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translations never thread

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19 days
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Madoka, Lain, FLCL and Eva.
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Princess Principal

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How many walls do they have to overcome to take back their smile and good happy days?
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Can KF be stopped?
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Yahari/Oregairu vol 12 Today is the day

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Spoilers in a couple hours.

>Yui and Yukino finally had "that" conversation.
>The club is falling apart.
>Yukino left the club.
>She wanted to fix things up with her family.

We Toradora now boys.
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Why does GoPri have like 7 transformations?
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HAHAHHAHHhhhh. This fucking show.

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>L informs light that he was the Junior Tennis Champion of England
>Light goes home and looks up the Junior Tennis Champions of England starting from 15 years ago
>Even if he can't find their faces, he can just write down all the names while thinking of L's face

I think I just solved Death Note.
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Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that TOHSAKA RIN PLEASES OLD MEN FOR MONEY
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