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Girls und Panzer

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What would your favourite Garupan bring to a marriage? Would she make a good wife and mother?

Also, more PE next month at long last. And hopefully a PV/Announcement coming in April/May.
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Megumin is a lewd girl and we should all lewd her. She is for lewd.
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Come and pray your goddess Aqua-sama.
Because we are well-mannered gentleman, all Megumin & co lovers can post here. Feel free to enter the Axis cult.

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You have 10 years to name a more emotionally gripping arc than Raccoon finally finding her hat.

I'll wait

Best girl Winter 2017 poll

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Fell asleep and the thread archived on me, so

There were too many options to fit on the poll, so it's split into two, but they're both multiple options anyway:

Previous thread >>155169466
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Why did one of the most well directed sequences of the past few years have to be associated with such a garbage show?
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348 translation:
349 comes out April 28th
Volume 38 is coming out on July 18th in America
Volume 39 comes out in June in Japan
Season 2 starts April 7th
Season 2 PV:
Season 1 dub is out
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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid's 13th Episode isn't the last.

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I have lots of evidence to prove so.
Firstly, Tohru's father isn't coming back for Tohru anytime soon:
Tohru is too powerful to be forcefully brought back to her own world, and thus, her father decides to accept her choice to stay.
Secondly, we seen a new dragon at the end of the 12th episode, which we thought is Tohru's father...
Think again:
New dragon, this is what she looks like:
This is why they are ending the first season early: a new dragon is arriving, which means there will be a new intro to the show entirely.
She's also the new dragon resident as it says here:
So no, this isn't the end of the show, but...
Its only the beginning.
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Is ironman sensei homosexual or something?

Why isn't he waking up to a multi-hole vacuum cleaner drying him every day?
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Tap 4, Play this

-1, your turn /a/
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