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What are your thoughts on Hatsukoi Limited?

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What do you think about anime Spanish subs?

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Chu Chu Yeah!
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Who is your favorite yuri slut, and why is it the 9th rank urara Koume?
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Ami and Minako are the best girls

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Hokuto no ken Light?

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So, Hokuto no ken can really drag, and the passing can be slow with no point at points.

Is any list of episodes that have mostly the good stuff, or something.

I love it, but other people wouldnt be pattient enough to get to Toki....

or is there a Hokuto edit of the old show to make it shorter?
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Manga Essentials

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Okay, so I got out of anime and manga completely about 6 years ago.
I never was too far into any non normie stuff.
Recently Jojo's pulled me in and I got SUCKED in. I read every chapter and watched the anime and OVAs.
Can anyone suggest some manga I should read to get into it? I read Dragon Ball (also Z), Naruto, One Piece, Astro Boy, and Bleach back in the day.
What are the essentials? I've heard Berserk is.

Code Geass

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Anyone else looking forward for the upcoming adult version of best girl?