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2017's Mayoiga?

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>Villains got a female member on their organization
>they backstab and kill her off for no reason

Who else does this beside Aizen and that blue alien chick from the DBZ boyack movie?
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I am watching Mayoiga right now and you can't stop me
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Dagashi Kashi

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You know, Coconuts is kinda hot, isn't he?

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Why is it still unsurpassed despite so many attempted imitations?
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/ss/ - Secret Santa

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Hi everyone! Thread time! Remember that in 5 days we'll be cutting off entries so don't miss your chance to join!
As an exception, there will be a thread now, as well as one before the cut-off Friday morning PST.

**There's no group to send people cards after christmas (only gifts)
**To participate in the 100+, you need to have participated with us as hosts before


Next two posts are application to join and a short FAQ!
E-mail - [email protected]

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Is it Sunday morning yet?
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I fixed Megumin.
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Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that nemesis was the best TLR girl ?
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Best girls who lost
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