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What do you think of One Punch Man Season 2 finale?

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The Boros fight including moon kick was Murata's idea

Gouketsu fight was ONE's idea

Who did the final fight of the season better?
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Perfect anime don't exi-
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Busou Shoujo

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Best girl
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Schwarzesmarken / Total Eclipse / Muv Luv

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Oh no, Yuuya drunk a little too much with Stella. What does she mumble to you?

Supposedly there was a stream today.
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Tiger Mask W 33

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Who's gonna get Tiger the BLACKED
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You can't bring best boy down.
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Demi-chan wa Kataritai

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What did /a/ think of this show?
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Seikaisuru KADO

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Imagine dedicating 24 hours a day to a sport. Imagine dedicating 24 hours a day to getting rich. Imagine dedicating 24 hours a day to any autistic endeavor like learning languages, mastering any type of skills, maths and art. Imagine dedicating 24 hours a day to feelings of emptiness and lack of purpose, like Shindo. Imagine dedicating 24 hours to a dream 365 days a year most of your life and not getting it because there are people that dedicate the same amount of time and have more talent than you, or because like Shindo nothing can fill you
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Samon-kun wa Summoner

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End come soon...
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