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What would you do to the shark?

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

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Would you come to her cafe anon?
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As that fatty said, is it true that everyone likes this sort of thing?
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This is Akane sensei. Say something nice about her.
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Space Pirate Captain Harlock - Dubbed Village Video Fan Edit

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Hey so I'm looking for a way to possibly download a rare fan edit of the dub of the original 1980's release of Captain Harlock.

It was made with footage from Captain Harlock and the Queen of a Thousand Years as well as other footage and VHS releases.

It's kind of hard to find so I'm looking for it. I've seen it on a streaming site but I'm really anxious to get a copy of this rare 30 episode edit, because it's wholly iconic and I want to save it on an external drive for posterity.

Pic related, I drew Harlock for my crappy DeviantArt.

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This is the most beautiful man in the world. Say something to him.
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Black Team's biggest fuck up, when will this annoying faggot die?
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Looks like no one likes the Death Note movie.
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Do you find Asuka or Rin more attractive?
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