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Where were you when Index S3 PV got released?
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maybe she's not going to fall over
maybe it'll be even better
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YuYuYu S2

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I read the Washio LN, rewatched the anime and read the Sonoko After thingy. Am I ready to watch the second season of YuYuYu yet?

Please explain to me why the ending of the show isn't a giant cop out again, it still feels like one.
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Would teenage Victor seduce shota Yuuri?
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ITT: MCs who won at life
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Thoughts on Mutsuki

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2014: So what normal

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I don't seems to understand this series, can anyone explain?
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Goddamn I love delinquent girls!
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Tomorrow's the best day of the week again. What cute things will Kukuri do this Tuesday?
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