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Is animal testing wrong?
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This is Lily, say something nice about her.
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Is it safe to feed cats canned fish? I'm worried about mercury poisoning.

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check this out. cool, huh. at this metropark near me called Kensington the birds will just eat from your meathooks. or from your head if you put some seeds on it. cool
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My dog died tonight.

She hadn't ate anything in over a week, then she stopped drinking water. She would sometimes try to get up and walk, but just stagger or fall down she was so weak and fragile.

Until today she didn't show any signs of pain. But today she didn't even try to get up, then she had a seizure, and started crying. We decided it's finally time to take her to be euthanized.

It seemed to be too much for her. The car ride there I held her, she was still responsive and looked at me. She died when I was carrying her into the vet and laying her down on the table, she tensed up, and it was over very quickly. I could see the life leave her body, and the suffering was over.

RIP Bella, ?? - Jan 8th 2018

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What does /an/ think about cannabis and animals? I have a couple of friends who do this to their animals. Is it dangerous? Safe? Why do people do it to them?
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It's reindeer season. Post any deer except reindeer

Pls no fucking them, just get a gf already.
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Aggressive Doge

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>Be me
>be renting a room from a family
>they have another lodger who've comes for the weekend and has come for years
>he has a dog he brings with him
>the dog is a rescued dog
>it hates me for no reason (must remind it of its trauma)
>consistently growls if it even sees me
>barks if i get near
>probably will bite me at some stage

>owner understands and always diffuses situation
>often times the owner is in one room and the dog is in another
>basically confines me to my room because i hate worrying about this animal attacking me if i'm just trying to go to the bathroom or make some food.

what do i do? how do i get it to leave me alone?

I am generally mild-mannered and don't really do anything that could excite a dog. At the owner's encouragement I literally tried befriending it by giving it some food and stroking it and then it started freaking out and barked at me.

I only see it 2-3 days a week, and no matter what I do, it is adamant that it is going to threaten me if it sees me. How can I get it to leave me alone.
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