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What's the best apartment dog breed ?

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I'm 22 years old living in a relatively small apartment and wanna buy a dog. What would be the best breed for me and why ?

I have the proper time to care for the dog and take him/her for several walks a day. Always wanted a companion dog. :)
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I'm contemplating buying a Kangal\Anatolian Shepherd. I own my own house, in the UK around medium to small size with a medium to small size garden to couple with.

I've got the money to buy a 4 month pup along with the obvious necessities. I've owned a rottweiler in the past, but the poor fella died of old age a year or two back.

Thoughts? Any anons here have an idea of what living with a Kangal\Anatolian is like?
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Guys what plant is this? My goat was eating this specifically while grazing and overnight died of pains due to bloat. There is a lot of it here in Southern California and I would like to know if it is poisonous or if my goat got unlucky with indigestion. I am worried for my other goats and pigs please help. Exif data still available if you want a specific location.

Getting a new fishtank

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Hey there, a question for any more experienced fish caretakers! I have been looking to upgrade to a big fish tank, something around the dimensions of 23x13x24. If my math is right that should be about 31g. I was looking to put just two fish in there, a South American bumblebee catfish and a figure eight puffer. Would this work? I did a little research myself, and according to this site:

It would but I would like to get some other opinions, as this may not be entirely accurate.

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im a little fucked up right now. so my mother in law got this stupid net thing you put around bird cages to prevent seeds/feathers from going everywhere (she minds the mess they make more than anyone who lives here does) and one of my birds got a nail stuck in it when climbing on the bars. i didnt realize this until i heard a loud peep which i instantly knew meant something was wrong so i rushed to him and saw him all caught up. it was so stuck in there it actually required a fair amount of effort to get it out. for about a good half hour he wouldnt stand on it after, but now he is but i think he is just doing the usual bird faking its ok thing they do. his feet are usually all pink but its bruised looking around his ankle and im worried his leg is actually broken or hes going to have some internal bleeding or something. realistically how worried should i be? he is sitting on his perch and not on the bottom of the cage or anything, but i know how fragile birds are and how good they are at hiding wounds. old pic related, the one who got caught up is the yellow one.
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Veganism is the only logical position regarding animals

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Animals should not be needlessly killed.

Humans are of moral value.
There is no trait absent in animals which if absent in humans would justify the murder/exploitation of that human.
Therefore, we cannot deem animals as not having moral value, thus damning billions of them to lifelong torture and eventual murder.

No, the fact that we eat the animals does not justify murder. Meat is not needed and expensive to farm.

Fight me
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Let's have a thread dedicated to this brave man and in memory of the poor turtle that didn't make it. Thank you Florida man, get well soon. RIP turtle-bro.

>DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Three young men were arrested Tuesday after police said they beat up a Navy veteran who asked them to stop torturing a turtle, according to Daytona Beach police.

>"The one had it over his head and he was smashing it down on the sidewalk," Blough said. "I asked them to please leave it alone, just let it go to the lake."

>One of the men, later identified at Johnnie Beveritt, 18, picked up the turtle and threw it down on the sidewalk; the two other men, Ryan Ponder, 23 and a 16-year-old boy, kicked the turtle toward the apartment building away from the pond

>Blough told police that the turtle was trying to crawl away but was seriously injured and unable to walk.

>"They started hitting the back of my head and started punching me. I was able to fend off a little bit but I mean three of them, got the better of me," he said.

>Blough told police he is a disabled veteran who was seriously injured in the Persian Gulf War. First responders said the victim suffered injuries during the attack including broken skull and facial bones, internal bleeding and a concussion. Police did not know how the injuries would affect him long term.

>Blough's wife set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for his extensive medical expenses. She said Blough will need surgery on his eye after the beating.

>Blough said he hopes the men are punished for what they did and would intervene again, without a doubt.

>"Yeah, I'd do it again and take the beating again if it meant saving that turtle," he said.

>Police found the turtle, dead, floating in the pond in a puddle of blood.

>All three men are charged with aggravated battery and animal cruelty. News 6 is not identifying the 16-year-old.
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So I have a husky and hes a very good doggo and hes about 2 years old. The only problem is that he likes to run away alot and when he runs it takes hours to get him back. We walk him daily but he still likes to run. Its also not like he dosent like us because we treat him well.
Pic related is Spoon, the doggo in question
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I found some mushrooms in my field and wanted to know what kind they were also I can take close pictures or pictures of them in the ground if needed.

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What kind of fish is this? Gift from my mother, she does not either
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