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The time has come to settle the debate once and for all. Cats or dogs?
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Cute bird, eh?

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Dubs and you will get this secretary bird as your pet.

Japanese Animals Thread

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ITT Post Japanese animals/Pets.
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Are dolphins smarter than chimps?
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/kot/ General - Relax Edition

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Are Cryptids animals? I saw mongolian worms once when I was in Gobi.

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talk me out of getting the meme dog
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Zookeeper and Bird

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Was it love?
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>Anon, I...
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Bros check my progression, I have been hard meowing for a 2 years, I also chewmaxxed.
My routine is waking up taking dirt showers and using wamo wolf farting method and no roar, mediation for 3 hours daily and chewing sticks for 6 hours daily, are my flanges good enough?