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buyfag thread

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Dororo Storytime (Part 1)

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To commemorate the release of the new Dororo adaptation, I'm going to be dumping the original manga here on a weekly basis. So if you ever wanted to read this classic work, now would be a great time to do so!
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Shibito no Koe

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Idol girl > mom > ghost girl > psycho serial killer girl > normal girl > shit > glasses
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Could Gon take on Toguro?
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I've finally started my dedicated, from Romance Dawn, reading of One Piece. I've always just picked up chapters and arcs throughout the years, but never read it past Buggy in one sitting, so I missed out entirely on Crocodile and Chopper's arcs, along with many inbetween chapters with characters that show up later that I didn't know, Laboon and the old mermaid lady being examples I can think of now.

It's really fun to see all the little drops of foreshadowing, notably Arlong Park and Rogue Town. I'm waiting for the first appearance of Kuma, because they always say he acts differently each appearance, and Nico's rescue/Enel/Impel Down, the best arcs.


OPT: One Page Thread

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Been ages since I last saw an OPT
post manga pages for your own enjoyment
One Page Thread

Really grateful to R.H.L. Scans for continuing translations of Wa ga na waUmishi.
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So does this poor son of a bitch ever get a decent win?
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undeniable truths.
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Anon, I don't know what happened but you always seem like you're about to cry. It'd be too bad for you if I hate you, so I'll be your ally no matter what you do
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