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Why do normies still love cats even if cats and their owners are responsible for 80% of the extinction of local wildlife?
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I have a bizarre situation on my hands that I’m becoming desperate to solve. I am running out of time.

I have inherited a house and to my surprise these two fish were inside. They have been living unattended in a house with a decaying human body for over a month. I need them gone so that the house can be biohazard cleaned, but everyone I call won’t come and pick them up. They are about two feet long each, and I believe a type of pacu.

How can I get someone to save these fish? I am absolutely desperate.

/bop/ Birds of Prey thread.

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About time we reached image cap.
Post cute Raptors and have tame discussions.
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Animal Friendship webm thread

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Post animal-animal or animal-human friendship we ms.
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What animal do you fear most and why?
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just why...
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/bird/ - Bird thread

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Bird thread, post birds, discuss birds. Any, wild or pet.
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Do animals have souls?
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master race of animals

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humans are inherently a slave species, and their dominance is only due to irreversible cuckery and softness. They dominate because they cuck themselves for the good of the group. It's a slave strategy.

Laurasiatherians are honorable and brave and majestic. Unfortunately these qualities are expensive.

Xenarthrans - rats and sloths
Afrotherians - rats and manatees and elephants

Euarchontoglires - rats and primates
Laurasiatherians - giraffes, horses, cows, whales, tigers, wolves, lions, bats, dolphins, bears, seals, pangolins,

I already made the thread on /his/ so I guess I'll link >>7958306

Basically every well-formed animal except elephants came from Laurasia. All the other animals are just variations on some sort of rat (aardvarks, armadillos, humans, hyraxes, etc)