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Pre-2000 Anime & Manga Thread
Pre-2000 Anime & Manga Thread
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I can't imagine how cancerous this place was when this trash was popular for whatever reason.
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What the fuck is wrong with the direction and pacing in this show? There was zero tension in this massive battle that almost destroyed their "home" and killed a ton of franxx pilots. The big confession between zero two and hur-ro was just annoying but hey let's play the opening for this epic scene against this retarded looking triangle klaxxosaur. Whoever is directing this needs to watch Eva.

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What was the point of this scene?
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This is the Marvel studios of anime

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Why don't you like harem anime?
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What will the Mashimaros be like as JCs?
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Heavy Object

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It's time to watch the end of the world, featuring Punished Heivia, White Queen Worshipping Skuld, and a grieving Ohoho.
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