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/teslg/ The Elder Scrolls lewd General

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>The Lewd Booru

>Anon's Lewd Guide for Dummies

>Recommended Skin Textures

>Recommended Screenshot and Posing Mods

>Skimpy Clothing and Armors

Elder Thread: >>2759543
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/weg/ - Western Erotic Games

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Mommy is a psycho but we love her anyway

Western Erotic Games / Demos / Betas:

Western RPG Maker Games / Betas / Demos:

3DCG Games / Betas / Demos:

Text Games / Betas / Demos:

Other Resources / Game Development Links:

Other Links / Discussion:

Previous thread: >>2772815
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Marco Thread

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He deserves his own thread.
Vanilla or Femmed Up are both fine, just post anything nice and lewd relating to the best Disney princess.
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/tk17/ The Klub 17 General

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The classy edition

>What is this?
A free western porn game in the vein of Illusion games such as HS.

>Useful Links

>How do I [thing]?
Search the pastebin, then ask. If there's no answer here, it's on Modsgarden.
>1.) Read up on the guide (Github).
>2.) Grab the repacks or get the base 7.5 game via torrent. (Links in pastebin)
>3.) Register a account on modsgarden, it is where a majority of the content comes from and where you will be getting most of the stuff from.
>4.) For other mods / content, (such as clothes, models, accessories..etc) it is better to cherry pick what you like from there and install one at a time.

>Why does my game look like shit? How can I get it to look like yours?
See the guide.
>Where the mods at tho?
Modsgarden. Register an account, comb through and find the shit.
>I thought Hook5 needs pay?
Search for h5 basic.

Recommendation for new players: get the TK4R repack of the game! It's basically a ready-to-use, no-hassle version of the game.

https://mega.nz/#!JSZBya7R!8j6mHCNuFTe7JX2l7sc9F_IDE2xGKosyekxoe2BEb3o (pw: anon)

TK4R pastebin:


Sfolk's Mediafire folder, containing a posepack, skins, models, etc. useful stuff


Previous thread:
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Bowsette thread

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Other super crown ettes are welcome too.
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Xeno Thread no. ¥

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Robot Thread: Video Games Edition

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Do you play Sims 4?
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Shrinking Woman

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Haven't seen a shrinking thread in a good while, think it's time to get one going!
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for #300, we should show aco the best images we can offer
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