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Dank cat
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Every day until you want one. Im going to post platypuses until all of an wants a puggle for cuddles. Also platypus threads are usually pretty good at both content and mild shitposting so there's that.
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If just one of these was alive right now, would it live until death or would it be possible for it to be killed by a non-human predator?
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Hey /an/
Getting these two ratto boys today, what should their names be?
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How do you defang a tarantula? :^)
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DIY Thread?

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What are some /an/ related things you've made? Not necessarily pet stuff specifically, just any DIY things.

This is my cats' water fountain.
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>SFC Anon paid this cuck $680 for a bull terrior
>no bull terrior
>other soldiers tried checking this guy out
>uses multiple pre paid phones.
>confirm for yourself; please fuck this guy up for not having bull terriors.

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How do I introduce my cat to a new kitten?

She's very territorial, doesn't get along with any of the neighbors' cats. I'm only doing this because my other cat (I adopted them together) has gone missing for a week and it looks like he won't come back, and I'd hate to leave her alone all day.
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