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ITT: Doggomix

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Can anyone tell me the breed of the mother please

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How does one apply for a job collecting deer vaginal secretions?

Please identify

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Hello, I'm struggling to figure out what breed my pomeranians are crossed with and I'm wondering if you can help me.

The shelter received them from a pound so they have no background information. All we know is they were abused and they are about 3. The abuse means that it's hard to describe their behaviour of temperament to you accurately, but I will gladly answer any questions and try to provide other angles if you need them. They are hard to keep still. Ignore the bc, thank you in advance

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Hi, i need help I'm a first time kitten owner and this is my first night with him and he wont stop meowing but doesn't feel comfortable enough for me to pick him up and comfort him. he kinda struggles to get away and runs to his corner. Help!

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Does anyone know how to catch - lure feral cat or stray cat?

I have catnip does it work?

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Tacticool anyone?
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New here

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New to the /an/ thread. what sort of autism can i expect from you furries and aussie-wogs?
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Has it ever been recorded that a giant octopus or octopuses committed tentacle rape?
Because it seems like something as smart and dexterity as an octopus, 8 appendages the first thing youf do is go rape the nearest living thing.
I saw a YouTube where the solve puzzles but they never have videos of octopuses have sex even consentacles with sexy divers.
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