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Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon is a really deep anime.Its show the struggle of a lesbian girl being accepted.Dont you get it yet?Earth means the lesbianism and Tohru world means straight or heterosexual.

In episode 12 the flashback in Kobayashi dream show Tohru in her dragon form stabbed by god sword.That mean Tohru couldnt stay there or else she'll be in pain.There's a lot of time where they say and show how Tohru suffered in her world.And repeatedly say she cant go back because she'll be hurt.The only people that could accept her are the one that follow her to earth that is her true friend.

And I mean c'mon could you not see it.Her father even said he couldnt accept it.And even kidnapped her!Forcing her to be straight!!.So do you agreed with my opinion if not leave a comment/opinion below.

*it not exclusively mean lesbian girl i just use girl because the main characther is girl it could be gay male or even trains.