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Well that's that.
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Ichigo 100% East Side Story

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Shoujo WNs being adapted

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What does this mean?
> 6 WN series on the list for adaptation
> Manga adaptations like Koushaku Reijou
> 3 of whom I can identify as isekai
What's happening here?
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Instead of repeating timeline only to suffer defeat why didn't Homu evacuate the city? There could have been no casualties and she could have saved Madoka from making a contract with kyuubey.
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Is this the sluttiest normal uniform?
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How many rounds would you last in the ring with Shinka?
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OK, let's settle this, who is the biggest?
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Love or hate Naruto, but this movie was amazing by any standard.

It captured the essence of the original theme of the series. Rejection, being parentless, and the everyday struggles of not having a complete family. Naruto especially, was the most painful to watch slowly accept the environment he was in. This truly was the best movie of the series.
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Is this anime where all girls are the best girls?
Also Sakura Quest thread i guess

Danchigai ch 74

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New chapter from the June issue. A nee-san episode.
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