A new search server has been setup. Multiple terabytes of hard disk storage was also installed.

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Is Megalodon the biggest meme animal ever?
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Have you ever had any personal experiences with pitbulls? Good or bad?
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>incels get so triggered by coyote peterson that they get the thread on him removed by mass reporting it
angry men ruin everything.

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post animals that prove satan exists
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why do people pretend to be interested in the most disgusting bugs like spiders and centipedes? i've seen some dickheads even claim is this strictly a "hobby" for people with no personality whatsoever who think liking weird fucked up shit will make them stand out?

>oh look at me i have 2 tarantulas and 5 centipedes aren't i interesting
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Science sure is great, huh?
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Why is reddit so pro-Pitbull?
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What's the story of this cat?

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I always see it in memes, but does anyone know why it looks like that?

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Has science figured out if viruses are a type of living thing yet?
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in a century's time we will see factory farming as the singular most devastating crime perpetuated by humanity, one for which all cultures are culpable.

every year tens of billions of animals that can suffer the same as we do are forced into lives of misery followed by painful deaths.

worse yet, even if deaths could ever be thought of as justifiable, let alone death of innocents, the large majority of these deaths are totally unnecessary, only for trivial pleasure of human cuisine.

with any critical thought, one realizes industrialized farming is collectively a holocaust among holocausts.
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