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Today, I will remind /a/
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Penguins are for _______?
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Heh, nothing personal kiddo
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Only a day or two left until spoilers.
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My name is Panty, the crazy sexy blondie
And I'm not dumb
I'm breaking the news, now boys! Us girls
We're full-time horny too!
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Precure Thread

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Precure Thread
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God an idle question I've been pondering while watching anime of late. What is the Japanese predilection for foreign characters having more than two names, using all names when announcing themselves?

I've never seen the logic.

Picture only related because... there's three of them and I had nothing relevant to post.

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ITT: Try to guess the best girl in a show you've never watched

Pic related, gonna guess it's eyebrows or possibly the far right one.
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>reading Kaiji
>get to chapter 23
>no more chapters left, at a cliffhanger
>look it up
>"the scanlators decided to not translate the rest of part 1 because the anime follows it pretty closely"
What the FUCK
Why do manga readers get screwed so badly /a/
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