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is jojo the most overrated anime/manga of all time? and it's not even horrible, it's just overrated and misrepresented by rabid fans who loves to spout retarded fucking memes that don't represent it at all. here's a few examples


jojo has no poses, all of the scenes come from the manga, all of the things you call "poses" are just fucking shots in manga and since the effect is lost in a book the exaggeration in the anime makes no sense, because it doesn't have the same effect in the manga. a few times there is deliberate and obvious poses and these make sense in the anime, but many times just weird perspective shots that are more examples of lack of understanding and anatomy are confused as "DUDE JOJO POSE LOL". also the poses barely fucking exist, i didn't even realize that the "poses" were a thing until all of the retarded fans pointed it out to me. like i said there's a few now and then, sometimes on a cover of a chapter where it's very deliberately obvious, but overall no not really

>the plot is like so bizarre lol

jojo has the most unsubstantial and moderate plot i've ever read. part 1 is boring and i think everyone mostly agrees with that, it's just a generic shounen. there is nothing much bizarre about the plot. nothing in the plot is striking or surprises me ever, because it's all just typical shounen tropes repeated over and over. seriously what is bizarre about the plot? the fact that the writing is so horribly inconsistent and he literally forgot how dio died and had to retcon it?

>bro you are taking jojo too seriously!

i dont even give a shit if you want to meme about this generic shounen, but at least represent it truthfully and stops shoving all of these "LOL POSES" memes around like this is what it actually consists of. the only saving grace is the artwork which is really nice and has a nice variation in each part.

overall, the fucking memes need to stop, stop exaggerating shit that doesn't exist, and being a hivemind.
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What went so horribly horribly wrong?
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You now remember Shaman King.

Pre-2000 anime

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What's on your plate right now?
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>start hunter
>fall in love with killua
>main character is retard kid in green
Why am I not allowed happiness
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Pokemon Clones

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Let's talk about Pokemon clones.
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So does this poor son of a bitch ever get a decent win?
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What is the best 2deep4u anime?
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never seen a thread of pic related before here.
What does /a/ think about this sports-fighting manga?

Boogiepop wa Warawanai

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Whoa the Imaginator is CUTE!
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