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Reminder that your waifu poops.
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Shingeki no Zeke

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Here we discuss how great Zeke is. Even if he jobs, he is cute and deserves happiness.
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Kemurikusa Thread.
Also new scans + translationsn by a kind anon of the new Wakaba comic.
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Endro aka Official Kirara refugee camp

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>open door
>see this
what to do?
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Is it the age of CG and Yuri?

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>***,*17 (=***,*17) Manaria Friends
>***,164 (=***,164) The Magnificent Kotobuki
>***,253 (=***,253) Kemurikusa
>***,404 (=***,404) Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To
>***,769 (=***,769) Date A Live Ⅲ
>***,848 (=***,848) Virtual Youtuber Anime
>***,976 (=***,976) Wataten
>**1,090 (=**1,090) The Rising of The Shield Hero
>**1,179 (=**1,179) B-PROJECT ~ Cum * Emotion *
>**1,741 (=**1,741) Ueno-san is Clumsy
>**1,910 (=**1,910) Girly Air Force
>**2,387 (=**2,387) Endro
>**2,676 (=**2,676) Kakegurui XX
>**2,762 (=**2,762) The Promised Neverland
>**3,037 (=**3,037) Mini Toji
>**4,970 (=**4,970) Circlet Princess
>**5,140 (=**5,140) Hand Shakers 2
>**5,612 (=**5,612) My Roommate is a Cat
>**6,526 (=**6,526) Boogiepop Does Not Laugh
>**6,617 (=**6,617) Meiji Tokyo Renka
>**7,050 (=**7,050) Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki
>*14,463 (=*14,463) Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka
>*16,691 (=*16,691) 3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season
>*34,120 (=*34,120) Pastel Memories
>*50,778 (=*50,778) Egao no Daika
>*79,152 (=*79,152) Dimension High School

With Zombieland and Gridman, and before that Houseki no Kuni, I feel that we can see Japan is finally easing up to presence of CG in anime that it does not upset sales at all.
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Love Live! School Idol Project

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Tell me /a/, which μ's is your favorite?
I personally like Elicchi the most.
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>how to ruin a great story with a forced cliched ending

That entire fucking ending smells like an editor business decision

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Why does Saber Alter lose her ahoge?
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I don't understand

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What the fuck is she? Why did her father appear at the end? What happened to Lain's sister? What was the purpose of the KIDs experiments and PHANTOMa?

So many questions.
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Moshi moshi, snek desu. Yes... No, wait.. We what?! WE DIDN'T SELL A SINGLE BLUE RAY TODAY?? WAAAAHHHHHHHHH
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