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Where do you torrent your animu /a/? Is there a place I can consistently torrent quality shows in 1080p?

Saki: Tanoshii

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Waiting for 3/25 Big Gangan raws
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Do you remember /a/?
Do you remember Dattebayo subs?
Do you remember what you felt when you 1st watched Naruto?
Do you feel the nostalgia?
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Pretty sure everyone of us fapped to Hotaru at least once.
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Goblin Slayer

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Are there female goblins?
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Why does everyone want to fuck their imouto?
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Was he right?
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Boku No Hero Academia

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>“sorry for not posting in a while! anime season 2 has started! This was my first attempt…ish.”

What did Hori mean by this?
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This is from a pokemon episode in 2016,
how the fuck do they get away with this shit poor animation?
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