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ITT: Cheaters that had to fight unfairly to win against the superior fighter
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what are you looking at, anon?

Sakura Quest

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Episode 8 dropping in 2 hours
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Shokugeki no Souma

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Waiting for TOC and rankings. Spoilers in five minutes
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Just got finished watching this.
So what the fuck did the ending mean?
Did Saki just not change anything in her fucked up society? Did they keep their old ways of killing kids they saw as a threat along with all the brainwashing and hypnosis?

I actually did forget about that other girl that was with the main 5 at the beginning of the show holy fuck. That really fucked me up.
I wasn't paying attention enough and by half way through I realized that girl was missing from Group 1. I can't even remember her name
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What happened to the berserk thread? Anyway chapter 350 soon. Lewdening incoming.
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Mio is so beautiful and hot that it hurts
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Heh, nothing personal kiddo
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