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/weg/ - Western Erotic Games

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Glasses Edition

Western Games in Development / Demos / Betas:

Western RPG Maker Games / Betas / Demos

3DCG Games / Betas / Demos:

Full Games / Old Games:

Other Resources / Game Development Links:

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When are they gonna add a /acod/? scrolling through the stuff here can be a real boner kill sometimes. if /h/ has a separate board for the more generally unappealing kinks, why can't /aco/?

also, stardew valley thread i guess
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post pictures that are funny, hilarious, make you laugh, or just make you exhale slightly faster than normal.
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Samurai Jack thread

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Robot Thread:"mai waifu is better" Editon

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/stg/- Slave Trainer General/Maledom general

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I'm sort of surprised more dc and marvel trainers don't exist edition

Source = Evil batman game maybe

THIS GENERAL ISN'T JUST ABOUT SLAVE TRAINERS OTHER GENRES OF GAMES FIT HERE ALSO (Please read the next part for further clarification).

This is a general about slave trainer games and the creation of games where you play as a male and dominate women. Discussion about games not being created here is also acceptable as long as it's related to the topic at hand(i.e. playing a male and dominating women).

If you're working on a game and want to list a pastebin here speak up please.

WIP Projects (Korra Trainer, Four Elements Trainer, WT Silver, Tifa Trainer, Incredibles Trainer, Fairy tail trainer, Ben ten trainer, Momcest trainer, Carnal valley, etc):

Links to other games:

Maverick wrote a guide for scripting. Shows how to write/structure scenes for coders. Good for idea-guys & script-writers:

Contact info for major contributors:
Some of these people are looking for writers and artists. If you're interested mention it.

Report & ignore shitposters, people that scream proxyfag/samefag/waifu/waifufag, people that post beast, and futa spammers
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Caption Thread

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Hey, can we have another one?
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Adventure Time - Fantastic Fionna Fun

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Old Threat hit the image limit


Here's a new one with Fionna for a start.

Also a couple of fic-links

Fionna and Anon Rub-a-Dub in the Tub

PB and Finn Go to a Party

Finn/Bronwyn, pregnancy

Feel free to add pastebins or other fics with explicit content.
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Legoman/LMSketch thread

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Old thread here

I hope Woot post stuff again
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Can we have a thread for Martian Queen, pitch black, mouthless sex machine?
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