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Dragon Ball Super

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Who is Goten?
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>isekai anime
>world has some furry beastmen race
>protag overpowered as he is rescues the slaves, abolishes slavery and in return a loli beastman falls in love with him

What is some other shit that needs to fucking stop?
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This is Shinji. Say something nice about him.
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Houseki no Kuni

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Is she even Phos at this point?
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One Page Thread

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Onanie Master Kurosawa
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>while pricy and uncanny to an extent, a full CG model in a full CG movie can allow a large amount of freedom of movement and action compared to live-action/live-action CG/or even traditional animation
>you neither have to pay fealty to "real" props and perspectives nor have to painstakingly redraw frames for the sake of a fluid action as you can just tweak the rig
>New Godzilla CG Film
>"He's just standing there...MENACINGLY!"

What a waste of this medium's few strengths


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Draw or request /a/rt and stuff.
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Don't nag me, Nagatoro-san

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New chapter of playful bullying is only one week from now.

Are you looking forward to it /a/?
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we try to make Momoko happy
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Post adorable couples.

Loli x Shota is simply the most charming form of love.
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