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Aggressive Doge

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>Be me
>be renting a room from a family
>they have another lodger who've comes for the weekend and has come for years
>he has a dog he brings with him
>the dog is a rescued dog
>it hates me for no reason (must remind it of its trauma)
>consistently growls if it even sees me
>barks if i get near
>probably will bite me at some stage

>owner understands and always diffuses situation
>often times the owner is in one room and the dog is in another
>basically confines me to my room because i hate worrying about this animal attacking me if i'm just trying to go to the bathroom or make some food.

what do i do? how do i get it to leave me alone?

I am generally mild-mannered and don't really do anything that could excite a dog. At the owner's encouragement I literally tried befriending it by giving it some food and stroking it and then it started freaking out and barked at me.

I only see it 2-3 days a week, and no matter what I do, it is adamant that it is going to threaten me if it sees me. How can I get it to leave me alone.
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>Mom just moved in temporarily
>brought her 12 year old cat
>cat is fat as fuck
>mom said it wad just fat
>found out today it is currently giving birth in my house
At the very most I can keep 1. Will a shelter take the ones I can't? Should I try and just give them away?
Pic not related
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Post your webms my dudes
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Animal killing guilt

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Tell me about the first time you killed an animal and felt bad about it
>be 8 years old
>flipping rocks looking for bugs n shit
>flip a bigun and find a fence lizard under it
>8yo me is a giant pussy and gets startled
>drops rock and crushes lizards skull
>can still see him squirming before finally going limp when I close my eyes
>don't even step on rocks anymore for fear of committing lizard murder again

your turn
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Good pet feels thread

>when the whole butt wags cuz he's so happy to see you
>when he puts his paw on my leg if I look upset
>when you say "DO YOU" and he starts running around the house all hype because he knows that sentence ends with "want to go to the park"
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Dude, this frames are fake or not? any clue about the source?
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I adopted my dog about two weeks ago. So far, he's been sleeping with me during the nights, and on the kitchen during the days (IF he naps). He has his own comfy bed and has water at all times.

The thing is, I heard after a few days, I should stop him from sleeping with me or he'll start feeling anxious without me. Can I let him sleep on the kitchen during the night? Is there a downside to it? So far, he hasn't cried or anything.

Pic related; my puppy.
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Someone knows what the hell is this? It is from a challenge

this thing on my house

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what is this lads?