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Thinking of adopting a cockatiel, any tips and info on them? And how do you convince someone strongly against birds to let one in the family?

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Ok guys, I just got a new puppy and he's adorable

One big problem: after we'd already signed the paperwork, my wife learned that she'll have to start working much longer at her job. This means the little guy (pic related) is going to be alone for a whopping 11 hours a day

My wife's mom will come over to see him sometimes, but not every day

My question is, what can I do to help the poor little guy survive alone for so long each day? Also is there any way to stop him from whine-howling?
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>survived 5 mass extinctions
What's their endgame, lads?
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What the fuck is their problem?
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>vet prescribes liquid medicine to my cat
>tells me shake it well before giving it to him
>10 day medicine
>halfway through and realized I haven't been shaking it before giving it to him
will my cat be okay? i will shake it from here on out but has it been less effective? has it created side effects that could have been prevented from the shaking?
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Webcams and livestreams

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Post cute and cool animal webcams and livestreams.
Saimaa ringed seal is currently chilling on his stone and looking VERY cute.

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What the hell is this thing?
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'Tis the fuckin season, lads.

Within ten minutes I had seven on me. No bites but I drove home in my underwear.

What's the best prevention for dogs these days? One dog already has Lyme despite having had been on Frontline. Does normal bug repellent work for me? Since I don't want them on me either. Is there a human medicine I can swallow that keeps these fucks off me too?
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Can anyone identify this beetle?

We found it on the porch chilling in an ashtray, it doesn't look like it wants to fly out either.

Eastern Tennessee btw, I wanna say its a junebug.