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What will the Mashimaros be like as JCs?
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Heavy Object

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It's time to watch the end of the world, featuring Punished Heivia, White Queen Worshipping Skuld, and a grieving Ohoho.
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Yankee Shota to Otaku Oneesan

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There is still hope.

>We are currently working on chapter 8 and the extras. Will update soon so stay tuned! Apologies for taking so long.
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Megalo Box

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Why does there have to be little orphan kids?
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Layton's Mystery Detective Agency - Katry's Mystery Solving Files

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Somehow, I managed to not take too long to finish, even though nothing went as planned. In any case, enjoy.
>[Dreamless] Layton's Mystery Detective Agency - Katry's Mystery Solving Files - 03 (CX 1280x720 x264 AAC)
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Comic Girls

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How does Chaos feel like?
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Something about this last episode got to me. In this horribly fucked up world that Hiro, Zero Two and the rest of Squad 13 live in, even despite the fact that people are dying constantly around them, even despite having no volition over their own circumstances, these kids have found a reason to keep fighting and in each other, found warmth and relationships. Hiro and Zero Two even found true love, something that might inspire the others around them.

I don't know what it is. After the initial catharsis of this episode, I found myself questioning myself and my own circumstances. Am I really living my life to its fullest? Am I really being honest to the people I care about? If these two can continue fighting and loving one another in such a broken world, what excuse does someone like me have in a world that's still (mostly) held together?

It's strange, I don't know if I can truly recall a time when an anime made me stop and rethink my entire life like this. I started to have thoughts such as "maybe I should just sell all my video games and anime, and just change my life completely. maybe I was living my life wrong this whole time." I know it's just fiction and you will probably never find a true, destined love like Hiro and Zero Two have, but hell, it must be worth it to at least try to pursue some kind of love. Is this just Shinzo Abe's propaganda working, or do I really want to have babies because of a mecha/romance deconstruction anime?

Anybody else ever feel this way about the way an anime affected them, even if it was FranXX episode 15?
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wow this is actually pretty hype
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what does your waifu like to eat? mine likes mc donalds but sometimes i make homemade food and it is ok