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Why are these two so popular? They're not even good idols because of the fact that they're little girls.
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Nao Tomori

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I'm 2 years late to watching Charlotte
mfw I relate to her on a spiritual level
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Yuru Camp

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Yuru Camp claims another victim

At 11 p.m. on the 17th, 119th, "There was an explosion and a tent burning" at Wakasugi campground in Sasaguri-machi, Fukuoka prefecture. According to Fukuoka Prefectural Police Department Kasuya Station, one tent was burned down, and a body found to be an adult man was found inside.

The man seems to have stayed in a tent by himself, and the police are investigating the identity and cause of fire.
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Dragonball super

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>this general
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Real talk though: who would win in a fight?
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>Canonically weaker than Arturia
>Stomps legends one after another like a boss
This is it! This is what fucking FSN Saber should've been like. A good showing of how stupidly strong she supposedly is before jobbing. I know for a fact Mordred will job later but damn she showed off like a badass.
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Danberu nan kiro moteru?

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Had a nice early thread Thursday, but in case those interested missed it, Chapter 41 released today is here for ya!
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Hunter x Hunter

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Togashi's official autism chart. That's a lot of characters.
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ITT: Underrated manga/anime

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Akumetsu Why is this so unknown? It's literally V but in manga shape, for christ's sake. By the way, an honorable mention goes to Get Backers. I fucking loved that shonen back then.

Post opinions, other examples and so on.
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