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A mushroom grew on my houseplants soil, dubs decide what I do with it
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BBC thread

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how can little white kittens even complete?
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My dog is acting weird, help me, I love her

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This is her
Little background, pretty sure she's a jack russel, probably between 2-3 years old, adopted her four months ago, all vaccines, spayed etc
Like an hour ago, I took my dog out to go potty/rub a little before bed time
She wouldn't poop, just peed a little, wouldn't run around, just kept looking down at the bottom of the yard
I checked all around, and didn't see any animals or people
I brought her back in the house, and she won't stop panting and wandering around
She looks at me and wags her tail sometimes, and sometimes she whines a little bit
She keeps sniffing at the door
I got the stupid shirt out that my mom got for her, which she always gets extremely excited for, and that seemed to calm her down for a minute, but she's back at it again
I'm really worried, and it's 10 at night, there's no vet's office open nearby right now
What's her deal, guys?
I'm scared

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I have seen two little grubs that look like maggots covered in dark grey fluff in my basement one today and one yesterday and I did get a dehumidifier yesterday. They move up the wall by inching with their head and they look around when they poke their head out of the fluff which I am guessing is from dust bunnies.
Uf anyone has any idea what they are, I would love to know.

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Anyone got any experience with feeding a cat a vegan diet?
There are those fancy cat food brands with no animal substances in them.
Now, I have no reason to suspect they don't work, as they have been proven to be healthy, but actually getting them to work may take more knowledge than I have.
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What is this animal?

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Do you think they did it?

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I mean it's nice if you like animals and whatnot, but if you over do it it just becomes a bit disturbing.
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Water bears - space colonisation hypothesis thread

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Let's say we have some water bears (the "arctic" ones, "vulcano dwellers" and all the inbeween) and throw them on a planet other then Earth.

What factors should appear for them to survive?
What possible turn could evolution take?
Would the water bears alone be enough to built an ecosystem?

Hit me with your best shot /an/

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If elephants are so smart, why don't they escape from zoos? Checkmate elefags.
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Kangal Thread

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My baby Kangal is 2 months old (pic related). Any other Kangal owners here on /an/ ?