also, there may be extra rules on pic related depending on the chapter, so be sure to always check them.
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Date A Live

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Is there any quote from any anime or manga as true to reality as this?
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Shokugeki no Soma

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Chapter 236 real spoilers when? Here are the supposedly fake spoilers.

Takumi serves a Shigureni and ginger pizza
Takumi sliced the ginger very thinly so that it would melt into the pizza

The ginger on the pizza helps fight against the artichokes in Eizan's dish thus effectively ruining his plans

Saito is impressed by Takumi and praises him
Momo thinks he just got lucky

Eizan starting raging but tries the pizza himself and has an orgasm of Takumi slicing him down

Takumi wins 3-0

Momo and Megumi are close to completing their dishes

End of chapter
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ITT: character deaths that hit you hard

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Super Attack thread

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Post your favourite super attack
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