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Is baby elephant sex-trafficking was a thing, would you /an/?
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How far would you go?

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if someone murdered your dog?
Personally Id go full john wick until the murderer was dead.
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mah birbs <3

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>Found crow bro in yard
>Wing doesn't particularly feel broken or swollen, but he can't seem to fly higher than 6 in. Good hopper though
>Offer water and boiled egg, not interested. Probably in a bit of shock
>Reared chickens before but not this
>Inside so stray cats don't claim him

What should I do?

Last worry might not be legitimate as he has nipped each of my two cats and two dogs and they're terrified of him.
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Everytime my cat does this he gets a pink boner
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What's up /A/, I got a question.

So recently my older sister left her dog with us (Bull Terrier) because she's going on vacation, and the dog barks from 6 am-11 pm whenever he is here. I noticed his voice get raspy from barking, but now he just can't bark anymore from over using his vocal chords. This makes me happy as shit because I don't have a head ache anymore, but as a dog owner myself (Bo, some sort of mix but has cute as fuck and behaves very well) I can't just let that pass and not take precautions to make sure he doesn't die. Is there anything serious that could happen with him messing up his vocal chords? Or can we wait till my sister is back? (7 days from now)

Here's a picture of Bo holding his favorite bone as a thanks.

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Look at this boy
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Is shredded up paper an ok substitute for rat bedding?
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This is the Dalmatian, the most iconic dog in the world.
Say something nice about them!
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Are ferrets smart enough to bond to their owner? Why do people own them if they're just dumb and messy?
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