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Post things that shouldn't be sad but made you feel like shit after they happened anyways.
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ITT Anime characters that are better trappified

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Il start with a easy one
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ITT: the series should have ended here

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Watamote Final Year - Expectations and Predictions

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First is necessary to point that this third and last school year may be actually just six months. Classes are not mandatory for third years during second semester, so maybe we'll see Tomoko working for her life and future outside school during the last chapters, or maybe Nico Tanigawa may choose rush to the graduation ceremony.

The Tomoko who starts her third year is very different from the one who started her first year. She is still shy, but we can say that her social phobia was cured. She could have now courage and strength enough to talk with strangers.
My first doubt is if she will go talk to strangers, of if she will NEED to talk to strangers. There's the possibility that she will be put in a class without the friend she made during her second year, what would be better for her, forcing her to try a bit more harder.

What ocasional characters that we already seen em past chapters may reaper?

Will Tomoko make a male friend during first semester?

That girl who felt ill during her admission exam, will she be Tokomo's first kouhai?

Will Tomoki stop being ashamed by her sister and will start to talk to her at school?

Will Uchi stop stalking Tomoko to finally become a regular friend?

Will Nemoto become more intimate with Tomoko and share her hobby more?

A certain thing that I was wondering the other day.
What if "something" happened in Tomoko's life?
Certainly, would be a mystery to put some tragedy in Watamore, but I stop imagining if Tomoko would be able to handle something really serious happening in her life.

What are your thoughts?

Motherlover chapter 2

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I guess the author really wants you to believe this is suppose to be sexy ass?
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Would you?
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One Piece

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Episode of East Blue announced for August

Are you looking forward to see the classic One Piece re-animated?
This is the first time i actually got excited for an "Episode of" special
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Netsuzou TRap

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Is this the yuri anime we've been waiting for?


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>Last episode is just porn
Who knew a steak sauce could be this based?
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