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Short-Faced Bear
>Colossal apex predator who completely dominated its environment. Other prehistoric carnivores could not even compete.
>Hunted herd of mammoths 4 times their size.
>Humongous body strength, bite force and paw size.
>Probably as intelligent as modern day bears.
>Even early humans had to think twice before approaching this beast only rivaled by carnivorous dinosaurs.
What went wrong?
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friends thread

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post friends!
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Is it immoral to Iet my dog lick my feet?

/aq/ - Aquarium General - Parasite edition (you)

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Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues.
Before asking questions in this thread, do a bit of searching online to see if it has been answered already.
Make sure you give us at least some details when asking a question, such as:

>Tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
>Parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, GH, KH)
>Any and all inhabitants + how long you've had them
>Pictures are always helpful


Tank Cycling:

Articles and Care Guides:

Aquatic Plant Database:

Plants and Animals for sale:

Can't find what you're looking for? Check on ebay or aquabid.

Official Discrod: https://discord.gg/t57bWTh

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Well for some reason I wanted to grow pumpkins in my yard
I want to plant the giant variant but it seems that in Mexico there are many types of pumpkin but I can not find the giant variant and where I could buy seeds without buying online?
By the way I live in a town in Jalisco near the chapala lake where the weather is considere very good.

post animals being autistic

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Big hed
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if you coud biggen one animals, wat wud it B?
for me, sparrmans
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This is so sad.
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