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So I just saw Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit and really liked it. Anyone have any other shows like it? Shows that are more about characters than boobs or blood?
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Why don't they make Girls Und Panzer season 2 about an international tournament?
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Girl (male(female))
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New A-Channel OVA

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Think carefully and choose.
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>best DBZ manga is fanmade (Dragon Ball Multiverse)
>best DBZ anime is fanmade (Team Four Star)

How did Akira Toriyama fuck up so bad that the current official DBZ anime/manga is well below fanmade material in terms of drawing, action, character development, and humor?

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

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I want to MARRY Marika! Or at least lay her down in a bed of roses.

Also, I did this ASAP because of sketchnon. Thank her for it. I'll link the GDoc soon.
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What went wrong?

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Spring 2017 Week Schedule

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What are you watching in new season?
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purple hair > all

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prove me wrong
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