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Rule 63 Self - V5

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Draw yourself as the opposite sex and lets see what happens in Club Swap

If new please try and make a Character Card as it will help others to be able to draw and ship your character better

If you Artists are having a hard time on what to draw, why not take a die roll \/

-Character Roll
1 Regular wear
2 Lingerie
3 Playboy Bunny
4 Cop
5 Firefighter
6 Beach Wear
7 Nude
8 Sporty
10 Maid/Butler
11 Military Uniform
12 Cowgirl/Cowboy
13 Teacher
14 School Girl
15 Cosplay
16 Hooker
17 Rockstar
18 Business Woman/Man
19 Historical Figure
20 Dealer's Choice

-Action Roll
1 Running
2 Jumping
3 Begging
4 Eating
5 Anal
6 Sleeping
7 Hugging
8 Yelling
9 Fighting
10 Lusting
11 Lecturing/Teaching
12 Tied up
13 Smitten
14 Drinking/Smoking
15 Giving
16 Taking
17 Sexy Pose
18 Playing a Sport
19 Web Surfing
20 Bathing
21 Exercising
22 Toys
23 Kissing
24 Oral
25 Vaginal
26 Crying
27 Orgasm
28 Being Dominant
29 Being Submissive
30 Dealers Choice
-Extra points if you ship in another character

And what happens in Club Swap Stays in Club swaps so feel free to go nuts
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Ye Olde Wallpaper Thread

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Old thread
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Bouncing nerds edition

Post what wedgie and/or wedgie related stuff you got

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Power Girl thread

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WWYD to her?
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Fine Art to Jerk off to

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Honestly I'm disappointed I've never seen this thread before. If you want something done you have to do it yourself
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Ass Worship

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Ass worship thread
bonus for asses and butt
ass ass butt ass
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Totally Spies

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Ginger Thread

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Post your favorite red haired ladies
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Marvel and DC thread.
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