What is this thing?

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Is that normal?
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Quick! Stop what you're doing right now and draw a vulture in a wedding dress!

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itt only biology students and graduates are allowed to post
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Any interesting little tidbits you know about animals?

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Are Hyena's respectable animals?
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So I just adopted a cat from a shelter yesterday. 1 year old cutie. My first cat I’ve owned, but I’ve read up plenty.

As per what most people have said, he’s been hiding all day. Under my bed and now in a box inside my closet. I understand it’ll take a while for him to get comfortable and walk around. Is there any advice you guys have to help him or at least so I don’t scare him? Any and all advice would be helpful.
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About to bring two rats in

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Getting two female rats in a couple of hours. Advice?
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Bird owners thread, post a picture of your bird and we'll talk about bird owning and the best birds to own.
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