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ITT: We poorly describe Animes and try to guess what others are describing

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>an otherwordly being stalks an innocent college student, castrates him, and leaches off his money and happiness for years before finally forcing him into lifelong bondage
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What is the worst studio and why is it this one?
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Which one would you fuck?
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Galaxy Angel

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Nobody in their right mind would like the worst girl Mint right?
Oh and Vanilla is best girl.
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The Laughing Salesman

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Why nobody talks about our dark draemon?
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Detective Conan 991

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>lusting after another man's sword while her boyfriend watches
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Gundam IBO S2

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The ending's gonna suck more balls than Mass Effect 3.

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>already in theater in some places
>people still complain about whitewashing
>when the real problem is Rupert Sanders

Pop Team Epic

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Kuso TV animation incoming.