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Post artists who's work you find utterly unappealing.


Ffuffle. There's a bimbo fetish, then there's this fuckin travesty. If I saw that walking around, I'd put it down I. The name of eugenics

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Seth McFarlane thread Family guy and American dad
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Old thread
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Bastien Vives

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ENF General

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Looks like we're lacking an ENF thread. Let's fix that.
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Rule-34/general futa thread

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It's beena while

also have a futa/porn discord if anyone is interested:
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Y no fart ?

Kaiju Gem Waifus

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Thread to show Alexandrite, Malachite and Sugilite some love.
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Nier: Automata thread
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drawing resources

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If I wanted to make 100$ / week from drawing porn .

How long would it take to to get to that lvl, asuming you start at zero drawing capabilities