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>Character says "Last Name, First Name"
>Subtitles say "First Name, Last Name"
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Daily reminder that Umaru is getting another season and there's literally nothing you can do about it.
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Scanlation thread.

What are you working on?
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You are going to play their game in 26 hours, right /a/?


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Luca is for __________
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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>158753746
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Vinland Saga 140

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New chapter's out.
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The time is almost upon us. Orchestr/a/ Season 3 will be released next Friday, 6/30. In the meantime, here are five new songs to round out the tracklist:

If We Could Weave Rainbows (HaruChika OP):
A Moment When Tension Breaks (Neon Genesis Evangelion OST):
But Not For Me (Sakamichi no Apollon OST):
Isshukan Communication (Maidragon ED):
Yasashisa no Riyuu (Hyouka OP):

We're just about done with the tracks for S3, but there are still plenty of songs that need recording for future albums. If you'd like to participate, please visit our website:
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