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How do you bathe a cat?

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Should the dog's owner be jailed for animal abuse?
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Coyote Peterson bullshitting about spiders

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The last two vids this guy has done have greatly exaggerated the severity of spider venom. In his most recent video of the Wandering Banana Spider he says it's "easily the most dangerous spider he's ever handled" and says it's "much worse than the black widow". He said similar things about the Golden Orb Weaver. Looking up the spiders they are both little more harmful than a honeybee sting.

Usually he puts out pretty solid content but it's obvious he was bullshitting about these last two. Maybe I'm being autistic but I'm pretty disappointed tbqh
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What animal would become the perfect pet if it magically never pooped?
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Now that it's been confirmed that cats are "Reddit: The Animal" what would be a good pick for /an/ the animal?
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What's a good way to get into animal tracking? There has to be a better method than just memorizing pages like this. I can never seem to find tracks in the wild, or if I do they are too blurry to tell anything from.

Also after I git gud what kind of certifications or permits can I get?

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/bunn/ thread.

Comfy edition.

Old & busted:

Get in here and dump bun pics and webms, ask for advices and worship these superior pets.
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that species is it?