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Futa on sissy males

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Normal sized penis edition
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Lipstick Fetish Thread

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Few things are sexier than a woman leaving her brand on a man (or another woman).
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cave girls, barbarians, tribal women... bring on the savage gals!
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OC - What do you think?

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Should i do moar of these?

Your go-to fantasy

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This is a thread for your most common fapping fantasy, along with any art that goes with it.

Mine: I'm Tim Possible and my daughter Kim wants to show me how much she loves me by giving me a long, slow blowjob. Kim swallows her dads hot cum after switshing it around in her mouth to taste it.... Later we start sleeping in the same bed and I take pop both her cherries, but its mostly about being Kims dad and getting oral from her.

How about you guys?
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We had an awesome thread last time, so lets gather around and come together for a drone thread!
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ITT mother daughter incest
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Anal Thread; Last one hit image limit.
Both penetration and cute assholes welcome.
No scat, traps, gay stuff. Futa on female may get a pass.
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shantae thread

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post em
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