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Dog breeds you hate.

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So, since there's a lot of dog breeds, let's go over the ones you hate! You can hate them for any reason.
Here's mine:
>Health issues (mostly breathing difficulties)
>Look like they got hit in the face with a frying pan
>Breeding these should be illegal to stop their suffering

>God what in the fuck? They look horrific
>They look like they're in constant pain
>Why in fuck would you breed something to look like that?

English Bull Terrier
>That snout
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Cute bird

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feeding thread? feeding thread. I like to watch animals eat other animals, it soothes my autism. Post best (most brutal) feedings like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmwC9HzcWbQ

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In burgerland, is it legal to kill someones pet if it is currently trying to kill your pet? I know you are within the law to destroy private property if it is posing immediate danger to you or someone else, but I don't know if it applies to your property (pet) as well.
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>"Hey buddy you gonna eat that?"
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>German dogs are superior in every aspect to every other dog
prove me wrong.
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/fungi/ General

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/fungi/: The Fungus General - Fungus Amongus Edition

Where you can post about fungi to your hearts' desire!

Identification posts are encouraged, but please make it easy on the identifiers by taking some specific photos:
>Photo of mushroom unpicked, in it's habitat
>In focus photo of the gills and stem
>Detailed photo of the cap texture and any other notable features
>Your region and local, nation/country/state/principality, as detailed as you feel comfortable.

General fungi questions and thoughts are encouraged!
For a quick guide on easy mushroom cultivation, refer to this:
Ask any questions it brings up within the thread. The topic of cultivation is encouraged
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Gigantopithecus Discussion Thread

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Hey /an

I was wondering, since all we have of Gigantopithecus are teeth and jawbones, what do you think their skeletons looked like as a whole?

I'm curious if they were stocky (despite their immense height) and densely muscled, or if they had long slender limbs that were still powerful (given their size).

So what do you guys think? Did they look like the pic included? And do you think we may one day find an entire skeleton?
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I'm gonna have to put my cat down

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This is Essie Cat. I love her very much.

The other day she went out and tore both her Achilles' Heels. The vet said surgery will be $5k.

We can't really afford that. I started a Go Fund me and it's raised like $1.5k from some friends and family.... but even if by some miracle we get the money together, is it humane to do the surgery? We were told she'll need to be locked up in our spare bedroom with absolutely nothing she could potentially jump on. It might not even heal her.

Is putting her down the right thing to do? She's perfectly healthy otherwise.

I'm so torn up.
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