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Youjo Senki

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Would you protect her smile?
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How will Berserk end? It's inspired by Devilman, so can we expect an apocalyptic ending? Will Miura pull an Anno and do something like End of Evangelion?
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You can't be serious, TOEI.
You really did make Blanco meme a canon. Holy shit.
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Why does everything turn into either haremshit where no development ever happens or edgy revenge where MC edges so hard he can't make time for relationships. Why can't more stories just have a developed romance, or romance at all?
Isekai thread
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10/10 fights only
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Friendly reminder that Akechi-kun's smile is worth protecting.

Fate Extra: Can They Have Sex in The Virtual World?

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Will we get to see goatsplat in s3?
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Darling STILL in the wrong FranXX

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Dear Agony /a/nons,

I'm sorry for writing again! But, I messed up! I messed up really bad!

When I wrote last time, a lot of you were saying really mean things, or just laughing at me, but some of you were really kind and helpful, saying I just needed to spend some time with my friend, and to tell him how I felt. I thought that would be a really good idea and, to be honest, I've been trying to find some time with him a lot lately... It just seems to be interrupted, or, it seems like he's always with her...

So then we had an important battle today and well, I've been worried about it and about him and about everything really and while we were getting ready, I had a chance to catch him alone, a friend of ours even pushed us together! I wasn't sure what I wanted to say, or how to put it into words, but I thought I had to say something! It felt like the perfect time, I was even wearing my lucky underwear! (That's the pair I borrowed from him before I found out we were going to the same plantation, I've returned all the rest, but that one's a reminder, that we'll always be together!).

And then, when we were standing together... I couldn't find the words! What was I meant to say? It's too confusing to explain! I tried to explain what he meant to me... But before I could make sense of it, SHE TURNED UP! AGAIN! She didn't even say anything, she didn't even look at me. But I could just see his face, his whole expression changed. And I just panicked!

Arrrgh! I told him that he was like a brother to me! I don't even know why I said that! That's not what I feel, AT ALL! I want to, I want to hold his hand, and feed him honey and, and stuff like that. That's not sibling stuff!

We had to get ready for the mission, so I had to just leave it like that.

I don't even want to talk about the battle. I can't even remember most of it, I was just so scared I'd lose him, or that I'd... But, then afterwards, I was so happy, he was fine! After everything that'd happened!
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Precure Thread

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Saaya is a cute angel. Next week looks like there will be interesting sakuga.
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