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Emu vs Roo
Who would win?
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>they feed their dog to keep it from barking
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Do puppies have summer and winter coats like adult dogs do? Ie would a husky puppy born in summer have thinner fur than a husky puppy born in winter?

I tried googling it but all that comes up are advertisements for dog clothes.

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hey /an/. Don't know if this is the right place to post but here goes. I have a new pup. He's 2 and a half months old. He brought his old habits from his old home. He splashes the water on his bowl with his paws and wets the floor with it. Then he lies down on the wet floor. He gets wet basically. How do I stop him from doing it?

Other info: He's a husky pup and the place I live in has an average temperature of 32 C/90 F.

Why are rhinos so fucking cool?

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It's coolest animal on the earth. Look at those glorious horns and strong bodies. How can other furry mammals even compete?
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My 3 legged cat sniffs loudly a lot. He’s been to the vet, has no breathing problems. Several times a day he’ll start to quickly breathe in and out of his nose loudly and forcefully as if he’s trying to smell
Something, then he stops and returns to normal. He has no other odd behaviors or side effects. Why does he do this?
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Birds are very important
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Poorfag pets

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What's a good pet for a poorfag? I want something that doesn't require a ton of attention and I don't care if I can physically handle it or not. I just want an animal(s) that I can care for so I have something to anchor me to reality when I'm not feeling well.
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