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Lost youtube anime clip

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Basically about 1 month ago I found a youtube video of an anime scene it was about a boyfriend and girlfriend doing homework together and the girl asks him why is he dating her, so he says its because she has big boobs to provacate her then she gets mad and kicks him with her leg and asks him: "are the boobs the only thing you like about me" so he says he doesnt like anything about her so she gets really scared because she thinks he is dumping her but then he explains that he likes everything about her in a really romantic way basically they kiss then. The youtube video I think starts with: "How to..." the dots are not included I just forgot what goes next. If anyone knows the video please send me the link or at least the full name of the video Idk why that video has something special.
Also the guy in the video has black hair and glasses and the girl has either light brown hair or blonde hair.

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Harems were so comfy back then. What happened?
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>When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

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whats his name?

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They'll never catch him...
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World's End Harem 32

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Chapter 32 translation out

>aphrodisiac tea+imouto rape incoming
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Post here if your favorite mangaka is a decent law abiding citizen. Pic unrelated since he's not my favorite

Buso Renkin appreciation thread

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One of the most underrated shonen.
In retrospect it was even better than bleach!

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>Be me
>Going to America too see best friend for first time in years
>Last I saw him he was heading out on his honeymoon with his beautiful new wife
>Find her
>Where's my buddy?
>He died on boat
>Never even knew he was going to be a father

Who am I?