ITT: Animals that look shooped but aren't

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i just discovered my neighbor mistreats his dog. i constantly hear that son of a bitch hitting the poor animal at night. he lives right next to my house, even tho i don't know him personally. i feel lots of courage; what can i do to scare the shit out of him? i want to do something, i want to help that doggo:(:(:(

Deer chasing white tail

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Why did he do that?


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The Plant General - Passiflora Edition

Welcome to /plant/, the magical green place on this blue board.

/Plant/ is for the discussion of plants (obviously). Horticulturists, hobbyists and botanists welcome! Questions about plants? Want to show off your two inch dick-I mean plant? Maybe you want to start growing something new and exciting? Well come on over to /plant/!

ITT: Crimewriteranon reels in some plant murder techniques, noobs continue to buy fake seeds off Chinks for some reason and the birdplant reaches a heartwarming conclusion.

Introducing a new basic caresheet with every thread: Passiflora edition
>very undemanding, warm-growing vining plant (can survive in milder temperate climates too)
>appreciates well-draining-but-moist media, moderate sun and shelter from wind/dryness
>fertilise well, P. edulis and cultivars produce nice edible passionfruit after all
>will definitely need some sort of support structure to grow on/up
>good luck catching it flowering...

For our carnivorous plant newbies:
Approved forums:

Good place(s) for newbie carnivorous plant growers:

Previous thread: >>2461672
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Can i have some names pls

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I got him/her yesterday, it's about 3 1/2 weeks old and I can hardly tell the gender, she's so small. Or him
I need names pls
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I will be getting a cockatiel soon.
what cage do you guys recommend me getting?
also how do I bond with my cockatiel and make him happy?
any advice is appreciated
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Why are all Spitz breeds such assholes?
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piece of shit mutts get into my yard and attack my goats at 1 in the morning
>they get away while I'm trying to get out there

What's the legality of hypothetically tracking these dogs and killing them? I'm planning to hypothetically find their trail in the morning and follow it until I locate these animals and then I will hypothetically exterminate them.

Hippo thread

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>look cute and cuddly to lure your dumb ass
>have a secret subsonic underwater language
>can run at 30km/h despite being fatasses
>have 100 times the annual kill count of lions
>bite crocodiles in half for shits and giggles
>bodyslam lions that try to fuck with them
How can one animal be so based?
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What's the best dog breed to own for getting laid?