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How did a complete fucking loser become such a great character?
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Dragon Ball Super

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Leave the Tournament of Power to me!
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Has everyone already forgotten? Why is no one talking about the inevitable S2 given the Omi cameo?
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What would happen if Ranma got pregnant?
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OPT: One Page Thread.
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Gabriel Dropout

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Satania is crying because she knows she will be forgotten
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Why are you not running with your friends every morning?

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid's 13th Episode isn't the last.

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I have lots of evidence to prove so.
Firstly, Tohru's father isn't coming back for Tohru anytime soon:
Tohru is too powerful to be forcefully brought back to her own world, and thus, her father decides to accept her choice to stay.
Secondly, we seen a new dragon at the end of the 12th episode, which we thought is Tohru's father...
Think again:
New dragon, this is what she looks like:
This is why they are ending the first season early: a new dragon is arriving, which means there will be a new intro to the show entirely.
She's also the new dragon resident as it says here:
So no, this isn't the end of the show, but...
Its only the beginning.
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