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Okay, why is Sakura so controversial? There's nothing about her that warrants such a strong reaction.
>She killed innocent people.
No, the Shadow did. The only people she killed all her own were assholes. Yes, Evil Sakura only killed evil people. Think about that.
>She changed Shirou.
She didn't make Shirou change. Shirou himself chose abandon his father's ideal and save her. That's not even a bad thing.
>She's a slut.
Being raped makes you a slut? Talk about punishing the victim. If you mean her needing to have sex because of her condition, that doesn't make her a slut either. And she only wants to have sex with the man she loves. How much of an eunuch can you be to even hate that. "Oh no, this sexy devoted girl NEEDS to have sex with me regularly. Gross."
>D-dick worms
Removed. She's good to go.
>She's a bitch.
She's a person with normal understandable human emotions and feelings, which are amplified due to being connected to the living embodiment of evil. Sakura is still one of the most empathetic characters in the whole series.
>She's weak and useless.
Yet when she takes out the trash, she's a terrible bitch. She should be commended for putting up with so much and still being able to put on a brave face.
>She's boring.
If you don't care to pay attention. It's unfortunate she is treated more like an actual character than a moe dream girlfriend like Saber and Rin were, but that's no strike against her.
>Illya, Rin, and Kirei made HF more than she did.
There are in the periphery. They helped, but it was really Shirou and Sakura together who made HF the best route in F/SN.
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Is she trash /a/?

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Every one I know who knows monster musume says she's trash
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Armor x OL

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Welcome to anime literature class
Today we read a romcom story.
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One page thread
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What was the point of Tenten?
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>1 week later and /a/ already forgot about Re:Creators

What happened? I thought it was a classic in the making
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Post anime or manga scenes that made you cry.
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Goblin Slayer 16 (kr)

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Adventure time?
Adventure time.

I think they got the order of some pages wrong, and some pages are missing...
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So I just caught up on the translation.
Can't wait for the anime.

Also, Solus is the cutest goddess.