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Hypnosis, Mind Control, Brainwashing

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The One True Fetish (for NEETS who can't get sex in real life, that is)
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It's October and we don't have a goth girl thread?!?!?!
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What are your favorite artists?
Do you follow them on hentai foundry/tumblr/whatever?

Some of my faves, in no particular order
>Miles-DF (furry)
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/aco/ Commission Thread

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Rose Lalonde's basically a massive cockslut, let's face it edition.

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Cartoon Edit Thread

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Y'all know the drill
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New Pit//Kennycomix/Rabies Edit thread

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Jenny Wakeman/XJ9 Thread

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Post the good stuff
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can we have a thread of this bodytype?
it gets me hard as rocks
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New Pit/John Persons/Kennycomix Edit thread

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OLD THREAD >>1776566
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