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What do you say to your dogs when you are petting them? Any nonsense words?
I say "oogie boogie boo" or "wuzza wuzza woo". Yes, I am autistic.

Pic related my pupper
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What's your dog's name, and the nickname you usually use for them?

Name: Jackson

Nickname: Nig/Nigger

How about your furry friend?
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Cat General

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Serious question here friends, is it normal to pop a boner when petting animals? I'm not attracted to them in any way but whenever I'm petting my husky I get a fucking massive hard on and it doesn't go away until I stop.
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Border Collies

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Tell me about Border Collies.
How smart are these guys for real? And how much exercise to they really need? Is it true they never turn off?
Who has experience with them?
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Horse General - Sippin n dippin edition

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Why do so many people who own chickens dislike roosters? Or are at least nervous around them if the off chance that they have one. I've seen many posts on backyard chickens that go something like

>I have to make sure my roo (a retarded and unnecessary shortening of the word rooster) is out of the coop before I even head in


>if he gives you any trouble, give him a light bump with a broom or something

or even

>I might have to cull my roo (there's that stupid nickname again) if he doesn't quit being aggressive

Hitting him is only going to give him an even better reason to see you as a threat. I've had my black cochin rooster for two years so far, and I got him from a friend when he was one, so I didn't have the benefit of having hand raised him. Sure he didn't like me at first, and had attacked me once or twice, but I persisted in gently restraining him, picking him up and walking around with him until it got through to him that I wasn't going to hurt him. Sixth months into this routine, and I he didn't mind me in close proximity to him at all. In fact, he will eat from my hand every day and doesn't at all mind me picking him up. I love him, he's probably my favorite and friendliest bird. All I had to do was be nice to him and I earned his trust. Maybe the bitchy old country women at backyard chickens should put down the broom/axe and exercise a little bit of patience with their birds. I don't understand why they would rather kill their single rooster and go without one, than put in a little bit of effort and put up with a couple of scratches until you get through to him. It's just a rooster, you old bag. The spurs don't hurt that bad.

Do you have a rooster anon? Post a picture of him. Pic related would have been a picture of mine, but it's 4:34, my chicken coop is unlit and I have to leave in ten minutes.
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How do you tell a dog to eat SLOWLY?

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Sister's dog is the right weight (used to be borderline chubby) and eats so quickly, she sometimes chokes and coughs, then proceed shoveling away again.
I tried playing classical music while eating which only helped 2 times.