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ITT: official canon pairings.

Bonus points if childhood friends
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3x3 Thread

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Post em boys
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Why are Gyarus so popular all of a sudden.

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I'm not sure how much longer I can go on without anime girls being real.

Every day I wake up to look at my computer and phone, both equipped with anime wallpapers. The stares from the beautiful anime girls kills me deep down inside knowing I will never be able to interact with them at all.

Today I woke up and turned my computer on, to be met with Zero Two (pic attached), and tears formed in my eyes. Her beautiful green seductive eyes looking deep into me, I KNOW she wants me, and I want her so badly too.

I want to kill myself so badly to be released from this hell of a 3D world. This reality is just too cruel. Why did God give humans the ability to create such beautiful sources of otherworldly envy? If anime just didn't exist, I probably would have been a functioning normie, but my inner desire is so deeply rooted in wanting to have sex with anime girls that I don't think I can recover.

I don't even get horny for real women any more. Every time I masturbate to 3D porn I feel a painful regret in my stomach, but masturbating to hentai is one of the only things keeping me going. I am saving up for when some revolutionary Virtual Reality comes out, so I can become a full-time NEET and interact with anime girls for the rest of my life.

help me /a/
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Is Little Witch Academia the only good witch related Anime out there ?
Watching Tweeny Witches, its shit.
Watching Magus Bride, garbage
Reading Witch Hat Atelier, its even worse.

What makes LWA so good, anons ?
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Woah! Hey. It's a motherfucking Dragon maid thread and I'm here to remind you that Elma is the BEST DRAGON. She stands for justice, works for a living unlike that STINKY Tohru and STUPID Kanna
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Higurashi no naku koro ni

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which is your favorite girl?

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Is there romance manga seinen that that doesn't make fun of virgins but instead promotes chaste relationships. Every University setting seinen I read seems to be a sex romp and hoes
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Boku no Hero Academia

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Does she want his dick?
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Etotama thread

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death death
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