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Why can't normalfags into mecha?
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You know what hurts? This movie could've been so much more, a solid 7/10 that had potential to be a 10/10 romance but ultimately fell short
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Is Cygames saving anime?
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HunterXHunter back on Hiatus

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Expose your love for your waifu
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How was being a weeb in the 90's like?
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>when you try to find a good anime past 2010

Jojo is the best anime/manga ever.

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I bet you can't show me that I'm wrong.
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>denies humanity immortality
>inevitably just get their souls recycled and they are completely erased
>fucks off to live happily ever after while everyone else is denied any kind of salvation or similar happiness
These two are irredeemably evil beyond comprehension