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Hi im looking for this poster in HD quality. Can anyone help me?

Shingeki no Kyojin

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Is Reiner's suffering finally over or will he survive again?
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What panties do you prefer in anime?

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Left: full cover
Right: cheeky
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Why are redheaded busty/fit amazons always best girls?
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Preview pics for new ep are out.
Seems like Boruto is a delinquent in the upcoming episode of Boruto. Konoha police is after his ass and Boruto is living free. Do you think Naruto and Hinata are ashamed in having a delinquent as their son?
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>isekai anime
>world has some furry beastmen race
>protag overpowered as he is rescues the slaves, abolishes slavery and in return a loli beastman falls in love with him

What is some other shit that needs to fucking stop?
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It's time to settle it
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Shonen Jump 1993 - 1998

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1968 - 1973 >>167209591
1973 - 1978 >>167249251
1978 - 1983 >>167291877
1983 - 1988 >>167337321
1988 - 1993 >>167397465

The end of an age. The start of a new age.

PD: Please /a/ stop crashing
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What can't Japan get away with?
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