Planned outage this weekend.

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Comfy cake thread
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How many of you take this "waifu" meme seriously?
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Did we ever decide what her butthole smelt like?
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Made in Abyss

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If you could give the Riko-san squad any 1 (one) item, what would it be?
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Boku no Hero Academia

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How is everyone in class gonna react to Deku saving the day with a massive demonstration of his power?

Even if Hori comes up with some excuse as to why all the civilians who've seen him didn't say anything, Ochako et al. have watched him with their mouths agape as he bravely fought against a massive monster Overhaul.

There's no way 1A is not gonna find out.
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ballroom e youkoso

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Subs are finally out.
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Why is /a/ always so attracted to shitty loser girls and trashes the winners?
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Isekai Thread

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After scrolling through hundreds of Isekais (yes, pic related) I realized that not wish granting thingy is actually the worst (which appears in like 90% of all isekais) but the combination of this and RPG mechanics.

I mean what the fuck. We are talking about realism right? Do we have here any RPG mecahnics? No. Why the fuck are they supposed to be in another world? Even if you can use magic why does it have to be with fucking levels HP and MP?
I would say nothing but almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of those (isekais) contains that RPG mechanic.

This is why people like Mushoku Tensei and hate most of other isekais. It has wish fulfillment but no RPG mechanic, here.
Of course not having RPG and wish fulfillment won't necessarely make isekai better I love emilia but it won't throw it in the trash can at the first chapter.

But really, why are nips so obsessed with RPG mechanics? Can't they have some originality?
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I just marathoned all available chapters. Holy shit this has been an amazing read. Every character thus far is interesting and I've enjoyed everyone's abilities and background stories. I especially loved Vanessa's cat reveal, amazing panel work. Anyone else enjoying this great piece of shounen?
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Houseki no Kuni

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Right when I come close to settling on a favorite gem, shiny new ones appear. They're all just great.
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