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How many anime are there that had OP or ED themes by Western artists?
I know about these

Eden of the East
Speed Grapher
Ergo Proxy
Wolf's Rain
Gunslinger Girl
Paradise Kiss

Oddly most of these were by British artists

Gin no Guardian

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Pic related.
I am kinda lost here, I thought the game just came out? Why are their already expert players, and all the guardians gone? Is this a consistency issue or did I miss something?

Helck thread

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Chapter 95.1 by Kirei Cake

Since the Tlanon no longer appears the sundays here is a thread with last week chapter translated.
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Tell me about Alice, why does she wear that mask?

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Is this really what anime's come to? Slapping tits on an otherwise nondescript character and expecting it to sell, writing and character development be damned?
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Shingeki no Bahamut

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Demon vs Ningen next episode.

Also, is Cheerios using Jeanne's sword?
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what do you think happened back there?
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now that nyaa is dead where do i go for my weebshit?
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They can't keep getting away with it
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Is Piccolo the most well designed character in anime history? Purely from a visual standpoint, he's always stood out to me from other anime characters, both in Dragon Ball Z and other popular series at the time. There was something about seeing Piccolo's design back in the day in commercials for DBZ that made me watch the show.

A green dude isn't that wild or imaginative in design terms, but a lot of little details help bring him together. The protruding eyebrow ridges, pointed ears, deep voice, and stoic nature give him an almost mystic quality. Not to mention his iconic and very visually distinct outfit. I remember thinking as a kid that Piccolo's outfit was the coolest clothing I'd ever seen.

Do you agree? If not, which characters do you think are designed extremely well form a mainly visual standpoint?
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