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/kot/ - Cat General

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Fixing cats is important edition.
Please check older threads before asking common cat questions. Be as detailed as possible when you ask something. Let's post and talk about cats!
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I'm not a furry but tigers are the most based apex predators on the planet.
>lives in the forests
>does not even give a fuck about camo, he's fucking orange
>solo hunter
Absolute chad.
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should i become vegetarian?

also if you get a dog that had parents that were bred for being pets and not working dogs would the dog produced from those parents require less exercise

Why do dolphins do this

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>The sexually frustrated dolphin has been wreaking havoc in Landévennec, Brittany, a seaside town in the north of France. The town had to ban swimming because the dolphin, who locals nicknamed Zafar, wouldn't stop rubbing up on boats and innocent beachgoers. According to the Telegraph, Zafar even "used its nose to push one woman out of the water and up into the air."

>The playful dolphin used to delight locals and tourists alike by cruising alongside boats and letting swimmers hold onto his dorsal fin for a ride. "But then a few weeks ago he changed," the Telegraph reports. Although Zafar never got aggressive, he did try to prevent beachgoers from returning to shore. One swimmer who was subjected to the dolphin's lovemaking had to be rescued by boat, the Guardian says.

>The frisky dolphin's advances have gotten so bad that Roger Lars, the mayor of Landévennec, issued a bylaw that banned swimming and diving "whenever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed."

>Although dolphins don't go into heat during a specific season like some mammals, they engage is recreational sex all year round and have a history of behaving sexually toward other species — including humans.

>And yes, horrifyingly enough, there have been cases of human-dolphin relations.

>Experts from Oceanpolis, an aquarium in nearby Brest, told local news outlets that people should "never get too close to a marine mammal at full sexual maturity" because they could unintentionally cause serious injuries.
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/ckg/ - Chicken General : urban hens edition

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Let's keep discussing chickens and our interest in them. Questions and answers very welcome, as are pictures of your chickens. How are your chooks, anons?
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She did not make things easy for me this year.
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>nature documentary narrator doesn't have grandfatherly/grandmotherly voice.
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Which one is the more antifragile and adaptable species?

Guinea pig thread

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Post your little poop machines. I'll start with my girlfriends guinea pigs.
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