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/stg/- Slave Trainer General/Maledom general

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Source = Imperator download link below!EAYB1JyD!aTgAZjTzdJ5wH7u_-Bg2c9f1y91j613AhSAh5l9SWTo

THIS GENERAL ISN'T JUST ABOUT SLAVE TRAINERS OTHER GENRES OF GAMES FIT HERE ALSO (Please read the next part for further clarification).

This is a general about slave trainer games and the creation of games where you play as a male and dominate women. Discussion about games not being created here is also acceptable as long as it's related to the topic at hand(i.e. playing a male and dominating women). Futa belongs in weg not here.

If you're working on a game and want to list a pastebin here speak up please.

WIP Projects (Korra Trainer, Four Elements Trainer, WT Silver, Tifa Trainer, Incredibles Trainer, Fairy tail trainer, Ben ten trainer, Momcest trainer, Carnal valley, etc):
If I forgot you please mention it

Maverick wrote a guide for scripting. Shows how to write/structure scenes for coders. Good for idea-guys & script-writers:

Contact info for major contributors:
Some of these people are looking for writers and artists. If you're interested mention it.

Report & ignore shitposters, people that scream proxyfag/samefag/waifu/waifufag, people that post beast, and futa spammers

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EBONIFIED/Black on Black porn edits

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I've traveled far and wide, but I've managed to get some pretty decent edits my brothers and sisters! This thread is only dedicated to BMBW or black on Black porn only.
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Gravity Falls Thread: More Pacifica Edition

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New Gravity Falls thread, featuring some Pacifica art by Gerph.
Post what you'd like, but I need more Pacifica and Mabel.
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Diaper Thread #255: Once More With Passion edition

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Slablands General/Monster girls

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Slablands is a text based erotic rpg set in a medieval fantasy era. Having defeated the demon king and finally awakening from a 200 year slumber, you must complete quests and cross continents to find out what dark forces compelled your old enemy to bring about a catastrophic war. You can turn the fortress of the fallen king into your own castle, you can fill it with followers of your own, and even your children.

There are also quite a few monster girls and monster boys to fuck. You can play a male or female character.

>F.A.Q s
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Zelda thread

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So like, where that Zelda thread at?
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Bonnie Rockwaller and Friends vol 5

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Kim Possible cuckqueaning and Middleton sluts here
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More of this artist.

Anyone here have the name of this artist?
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League of Legends

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General league thread
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Normaly Strong women being dominated

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