Help On New Cat

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Guys, I just adopted a black cat from Petco. He was declawed by the previous pet owners and now I don't know what to do when it comes to toys or things for the cat. I am a first time pet owner and I need help in the types of things that my cat COULD possibly like or enjoy. I want him to have an easy transition from shelter to my home.
I have kept him for about 3 days already. The same day I adopted him I kept him in my room all night. On the second day I let him roam around the entire house during the day while I went to college. Now I just leave the door open at all times so he can come and go when he would like.
Pic related. That is him.

Craigslist Cringe

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1. Go to your local craigslist pets page
2. Find the cringiest or saddest listings
3. Post them here

>male, unneutered pitbull
>good with children, cats, and other dogs
Consider me triggered.
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ask an overnight emergency/critical care vet tech (nurse) anything?

have pics, will dump.
"trigger" warning for gore, duh.

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>mfw I probably won't be able to see a nonavian dinosaur in my lifetime.
Who else shares this sadness?
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Horse General

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Old thread >>2279224
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/birds/ general

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Yet another OP edition.

Post any questions you have about birds.

Share any pictures you have of your cute little terrors in this thread.

I've had her for 8 months, and she has been going after my glasses at the slightest opportunity since day 1.

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I need help /an/. I just noticed that my bird's beak is bleedinh, but there doesn't seem to be any major Crack. What do? Should I rush to a vet or wait and seem

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My dog is getting very old. I expect her to die in 0-4 years from now. I will have a doctor put her down when the time comes.

I have decided to bury her myself. I have looked up remote spot in the woods to do it. I have check that the grave should not be disrupted in next 15 years or more. There is no danger of common water getting infected because of the corpse.

I have a good shovel to do it and i know where to get few big stones to cover the corpse.

Has anyone here buried their own dog?

How deep should i bury her?

What is the white stuff they spread over dead humans when they made mass graves and why do they do it?
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Spring flowers

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'tis the season, how are those plant bulbs coming along /an/?
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What's your opinion about working doggos

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