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Hajimete No Gal

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What is this?
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Nanoha Reflection spoilers

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>New Nanoha movie is 90% fights. Has three giants robots and loads of smaller ones. Ends on cliffhanger just as they confront a new enemy.

>Pre-show stage was nothing much. Tomatsu once showed up for recording with a torn blouse worn the wrong way on (she didn't notice until it was pointed out to her) and Mizuki Nana once showed up with a transparent skirt and flesh-coloured inner which "looked erotic". Hikasa mentioned how Nanoha has been going on since before she became a VA and how her first audition was for Strikers.

>I don't remember the first PSP game's story and never cleared the second but the story seems mostly original and just using the characters. Takes place after A's and before Strikers so not parallel stuff like the games (Reinforce 1 is still dead)

>Nanoha, Hayate and Vita now have beam cannons. Not their usual stuff transforming but straight up beam cannons. Nanoha also has two shield funnels though they're kind of just there and don't do anything cool.

>Decent action throughout but the film unfortunately never comes ANYWHERE close to the best parts of the previous movies. Especially noticeable given how the first Nanoha VS Fate (training) fight is in the same sunken city as in their showdown in the first movie. Of course this is only the first half of one story so they're probably saving good stuff for later. Unimpressive SLB though.

>There is some actual bloodshed this time, albeit of to no consequence.

Fights are:
Nanoha VS Fate (training)
Iris (controlling robots) VS Hayate with Amitie joining later
Kirie VS Fate and Nanoha with Amitie late
Nanoha VS Stern
Fate VS Levi
Hayate VS Dearche (cut short, draw)
Chrono and mooks jobbing
Amitie, Kirie, Fate, Hayate and mooks jobbing to Yuri and Iris; Movie ends when Nanoha shows up
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Why don't they just build a flying machine and fly down?
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Isn't Kirino only 14?
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Made in Abyss

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Did he really do anything wrong? He was just following his beliefs.
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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Warriors are best shingekis.
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Meikyuu Black Company

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First chapter is up. Seems like the rare type of isekai.
>no menu
>no stats
>no harem
>weak protagonist
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ITT:Race traitors

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Its perfect

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