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What is their motive?
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Pet industry

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Redpill me on the pet industry, /an/.
Is the pet industry as fucked as Peta want us to think?
Why do people own pets?
Is having a pet worth it?
What are the pros and cons of owning a pet?


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Didnt see a hamster thread, so i made one.
Heres my homie Algernon
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Pet spider

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Pet spider thread.
Asked /b/ what to do with this spider, and now i should keep it as a pet.
Will post updates.
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Horse general

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Companion Edition
Old buddies: >>3476220
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Was HP Lovecraft right?
Also, that's a nice looking cat, I wonder what it's name was. I bet it was awesome
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In this thread, we love otters.
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If you could pick one animal to grant human-like sapience and capacity for language to, which would it be?

HARDMODE: don't just pick something so you can ethically fuck it
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Are you nice and compassionate to animals?
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Birds are very important.

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