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How do start an exotic pet sanctuary?
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i am in poznań and i saw seagulls here
is it even possible? maybe it was another white bird

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New season of The Grand Tour is great

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Why is this allowed?
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I just passed my vet boards and I'm in a good mood. You've got like 10 or 15 minutes to ask questions /an/
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Where can I find good videos of bug fights?
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How often should you clean a horse's sheath?

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What bug is this?

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Anyone know what kind of insect this is? It's very tiny so sorry about the shitty picture. I first noticed them in my room a few days ago but didn't think anything of it really, but right now I'm just noticing that they're fucking everywhere. On my bed, on my desk, on my camera bag (pictured), even inside around the camera and even between the lens and uv filter. How the fuck did they even get there? I've been googling but I haven't come across what "small white bug" suggests as I don't notice any rash on me. They don't seem to match bed bug pictures at all. I thought maybe dust mites but apparently they aren't supposed to be visible to the naked eye. It seems like an infestation and I want to get rid of them but I'd like to know what kind of bug it is before I start looking into removal methods. I'm in South Texas for location reference.
Again sorry for the shitty picture but even any ideas as to what they are would be appreciated.
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