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Please help me out bros, I rescued a chick from a cat before I left to work today and I left it on some scarf material shit and when I came back little idiot got it's head tangled and looks like it almost died of asphixia, how do I CPR this little thing?
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What is the most JUST species of animal?

Bonus points for anything aquatic, avian or buglike.
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ducc thread

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lol just look at him go
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Animal POV books/media

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I have only seen a few books from an animal's point of view, so I wrote one.

I know I am a pathetic shill. I will be posting some OC pictures of ravens and then some birbs
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>raising someone elses child/pet/animal

cucked much /an/?

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/an/, give me something to fap to.

Why Are Chihuahuas Best Dog?

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Post the last herbivore you saw.

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What should I do with these tanks, /an/?
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What do you think about the shoebill?
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