Where are my images?

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/aq/ - Aquarium General

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he pinch edition

Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues.
Google is your friend.
Feel free to ask questions but know that there are a lot of resources out there that could answer your question a lot faster and accurately than /an/.
Make sure to include these things in your post before asking because we can't help you if we don't have the full picture:

-tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
-parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, GH, KH)
-any and all inhabitants + how long you've had them
Tank Cycling:
Care Guides:
Plants and Animals for sale:

Discord: https://discord.gg/puJwA9a

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Uh-oh! My mom's dog is getting some siblings.
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How to spot a pitbull owner
>loudly defends pitbulls with anecdotal evidence, logical fallacies, and lies
>deflects criticism, valid or not, with accusations and ad hominem attacks
>projects own insecurities about their dog onto superior breeds
>incapable of recognizing the difference between a house pet and a dangerous animal
>messy home full of empty beer bottles, gnawed second hand furniture, and even feces
Why can’t these people see reason? When will the madness end?
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Hermit Crabs care and tanks

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Hey /an/ got a small issue need some advice. I got fruit fly infestation in my hermit crab tank. I made a make shift fly trap with that pill bottle with apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap. But the little fuckers aren't biting, I even tried sucking the fuckers with a vacuum cleaner but they keep coming. So what should I do?
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what giant ass bird made these prints?

southern ontario canada
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So I work for a home design company and during a walk through of a competitor's home I spotted this extremely red tree. I live in Washington state and I don't think I've seen these around any nature reserves or hiking trails I've been on. So /an/ what is it?

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why do dogs like to sniff used pantsu?
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Please identify

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Hello, I'm struggling to figure out what breed my pomeranians are crossed with and I'm wondering if you can help me.

The shelter received them from a pound so they have no background information. All we know is they were abused and they are about 3. The abuse means that it's hard to describe their behaviour of temperament to you accurately, but I will gladly answer any questions and try to provide other angles if you need them. They are hard to keep still. Ignore the bc, thank you in advance
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