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The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl

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Should Smash Girl appear as a team-up and would there be a possibility of some AU Audrey?
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OC creation and discussion thread

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Have an OC you're working on and yet to unleash on the world? Post them here, or post what you're working on for suggestions and get them finished or improved.
Or just create a completely new OC from scratch.

Existing OCs can be posted and discussed in the OC Discord here https://discord.gg/7Yezusr

OC challenge: create any form of skeleton based or themed OC
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Armored Women

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Because I'm a sucker for women in functional armor with a lewd twist.
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Zone Thread

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Zone thread. Post pics by Zone. You degenerates.
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Gerph Thread

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Guess which one Daddy loved more?
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is there any more of this absolute semen demon?

brekkist's tumblr got nuked and i got what i could from their pixiv account. i was able to snag some fanart but i still need more easy-chan
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Jiggly Girls

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Can we have a Jiggly Girls thread?
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WIP Women In Prison

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I was arrested at 18 with 3 of my girlfriends for pot. I was terrified, it's the only time I've ever been arrested. My car was towed, we got frisked, cuffed, and put into a van. We got to the station they took our mugshots, prints, medical info, and lead us to a room that was like a mix of an office & gym. A policewoman in her late 20's early 30's came in, put 4 boxes in front of us and with a smile, said "Strip, bra & panties too!" The looker room at our old school had private stalls, my doctor was the only person who'd ever seen me naked and I thought that was humiliating. We got undressed as slowly as possible, my hands trembled as I took my bra off. We stood there nude, trying to cover up to preserve what little dignity we still had. "Hands behind your head!" smiling as she said it, I don't know if it was sexual or a power thing but she loved her job. "Wow, you'er going to be popular girls in here tonight. Now stand on the red line, facing the chair." She put on gloves making sure to loudly snap them, then ripped off a piece of that paper they use on doctor's tables and put it on the chair. If you want a visual of what what happened, look up "ACLU prison strip search is abusive" they show a training video, censoring the girl's face and nothing else. She told us 1 by 1 to do that, plus said to do jumping jacks and "Lift your tits by the nipple." even my friend with A cups had to do it. She'd make rude comments about our bodies and look at our faces. If she saw we looked away she'd yell "Eyes forward!" she made sure we saw every inch of each other's skin. "I still think you girls are hiding something." and 1 by 1 we had to do it again. We showered next, she'd say things like "Scrub those pussies, girls like fish to be fresh." We got on uniforms and she walked us to our cell, during the walk said we'd have 3 lesbian cellmates. I was trying not to cry, she put us all in a 4 person cell, laughed "told ya!" Years later, I'm not gay or bi but I do have a WIP fetish.
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Diaper Thread #194

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The Aristocrats

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Wanted to make a thread with debauched nobility and royalty, degenerate clergy, and dirty knight on peasant action.

happy to see anything that fits that theme, fantasy elements, trap, and futa welcome
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