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Made in Abyss

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Volume 6 dump for old times' sake.
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Why did Ichigo suddenly start losing randomly when they were in Byakuya's bankai?
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If someone posts your waifu in this thread, you will be erased before the end of the year

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Which one and why?
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is she really 83cm?

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one piece

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Friendly reminder Katakuri will never be your oniichan and you will never marry into the Charlotte Family.
Anyone knows where Galette is? I haven't seen her since the tea party. I have no clue what group she's with.
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What anime has the most intelligent fanbase?

My vote goes to pic related
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Boruto discussion

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Can we really trust him?
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Jaden Yuki is a good YuGiOh! MC

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I don't understand why so many people dislike him, he's such a cool dude, Yugi gave him the Winged Kuriboh card because he knew his potential. The GX series was perfect with him, everything about him was perfect: the care-free attitude, always happy, calm and collected and duelist 24/7 attitude

He posseses the power of the Gentle Darkness, he's a reincarnation of a murderous, dark King. He essentially is a God of Duel Monsters, his powers allow him to control ANY duel monster and speak with them. He posseses the powers of not only the GD but the Supreme King & Yubel too

He whooped the sacred beasts TWICE, first with his duel with Kagemaru, 2nd was against Yubel.
Not only that but he also demolished the strongest of all egyptian god cards: Ra

Could someone give me a valid argument as to why he's bad? I just never understood why he gets so much shit. ( There's so much more to say about Jaden ).
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