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Hi I'm looking to getting into ant keeping and was wondering what ants would be best
I'm from the uk and we have Lasius Niger and Lasius flavus in my area
I'm looking for any advice on the type to get I'm torn between lasius Niger or Messor barbarus ants.
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I offer sticc but get licc

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Bullshark? Really?

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So Maine decided to do something stupid recently. They want to drop a Bullshark in Sebago Lake. They say they'll condition it to eat Pike by only feeding that to it.

Not to mention that it relies on it's lateral line and little nose pouches to find it's food. All that sweet vibrational calculations only fuckin sharks can do. But Maine Legislation is saying that it will SOLVE OUR PIKE PROBLEM.

Like it wont see ALL THE OTHER EDIBLE ASSHOLES SWIMMING AROUND? And a shark that's used to entirely clear water, waiting to hunt fish that move? Good idea. Except PIKE FUCKING STALK AND HIDE.

Fuck you Commissioner Chandler. Did you not even think? You read it and went "Wow sharks eat stuff" *STAMP*

It's gonna die during the passing of the seasons anyway. Maine gets massive water freezing and frost heaves in the winter, so I imagine the Shark will die anyway, wasting our tax paying dollars.

Goodbye surrounding fish and small animal life.

Picture here: https://stockingreport.herokuapp.com/blogs
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Cats irrefutably proven to be better than dogs.


Cat walked 12 miles to get back to his family, and they tried to euthanize him. The shelter instead put it up for adoption.
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Why do some animals have pads while other animals have hooves?

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Have any of you ever had a negative experience with birbs? If so, what was it?

Pic related, a seagull shat on my head once. Fuck seagulls. Also a bunch of wild chickens chased me when I was a kid because I was holding food, it was pretty traumatic.
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Milch Kot

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