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Nightmare Waifus #13 You're all fucked up edition

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New Shantae thread!
Starting with a stealthy edit, made her bikini slightly more slutty.
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Evil Women

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Why, oh why, did they design the bad guys to be so hot?
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Feet Thread

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Traps allowed
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Nipple Piercing Thread

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>All nip piercings types are welcome, but the most welcome is the standard barbell, two balled piercings
>No traps or dudes please
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>ctrl f
>No Lapis thread
Lets fix that
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Funny Gals

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For all your Clown, Mime, and Jester needs
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Splatoon Thread?

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Nothing in particular, just the best Splatoon pics you got.
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Smite thread

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Villain Trainer-Azula

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Downloaded the beta for this and thought it was pretty neat, anyone got the full release?