Invert General

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Swear on me mum edition

This is the invertebrate general. If you have any questions about invertebrates, want to look into owning one or more, or want to simply discuss them, this is the thread to do so, whether its

>Tarantulas and other spiders
>Or anything without a backbone

Feel free to post it.

Resources/help and information



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How about thread for the weirder members of our family tree?
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/herp/ - Reptile & Amphibian General

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NOM: edition

previously on /herp/ >>2459333

Reptile classifieds for finding breeders of various scaled and sundry creatures

> (Canadian breeders)
> for newts, salamanders and lots more amphibians
>Also check to see if there are any annual reptile shows/expos in your area as these are good places to find good animals from good breeders at partial discount

/herp/ officially official all purpose care sheet of wonder and magic

>sand a shit
>use a thermostat
>read all the caresheets
>set up your tank before you get your herp
>regulate temps & humidity levels prior to herp arrival
>do not fuck with (handle) your herp for at least 7 days after bringing it home and ideally wait until herp has eaten at least one meal (for snakes), two meals for lizards, frogs, etc.
>PVC tanks are way better for most applications and worth the extra money
>it is best to avoid chain pet stores when looking to purchase live animals as mass breeder suppliers are not especially careful about health and sound genetics... it often saves you money long term to spend a little extra up front to get a healthy animal

>Jump Start (formerly Hydrofarm) thermostat is a good basic and inexpensive thermostat for regulating ceramic heat emitters and under tank heaters (Amazon sells it)
>if you want something more advanced for temperature control, look at Herpstat products
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The Plant General - Passiflora Edition

Welcome to /plant/, the magical green place on this blue board.

/Plant/ is for the discussion of plants (obviously). Horticulturists, hobbyists and botanists welcome! Questions about plants? Want to show off your two inch dick-I mean plant? Maybe you want to start growing something new and exciting? Well come on over to /plant/!

ITT: Crimewriteranon reels in some plant murder techniques, noobs continue to buy fake seeds off Chinks for some reason and the birdplant reaches a heartwarming conclusion.

Introducing a new basic caresheet with every thread: Passiflora edition
>very undemanding, warm-growing vining plant (can survive in milder temperate climates too)
>appreciates well-draining-but-moist media, moderate sun and shelter from wind/dryness
>fertilise well, P. edulis and cultivars produce nice edible passionfruit after all
>will definitely need some sort of support structure to grow on/up
>good luck catching it flowering...

For our carnivorous plant newbies:
Approved forums:

Good place(s) for newbie carnivorous plant growers:

Previous thread: >>2461672
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To all the anons that aren't too poor to afford a purebreed : what kind of dog do you have? And what drew you towards that specific breed?

Pic unrelated
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Cat General

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>cats are noble animals
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I will be getting a cockatiel soon.
what cage do you guys recommend me getting?
also how do I bond with my cockatiel and make him happy?
any advice is appreciated
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I'm just trying to find the goodness of everyday and it seems
always something creeps in to fowl it up.

For example, I brought Mr Kit early to the rabies shot in our town.
I had to park in a fire zone because there was no parking & also I
was extra paranoid that I am going to get a ticket.

I am there early at 5:45 & it said it doesn't begin until 6pm. I walk
around the building with Mr Kit in his carrier, which is heavy btw,
and there is already a long ass line with people & their dogs. I do
not see anyone with kitties. So I stand in line unsure whether there is
another line for cats. An old ladies dog is forever barking & loud as
hell. Like ear piercing barks. A lady behind me with a small dog starts
fucking SMOKING right near me. Like WTF possesses you to light up
a cigarette while standing in a line full of people with animals. WTF lady!
Now I am fucking annoyed. Behind her is a scary white trashy kind of couple
with two rotweillers (spelled wrong) and one dog has an enormous bandage
around his middle (wtf?). These two couldn't handle a glass of iced tea nevermind
two enormous dogs. So now I am a bit worried about Mr Kit. He is getting scared and he is outside out of
his element. I am holding the carrier cause I am afraid some uncontrolled dog
might lunge at it and knock it over. I put it him down and let him rest. His little
paws are in front of him and he looked relaxed & happy.

A large brillo pad orange poodle jumps on top of my cat carrier
and I flip the fuck out and yell "GET DOWN GET DOWN!!!". The lady
who looks like a crackhead from florida goes "ahhh sorry bout that"...
This scares the shit out of Mr Kit & he poops
& it starts to smell. So now I am fucking raging inside, because kitties
do not like to be next to their poop at all, so he is crouched at the front of
the carrier heavy breathing & scared. I still have to wait ok.. so I am
waiting, we finally get inside.

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And grow fat!!