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Princess Principal

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Haha they really did the Victorian swimsuits. Absolute madmen
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Anime you watched just so you could tell people you watched them

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I'll start
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>There are people here who think Yugi surpassed Atem
What's up with this bs?

>inb4 b-but he won against him once!!
Of course he freaking did. He know Atem better than anyone else and watched all of his games while Atem know nothing about his style or duck. Also, winning against him just ONCE doesn't suddenly means that he is the "king of game" because Atem was good at EVERY game.
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Post Manga panels where you knew shit was going to get serious
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Who should be the MC of next Kancolle anime?
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Urusei Yatsura

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Can we have a urusei yatsura thread?

Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Who's idea was it to ruin this character

Dude is a worthless robot now. Bender is more human than franky
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Remember when she's a mysterious character that everyone and their mother's speculated on? Now she's been practically promoted to a recurring character that appear more often than even Kuroko and who interacts with Mikoto more.
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