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Will Akira Toriyama's art ever be done proper justice in animated form?

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Thoughts /a/?
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one piece

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Friendly reminder Katakuri will never be your oniichan and you will never marry into the Charlotte Family.
Anyone knows where Galette is? I haven't seen her since the tea party. I have no clue what group she's with.
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Is this a screenshot of season 2 on Murata's twitter ? Welp if it is then this is it boys, second season is confirmed to be trash.

CGI for genos arms? in the garbage. Full Cgi models already felt out of place on a 2D environment with that shitty jaggy animation, let alone 2D/3D mixed on a single character, so they'll probably make him ful cg.

Guess cgi here to stay.
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How do you feel about girls playing music /a/?
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ITT: Anime that imitates art
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Who is more intimidating?
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Anime that's better than the source manga

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