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Aikatsu and Pripara (and Precure) thread

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Let's dance together, Go for it! Go for it!
Do you wanna dance with me?
The color of the sky, and the scent of spring.
If you mix them together, they turn into a premonition of love.
If you reach out your hand, just within your reach
The future is right by your sidle.
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Why is Eromanga Sensei so controversial?
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Is this the most normie season yet? I'm not watching anything.

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Do you like detectives?
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Why didn't you save her, /a/?
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>People bully this.
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Can we agree that while this is a good series, it's fanbase is utterly insufferable?
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What with the recent rise of traps in anime?
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Boku no hero academia

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Episode 8 of first season here.
The eraser head guy is just like kakashi, the hothead is just like sasuke and deku is like naruto. They're ripping off all the good shit and making it average.
Why did they give deku an OP quirk instead of making him go batman/powerless hero?
Being human has its own advantage of increasing and relying on your intelligence instead of your powers. He has no power except intelligence and he beats all demi-humans at everything. They turned deku into a mutant and ruined the story.

Do they ever show all mights backstory of how he lost?
I can only imagine that being awesome. He would be a great character to kill off.
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What does /a/ think of this?
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