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Anyone been attacked by an animal? Share your story/photo .
Last month on the 27th I was bit by our bulldog, little shit is an asshole and was attacking out old lady(pitbull) and I had pulled him off, he then jumped away and snapped at my arm then continued attacking our pitbull. He did stop after a while, we still have him but they are both away from each other. At this point I'm still unsure if we are going to put him down.
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PETA is shit and too retarded. What are some other good associations for animal rights and defending animals?
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hey guys, i come to you as i have no idea where i could ask this.
i recently adopted a dog that was found on the streets, he was microchipped but the owner couldn't be reached/didn't wanna come for him, i dont exactly know. He is classified as a pitbull mix. it doesn't really matter what breed he is but the curiosity is there, as all dog owners know. He weighs 25,4 kg, would like to fatten him up like 2-3 kilos because he looks rather skinny atm. Floor to top of the back is around 50cm, i didn't measure floor to head. I was wondering if you could throw around a few ideas as to what he could be mixed with.
and yes, he has a sweater, it was -17 celsius here

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I remember playing this when I was little, and I could never beat it Kek
The game doesn't exist anywhere now, as BBC has removed it from its site and there are no downloads of the game anywhere
This is the only game I know of that has completely vanished from existence
I know it existed because I remember failing at the game when I was little, and there are still screenshots of the game circulating on the web, despite the actual game completely nonexistent on the internet

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Republicans are going to repeal the Endangered Species Act.

>“It has never been used for the rehabilitation of species. It’s been used for control of the land,” said House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop.

This retard in charge of natural resources doesn't even understand ecology.
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itt: post an animal you hate

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I fucking hate pigeons
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Why haven't manatees gone extinct? They don't seem to have any self preservation, they are good at grazing on aquatic vegetation and swimming against currents but that's about it. During trips to visit friends in Florida I've gone swimming with wild manatees, a few even accompanied by calfs, and the mothers didn't seem to mind me petting them or their offspring and in some cases were even curious and actively approached me. Why don't they act more cautious around humans? A lot of them even have scars from moterboat injuries, did they just obliviously let themselves get hit or not swim away in time?
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My coacktiels just breed a eyeless one. Chick got no eyeball at all, but looks fine with 5 days.

What should I do? kill it or let it be?
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