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Buyfag thread

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Puffy vulva
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Made in Abyss

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Have you found Waldo already?
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Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama, Fairilu, etc

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Was this cheating?
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>born to two powerful ninja
>has immense stamina from his clan
>given fox demon at birth, literally more powerful than seven tailed beasts combined
>only ever taught by the greatest ninjas of his generation
>has great connections that let him learn powerful techniques like rasengan, sage mode, and tailed beast control
>learns insanely powerful techniques in weeks
>can further speed up training by cramming years into days using an S-rank jutsu he master in hours when he was 10
>gets chakra from every tailed beast as well as their abilities
>literally destined for greatness due to being the reincarnation of Asura
>given hacks by Asura's dad, including all 5 elemental releases as well as yin-yang release
>so lazy he can't even bother learning how to do a normal clone technique if it doesn't involve getting his dick wet but still becomes strong thanks to his immense privileges
>given special arm at the end of the series, giving him regeneration and maybe wood release
>still acts like he's an underdog who became hokage through hard work
When did you guys realize that Neji was right?
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Houseki No Kuni

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Leaks when?
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Zombieland Saga

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Is it thursday yet?
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Yu Gi Oh

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Why do people ship Kaiba with Serenity? Did they even interact?
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how do you feel about akko?
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Why did it end like this?

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Hi....my name is Yunyun....I am the Crimson Demon who...is d...destined to be the next chief....I was wondering if.....if.....IF YOU WOULD PLEASE BE MY FRIEND!?!
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