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Eccentric Family

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What's Benten's deal? Does she love Yasaburo and if she does, why is she fucking other men left and right?
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How did Astolfo get his ass to look like that? Just good genes? Magic?
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> tfw she says yes

Alpha as fuck.
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Buyfag Thread

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read the meme

Don't ask questions !
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Hikaru no Go

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What do you think of it?
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>character falls
>curses in Korean
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Shingeki No Kyojin

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Marley Chapters suck and its not because I'm a lamefag but because they have no plot progession
Prove me wrong
>You migiht be able to
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>Be the biggest shit in 2006 and even non anime fans know what it is
>2017, no one gives a shit anymore and everyone who remembers it exists hates it
What happened /a/?
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ITT: We fix the isekai genre. Hard Mode:It has to be funny by /a/'s standards.
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