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Never Forget

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Lets talk about Food Wars. I'm six episodes in and so far I'm loving the show. It never gets boring, stale, or ridiculous(It is ridiculous, but it never feels that way). How does one show, which is such a repetitive mess even gather a cult following like Food Wars does? What is its secret? I'm too much of a brainlet to understand it and would love a healthy discussion about the aspects, which make it good(or bad) to fill me in. You're invited to give me your piece of mind, or ignore this thread.
Thanks for giving me a bit of your time.
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bob epic team > pop team epic

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prove me wrong
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Is this the power of meme magic?
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It is known that children who were sexually abused hates the taste of oysters. Because it reminds them of the smell, taste, and texture of cum.

... Your waifu
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Ara~ that was a nice shower

Dagashi Kashi 113

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What happened to this manga? The anime was shit but the manga was pretty good. Felt like they were building up to something.
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