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The Epitome of Shit

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I see a lot of isekai discussion on /a/ nowadays. I guess this is mostly due to the over-saturation of the genre, which may explain why most of said threads are negative.

Shield hero misses out on the prospect of dark/light fantasy juxtaposition and falls into many tropes later on that people thought it would avoid, and even cops out with a shitty deus-ex-machina ending, but at least manages to stay interesting enough and have quality in manga form.

Arifureta and Dungeon Seeker are constantly trying to out-edge eachother, but dungeon seeker does give a good underdog story with enough mystery to the story, and Arifureta definitely holds more water as an action manga, as it seems to almost parody the dark isekai genre.

Mushoku Tensei is nothing special, but does have an interesting character as well as avoids more prominent tropes (Guild, RPG, etc)

Isekai Smartphone is a summation of everything wrong in most isekais, almost a light isekai counterpart to Arifureta. Its only saving grace is you get what you're offered.

However, none of them compare to Gunota

Gunota has to be THE SHITTIEST thing I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

Aside from the atrocious writing, which made it impossible to even read the WN/LN, this damn thing has to commit every sin in the manga bible:
>Bum Tickley asset reuse is rampant and obvious
>Artist can't draw people outside the 3/4ths range without them looking mentally retarded
>Yaoi Hands
>Every woman is either repeatedly copy-pasted or has a full six meters of camel-toe
>Expressions look like a horror-version of kawaii desu
>Everyone breaks their necks looking up or down
>The picture of MCuck on the factory floor is enough of an abomination to send this shit straight to hell.