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Post Your Cluckin Cluckt Chicken Pictures

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Post your cluckin clucky chicken pictures you cluckin mothercluckers.

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my new bird of two weeks bites my hand and won't come out of the cage, but also paces frantically and screams when I walk away

why is my bird this way
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Furby General

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Megascops Furbidii, or the common furby, is a species of true owl originating from the United States. They became a popular family pet in the early 2000s; however, interest gradually dwindled once people realized furbies require round-the-clock attention that most children cannot provide.
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What are these? They aren't walking sticks, and they don't look like a weevil

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Those sharks are really impresive creatures
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Do you feed your pets fruits?
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What would you name a dog that looks like this?
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