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Dragon Ball Super

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Leave Cabba to me.
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OnePunch Man

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Murata is back with the daily streaming, two days left before the new chapter's release.
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Say something nice about Rei.
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Name a worst MC you can't
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Has /a/ marathoned all of the Slayers series?
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>male character
>female VA
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Koe no Katachi

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Did they end up together? Or did she find a nice deaf guy and left him
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. . .
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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

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DanMachi volume 12 is out. Posting the illustrations.
All spoilers taken from the wiki.

If you guys want the whole volume keep the thread alive until I screenshot the shit out of it.
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SukaSuka Shuumatsu nani shitemasuka

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Are you ready for the best girl?
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