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Hunter x Hunter

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This fag is reading Jojo, isn't he?
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buyfag thread

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more shit
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>ywn be a financially struggling faggot who got sugar daddied by a group of rich lolis
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Bokuben/Study/Learn 88

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It's out in around 5 mins, but I won't be able to dump for you guys this week, sorry about that.
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Boku no Hero Academia

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Popularity poll results in less than a week, more than 80k votes. What are your expectations for it?
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Double Decker

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When will Doug become Kirill's buddy?

When will they discover the ceiling in the sky?
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Best girl is back!!!!!!
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/ss/ - Secret Santa

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How are you doing with your assignments? You're nearly done right?
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Cardfight!! Vanguard

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This week we see the hot-blooded and passionate Naoki take on the cool and collected idol, Kourin for the right to join the Vanguard club.
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Goblin Slayer - Episode 7

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What did you think?
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