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We need a Jinx (League of Legends) thred
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This artist. I never found out the name, but my god, I love the art style.
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Dark Souls

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posting what I have, but it's not much

the nastier the better
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Does anyone have the rest of the special chart?

General Fallout thread
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Nightmare Waifus #14 Zombgirls and femBOWs edition

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Crazy Sex Machines do the better job

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Anyone into sex machines? Not the regular type of "fun toy". Some have purpose..
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Rainbow 6 Siege porn

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This thread is about straight buttsex. Anal sex, toying, licking, and plain buttholes of the female kind are all welcome.

>no faggots, no scat, no traps
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I saw this animation a while back and thought, "Holy shit, that is some surprisingly high-quality animation for short porn bit."

Let's have a thread dedicated to decent quality animation.
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