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What animal makes the coziest nest/architecture? I remember looking at beaver dams as a child and feeling cozy knowing some animals could avoid the snow and rain by making their own shelter
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Do you like rats, /an/?
I got two :)
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How do spiders feel if their web gets destroyed before their very eyes? It would have taken them a lot of time and effort to get it done after all.
Do they feel nothing? Sadness? Anger?

/kot/ - cat general

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The call of nature edition. Previous: >>3975334
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Are they perfect?

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Is there any dog breed more perfect than collies?
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are there any legends/superstitions/folk tales about salamanders in your country?
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/an/ webm
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/plant/ - Cabbage Edition

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Shrimp Thread

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Post shrimp
Do it now
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