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Elf-san wa Yasurarenai

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First volume came out recently and so far it seems to be doing fine.
Be prepared for more fat monster girls and the thiccest elf ever.
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Seikaisuru Kado

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Can we still reach the True Route good ending?
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What is it with all the half-western/half-american love interests in anime?

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It's really weird. Sakurasou, Nisekoi, Steins Gate, etc.

Ani Tore!

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Have you been doing your vital exercises?

The Ani Tore BDs are out now. They feature numerous improvements. Especially XX, which adds around 30 seconds of new footage per episode, including an extension to each girl's confession scene.

You can get them here:
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Name something in an Anime or a Manga that really pisses you off.
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>"Isekai will never be go-"

/a/ Draws Berserk OP

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Let's try doing one of these.

It doesn't matter if you're bad at drawing, just call out the tile you want to draw. Images are here:!s0RDWRQI!EJXMdbxxneHc3m2u98iDrw
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How'd they manage to fuck up the anime so badly?
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3x3 thread

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rating others edition
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Sasuke is crying. Say something nice to him!
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