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Horse General

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Fluffy Edition
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what is this cat's endgame?

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why dont religious muslims like dogs?
why do they perceive them as impure animals while religious christians or jews dont?
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Where my bonsai tree chads at?
This is my Chinese elm I just bought.
I call her ruth, and I love her.

Also I swear to fucking god if the picture is sideways again.
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why are mammalfags so shitty
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Fox thread

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Fox thread.
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/ham/ - Hamster General

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Photogenic Edition
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Silverback Gorrilla V.S. Man

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How many bare-handed unarmed humans do you think it would take to fight and kill a fully grown male Silverback Gorilla and why?
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Guinea pigs

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Is it okay to house my guniea pigs like this? I want to keep all three together but one of them doesn’t get along with the other two at all and I know you can’t keep 1 alone
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/kot/ - Cat general

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Staring Edition
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