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Konosuba’s Volume 15 chapter 3 has been translated


Only one image this time around.
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Senryuu shoujo

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Accidentally whisked off to nappyland and mods deleted the thread just after I woke up to get coffee. I'll get back to work now since I probably won't be sleeping for a while. I also got a warning, so I'll try to finish everything in one go. Bye bye sleep.
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All Harem anime should have Harem end
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Is the 3 episode rule still valid?

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What makes her so adorable?

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Is there an anime character that could touch, let alone defeat priestess? Hell, I'm not even talking about vol 9 priestess. I'm not even talking about about vol 3 priestess, blessed with Fantasy's favor, equipped with her favorite chainmail, possesser of 5 miracles at just the age of 15, skilled assassin and user of slingshot, purifier of blood, protection murderer, invoker of the Call God miracle, genius tactician, and d20 arbitrator while being the only person in the game that can directly control goblin slayer.
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Witches are cool
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Seven years ago he was revealed to be a Quincy how did /a/ respond to this? Given the recent MHA chapter I'm guessing not well.
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Kemono Friends 2

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guys, look, mite mite! it's not Serval-chan created by Tatsuki and it's still entertaining tanoshii
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