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What is your favorite monkey species?

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>inb4 some unoriginal racist bullshit
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/bird/ general - proper edition

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ITT: stuff you actually saved right here on /an/

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Why Millennials Love Their Houseplant Jungles

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What do you think of the trend of millennials with lots of houseplants, is it healthy or hoarding? Are you a millennial who collects lots of plants in your home?
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how to befriend squirrels

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i live in europe and in my garden i often see 2 reddish squirrels. they are probably friends since i always see them together playing with each other. today they had fun by scaring pigeons of my lawn. they are so cute and i want to befriend them. what can i do and how should i do it?
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Horse General

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Fluff Edition
Previous thread: >>2986181
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why does the human hate me so much?
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can someone ID this spider

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i think its a wolf spider, its legs hairs are super pointy and weird. i know its a male because of those big nuts on its face

My sweetest Cookie

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>a few years
>you were so scared at first
>that small cage wasn't good
>slowly you liked became more trusting
>soon you loved me and I loved you
>you were there to sing on a sad day
>you were there to chirp on a sunny day
>you were there to rip the bag of seed open when you wanted treats
>you were there to say your name whenever
>you were there to fly around and land on my shoulder while I was so busy
>a few years ago you came into my life
>a few years ago you improved it
>a few years ago you said your name for the first time, on the 24th march 2014
>a few years ago you came into my home
And now you rest behing it forever. I will always love you, my dearest Cookie. My dearest little green friend.
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what is the appeal of cats and why do people who have them become obsessed with them?
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