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When elephants have a cold do they get runny noses all they way down their trunk?

If you took a rolling pin and rolled it down the length of its trunk would it squeeze out a trunk-loads worth of elephant snot?

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Found This baby bird and I have no idea where it's parents are at. Anyone know what species this might me? I live in Germany.
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Daily reminder; Can't afford the vet? Don't get the pet.
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Not-vegan enviromentalist

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How can an enviromentalist cannot be vegan when the main cause of the global warming is the animal production?
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Pls help. I have 2 cockatiels and i've had them for well over 4 months. I want them to know im not a threat or something. They keep opening up their beaks as if they wanna bite my finger or avoid me whenever i want them to maybe go on my finger. How do i do so?

Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Spices

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Hey guy I'm doing an /an/ style comic in which the characters have human bodies but vegetable, fruit, spice or herb heads.

Apart from that I just think they look neat.

Can we get a thread of nice pics/art of veggies and fruit?
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I don't know where else to post, but my cat suddenly stopped eating what do i do?
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9 Ft shark eaten by unknown creature

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Something unknown ate a 9 ft great white. Was it eaten by an even bigger cannibalistic great white? What are people's theories on this?
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My friend’s cat got pregnant (the cat waltzed into her life while pregnant, got spayed afterwards) and recently gave birth to six kittens. They’re only 5 weeks old, so I’ll be getting one in two months.

Name ideas?
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