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wait a minute, so dinosaurs are cringe and reddit now? [Embed]
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built for___
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/se/ - Speculative Evolution General

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Invasive Battle Royale edition

>One-stop shop for relevant background information for starting a project
>Fantastic blog covering all sorts of spec evo topics in-depth
>The Speculative Evolution forums, full of resources and ongoing projects [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Open] [Embed] [Open] [Embed]
>Part exobiology project, part spec evo tutorial, Biblaridion’s alien planet video series is informative and well-researched

>Link to a PDF of Wayne Barlowe’s “Expedition”, a seminal work of speculative evolution full of incredible paintings and illustrations
>Ilion, an illustrated tour of a tidally locked planet, really fantastic science in this project
>Snaiad, life on an alien world [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Open] [Embed] [Open] [Embed]
>”The Future is Wild”, a CGI documentary following the evolution of life on Earth in the far future
>Dougal Dixon, arguably the father of speculative evolution. These are links to PDF’s of his books “After Man”, “The New Dinosaurs”, and “Man After Man”
>Anu, a beautifully illustrated xenobiology project
>Furaha, another alien world with very scientifically detailed creations
>Serina: A Natural History of the World of Birds

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Ask a T. rex anything.
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What's your favorite species of fish?

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Personally I've never touched or eaten a fish before in my life, but quarantine's been making me increasingly more and more interested in fish. But I'm curious: what is your favorite species of fish?
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I dont like the trend of calling your pets kids, but I do enjoy seeing the absolute salt it causes from parents
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What does /an/ think of Bonsai trees?

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Crocodiles and alligators are actually kind of cute.
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Why does evolution happen?
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Where can I adopt a kokoni in the US? I’ve read up a ton about it and it seems like the perfect dog for me. I even though up a cool name. Dio.