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ITT: shiny, colorful, iridescent things.
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Dog General

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Dog General #13 - Valentines Day Edition.

Old Thread: >>2589158

Dog food review site -

Puppy guide -

Discord link goes to #mammal:

>What should I feed my dog?
>What breed of dog should I get?
>How do I train my dog?
>Rate my dog!
>Should I bring my dog to a vet?
>What breed is my dog?
>What toys should I get my dog?
>My dog is doing x, what do I do?
>Where do I get a dog?
>How do I take care of a puppy?
>How do I house train a dog?
>Can my dog eat this?
>Let me blog post!
And much more!
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Hello my friends i saw that cute hamstero thread and i bring you my very own stoner

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Pocket pet thread

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What's the smartest animal in the world?
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I am since a month proud owner of a husky pup,
u can ask us anything :D
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Hamster thread?
I got this cutie a week ago, a Roborovski from a shelter. She's still very skittish, as robos tend to be apparently, but she'll already take or straight eat snacks from my hand. And she is no longer spooked by my presence unless I try to touch her sides or back.
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Rats are timid and don't like to be picked up

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I just took in two 1 year old male rats. They came from a family with a ton of animals that are super well socialized. The ad specifically stated that they were somewhat timid and didn't like to be picked up, but they're qts and I don't mind being patient.

I'm a new rat owner and I'm not entirely sure how to get them to warm up to me. I picked one of the rats up because he would not leave the travel cage and he freaked the fuck out. I haven't attempted since, and I've mostly left them alone to get familiar with my place. I've offered them treats to get them to come out of the cage, but they run and grab the treat and then go back to their corner.

I'm glad that they're very comfortable with each other and always snuggled up, but how do I get them to snuggle up with me? please help
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Send comfy cat pics

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