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Is 219 out today?
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I can't get over how pretty Megumi is. How can she be this perfect?
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We post miracles of the universe.
I'll start with best gril of Medaka Box

"Ass-pull" Darling in the FRANXX

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He got "blue cancer" from MIND linking, he got cured with MIND power. And you think it's an ass-pull out of nowhere. How can you be this dumb?
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Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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VN adaptations

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Do you miss them, /a/?
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Hiro you absolute madman.

Anyone else enjoying this deconstruction of Eva?
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Why does Joe overshadow Ippo so hard?

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Ashita no Joe is the shit, sure, especially the manga; but why the fuck does Ippo just get shafted cuz Joe is the more overtly serious one. If you watch the anime for both, Ippo is pretty much undeniably better. It's directed better (particularly the editing and perspectives, shot composition is much less showy which is why plebs are more impressed by Joe's direction), paced better, the music and use of it is better, plus Ippo's first opening is pretty much the peak of the concept of a "raw energy shonen intro"

Like shit there's nothing wrong with liking Joe more but its just super fuckin lame that its created this conception that Ippo is like some meme garbage that shouldn't be taken seriously or talked about with any fuckin respect.
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>Etotama S2
>Danmachi S2
>Goblin Slayer anime announced
Quick, post that anime announcement/sequel in here and it will come true!
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