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why they're so mad all the time?

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Hello /an/, could anyone help me find out exactly where the thyroid gland is located in the perch or Perca fluviatilis? I figure it should be along the pharynx?
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Cat toys that aren't intended to be cat toys

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My cat loves playing with these little suction cup things that came with my glass desk. She plays with them for hours and places them in her food bowl when she's done. She also loves to play fetch with them; she'll drop it on my desk, I'll flick it across the room, and she'll run after it then bring it back up to the desk for another go.

The cat has never been so enthusiastic over the dozens of toys I have bought for her. Nothing lives up to these suction cups.
What random stuff do you have in your house that the cat has claimed as a toy?
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Crate Training

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So I've been reading about crate training. To be honest I still don't really understand how this works... Basically you leave your dog crated while you're away?
Lets say I'm not at home for 8 hours a day. I can train the dog to "like" being locked up in a crate for that long?
Sounds good because they don't get to destroy your house and potentially even harming themselves or eat something they're not supposed to, but I have a hard time convincing myself that it's not cruel.
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Best dog food to feed dog?

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I have a 40 lb Jack Russel mix mutt dog. I don't know the exact breed, that's the best I can describe it.

What's the best dog food I can feed her? I've been feeding her Pedigree canned dog food, but she's getting where she won't eat it without waiting until she's really hungry.

Pic unrelated, don't have many images on this PC.

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Can anyone tell me what kind of kitten this is?

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Is wanting to fuck a dinosaur bestiality?
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Is a pupper a bad /biz/ decision just moved into a house with a fence and kind of want a pupper but don't even know how to go about training them, what are costs on having one?
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cat faces

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no cat faces thread
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