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/an/, I have bantam chickens and a cat. Right now the bantams are contained safely in their coop, and I set up a run for them recently. Today, my cat got her first look at the chickens, and I'm concerned that she's going to start some shit and eat my bantams.

Is there any way I can get the two introduced safely and get them to coexist? I eventually want the bantams to be completely free range, and having the cat nearby to protect them would be a very nice bonus, but I don't want the cat to be a danger to the chickens.
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how many of you are actually going to school for a degree in biology or a related field?
Im going for a degree in an american university for wildlife biology.
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Bird general?

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I couldn't find a birb general to post but I wanted to share this anyway.

My parents have just finished turning their garden sun seat into an aviary for their 2 budgies, because they said it was cruel to keep them in a cage as the younger one was always trying to fly.

Thought it looked pretty good.
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/an/ I need some help. I am currently taking care of a rescue puppy. She's a husky, just under 2 years old. Her previous owner was very abusive, at one point the owner left her chained up to die, before my brother basically stole her to save her.

Unfortunately, she has become a bit of a brat since we kind of spoiled her while nursing her back to health. Mostly in that she will hop up on furniture, regardless of what/who is on it (food, drinks, people, etc.). At one point she ripped open a bottle of motor oil in the backyard. We've tried a squirt bottle, but she ended up liking it. She also tore it to pieces like the oil.
I want her to have some discipline, but not to become another abuser to her.
>What are some non-hitting/bopping discipline techniques that could help?

Any crayfish thread?

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Can animals suffer from autism?
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Is Whale Placenta Not Just Fashionable, But Good For The Health?

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Hello /an/, do you know of any glow in the dark liquids based on water that aren't poisonous/ I want to make firewalks. (they ain't flying anywhere)
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>Named Hermit Crab
>Is actually very sociable, can have complex social interactions with other Hermit Crabs, and stress out from isolation
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