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/dog/ general

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Dog things.

Pic related: Water dog
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Why are extinct reptiles and non-mammalian synapsids always depicted as skinny lizards?

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what are some good youtube channels about paleontology and shit that isn't PBS Eons?

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For me, it's the Orangutan. The best ape.
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Decorah Eagle Cam

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Anyone else watching this?

In the past 10 minutes the male has swooped down and grabbed 5 fish in a row out of the lake.
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itt: animals that look like wealthy people

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Horse General

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Captain Edition
Previous thread: >>3285668
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What's it like to have a wolf as a pet?

What are the challenges?

Do they make good guard dogs (wolves lol)?

After watching Tiger King I know there must be a few of you exotic animal owners out there.

For the record, I've got enough space to own one. My house has a huge yard and its also right next to national park land where I'll be able to take it out there a few times a day if need be.

I'm also talking about a purebred Canadian/Siberians, so quite big. Not the scrawny Spanish/Italian ones you see.
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Honestly, if you're not on board with speculative paleo art, you're probably still a manchild stuck in the nostalgia of Spielberg films. Most of these do in fact make more sense than shrinkwrapped animals, and it takes us that much closer to imagining what they were like in real life, since we'll never get to actually see them.