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Hey everybody, its Saturday Night. How are you doing?

Explain this shit, Kyoanifag

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>Got 1.9/5.0 rating from ex-employee

Yamakan was a good guy all along
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Why is France so full of weeaboos? Last year, about 13.6 million manga volumes were sold in France. In comparison, in America around 2.6 million volumes were sold. France sold 5 times the volumes than America with a fifth of America's population. Now, I know France and Japan have been allies for a long time, (except in WWII), but how has this led to manga and anime becoming so popular in France?

Frame Arms Girl

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How much will it cost me to replicate this?
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Hinako Note

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Bootleg Konata is so cute.
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ITT; underrated/forgotten 5/5 anime.

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How do we fix /a/?
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You know what to do, anons.

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Can you really blame Subaru for picking this otherwordly beauty over some plain maid?
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.