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ITT: series that rapidly went downhill. Pic related.
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Liz and the blue bird

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Who's dick do I gotta suck for a copy of this?
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Buyfag Thread

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Meaty again
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ITT: Season 2 nevers
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ITT: characters you didn't expect to be as good as they turned out to be

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Pic extremely related

mother fucker saved 8 universes

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Why do most people have such a high tolerance for mediocre and shit anime?

People will sit there and watch 50 trash series a year no problem. I don't get it.
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How attractive do you find Ichigo?
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What are some of your favorite traps in anime? I mean well designed, and well voiced. I love Hideri's VA.

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Still alpha
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What did you watch while /a/ was down?
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