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Cartoon MILFs

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Bonus Points for Dexter's Mom

Double Bonus Points for animated
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Xeno Thread

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Mighty Magiswords

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Never enough....
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Marge and or Lisa Simpson thread (I'll post the handful of images I have)
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Darkest dungeon thread

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This game has a lot of female characters. Monsters to fuck them and female monsters as well. It needs more porn

Any of the Countess would be greatly appreciated
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Chel Thread

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Post the best thick dark girl here.
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XCom 2 mod thread

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Beefcake mod for XCom 2 that allows you to make the men as muscular as you like and some armors are topless/skimpy.

Sexy female mods welcome too.
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public use thread
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Webcomic rule34 thread

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Like comic from lollibeepop, Sara Anderson etc.
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/egs/ - Anal Edition

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> What is El Goonish Shive?
A webcomic. The early years were awkward and sketchy, but it's grown into something awesome in the last fourteen years.

> Why is it in /aco/?
Loads of fetish material and a Patreon-funded pin up blog. The thread image is an edit of one of those pin ups. The comic is still technically worksafe, but our discussion of it isn't.

> Any links I should know?
egscomics is the main page.
egspinups tumblr is the Patreon-funded art blog.
egs-edits tumblr takes pinups, sketchbook entries, and comics and makes pretty good nude edits.
There are a few good fics at AO3 as well, but any drawfags, writefags, or editfags that want to hop on the train are encouraged to.
910cmx are the official forums official twitter
Gtbu7js unofficial discord
r/elgoonishshive unofficial reddit (although Dan does hag around on it)

And, not to forget, rule34 paheal for a porn archive.

archived here:

and previous to that:

Also, about a year ago someone asked me to upload an offline copy of the comic. If there is interest I could do that again, also with all the fanart.
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