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ITT: pages that told you the mango was going to be good
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Osomatsu san

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So does anyone really have any hope that the new episode is going to be any less mediocre than the majority of the other episode s so far? Because in all honesty my expectations aren't that high
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explain this
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Just picked up kaguya sama wa kokurasetai and how the fuck have I not seen anyone talk about this before? Easily one of the best and more unique takes on a rom-com manga in years.
Just finished catching up and cried cause Ishigami is our boy. Wouldn't surprise me if this gets an adaptation in a few seasons from now
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Kodomo no Jikan

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How did he not quit? This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 39 omake

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But first things first.
Here's the Volume 3 cover.

Omake in a minute.
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Honestly, it wasn't that great.
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>a single haki punch took out Doflamingo and his 8 bullets of awakened hardened strings imbued with Haki

Give me one reason why this wasn't a "O MY RUBBER" moment.
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