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objectively good ops and eds

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Kira is Contolling Donald Trump

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Kira, the current Kira in our world, has written the name of Donald Trump in the Death Note. There is a rule that states that a person whose name is written in the Death Note can't be forced to murder people unless their names were written out as well. Kira is mpst likely amoral, but Kira is preventing Trump from setting off nuclear missiles or bombs, preventing wars or conflicts. On the flip side, Kira wants Donald Trump alive and in the office for unknown reasons. Most likely memes or conservative values.

Inspired by this video.
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Fate/GO Anime Producers Say Anime Will Be Accessible to Non-Players

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Bunker down for the invasion of the secondaries.

>Although neither anime project will tell the entirety of the story ofFate/Grand Orderfrom the beginning, producers assured viewers in the latestNewtypeissue that the anime adaptations will be accessible even to those who don't play the game.

>Kurosaki said that she had heard a lot of questions from players of the game about how all the anime works will be connected. She said that every anime project has its own team working on it independently. She stated: "Think of each adaptation as a different take on Chaldea and the Singularity. You don't need to watch the TV series before the films."

>The producers mentioned that the appeal of the series is like that of a road movie: the protagonist and his/her companion Mash travel to various locations and encounter different kinds of people. Because of that, a strict idea of continuity is not so important. Kurosaki said that she hopes the series can be enjoyed as a fantasy adventure story.

>The producers both said it was their hope that the appeal of the series will get across to anime-only fans, and that it will get them curious to try out the game. They also expressed their hope that long-timeFatefans will be able to enjoy it, too. It was mentioned in the interview that the original creator Nasu will be supervising the script and storyboards for both anime projects.

>In addition, Fukushima said that one of the appealing points of the TV anime is that the character designs have a sense of consistency about them, due to the fact that they are designed by a single person rather than a team of illustrators as the original game sprites were.

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>people wanted Deku to be Batman
>he instead became Superman

Is this why everyone is upset?
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Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 148

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Boogiepop wa Warawanai

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season 2 when?
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Jojo thread

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Just finished Steel Ball Run aka Donald Trump's fake wife gives birth to Jesus Exodia's head and the Quest for Mormonism aka GAGS aka DINOSAURS

You CANNOT in all seriousness look me in the eyes and fucking tell me part 7 is good/better than 2, 3 or 4.

It's good from like Volume 9 to Volume 17. That's a total of 9 volumes out of 24.
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Would you wish for a girlfriend like this knowing what you know now about the manga?
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