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he is back.
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ITT: /an/ related terms you find strange and/or don't like

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>animal husbandry
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Anyone knows what kind of plant is this?

I was walking with a friend when we stumbled upon this.

We think it may be a Brugmansia Arborea (Floripondio), but we are not sure.

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My mum just phoned me to tell me our dog has stomach cancer and is being put down
They're already going to the vet and I'm an hour away from home

Can't even say goodbye
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What are some plants or animals that use physics or chemistry to their advantage in unique ways? I was thinking of the pistol shrimp (which punches with such a great force, that the water creates vacuum bubbles which collapse and enhance the effect of the punch) or the various bacteria that depend on arsenic or other uncharacteristic substances.
What are some other examples of this? I couldn't find any good article or list online.
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Post feathered dinosaur pics
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cow on a roof
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Weird Animals from the Paleogene and Neogene

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Some of them are so different - yet look kinda familiar
I'll start with Xenokeryx amidalae (strange horn that looks like Amidala)

Wentletrap ecology question

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So I was on Wikipedia in class today and in boredom I decided on looking at venomous cone snails. After getting some knowledge on those, I decided to find out if there are other marine snails that use toxins for predatory purposes. On Wikipedia, it says that some wentletrap species produce a purple anesthetic to subdue prey, but I cannot find other evidence of this anywhere else. If someone could embed a video of a wentletrap using purple stuff to eat, it would be greatly appreciated.

Phobia thread

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Do you have an animal that makes you piss your pants just from looking at it? For me it's the millipede.
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