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Favorite dino

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What was/is your favorite dinosaur?
Personally I like the Triceratops
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>becomes visible in the corner of your eye
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>adopt dog from the shelter even though most of them are from backyard breeders, puppy mills and don't have health checks
>don't adopt from backyard breeders on craigslist because they won't have health checks and will have some horrible disease later in life
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I want to eventually construct a koi pond in my backyard, and I would like to have a turtle to go with it. My only concern is that I live in Maryland, so the turtle cannot be out year round, and I am a little worried about the fish in the pond as well.
Is there really any truth to when I'm told that a pond that is deep enough with enough water flow will keep the fish alive without needing food? Will a turtle stay healthy for the winter inside with a 50 gallon tank, heaters, etc. by a window? And do turtles do well in isolation, meaning do I have to get a play mate for the turtle so it doesn't get depressed?
I also read that turtles may nip at the fins of koi fish, so is a koi pond with turtles even humane in /an/'s opinion?
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ITT: We Live in a World Without Any Other Animals

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which breed has the cutest puppers?

my vote goes to the husky
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Herding dogs in apartments

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I really wants a Border Collie but I live in a small apartment. I've read that you can make it work as long as you take it out like 3 hours a day which sounds kinda crazy.

I'm willing to take it out one hour a day to play fetch, plus more during weekends and even agility classes once a week. Also as long as I'm home with nothing to do I'm willing to play with it, train it, etc.

My apartment is really small so there's really no place for the dog to run in here when it's older, but also I would be moving in 1 year and try to get a bigger place.

What are your experiences with this kind of thing?

Who's that pokemon

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bzz bzz

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I just caught this assassin bug. Should I feed it to my orchid mantis?

Would it actually be able to hurt my mantis?
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