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Do pigs actually eat oats?
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I have a cat that keeps attacking our 15 year old house cat.

My cat has been developing all kinds of problems ever since it arrived. She is terrified of going outside and does her business in the attic. Anytime she goes outside, she ends up badly injured. Recently, her ears were bitten and bleeding out and her claws were damaged. We nearly had to amputate her tail because the cat bit straight into it during a fight. The bone has been limped but now its doing a bit better. She's also after developing asthma and has gotten very irritable during the mornings and night because she is afraid of going out.

The opposing cat is so creepy as well. I've seen it handing outside the house in the middle of the night, right outside our door. There was one occasion where it even managed to sneak into our bathroom window and just stared at the door of my room (where my cat sleeps). And even more, there have been occasions where I would look out my window before heading asleep and would see the cat sitting in the middle of the road, just staring right at me. Its fucking freaky.

I genuinely consider this cat a god damm threat and wouldn't hesitate to kill it because its turned into a real fucking nuisance. I'm unsure if its owners like the cat or not however, as the cat seems to always try and mark its territory around our home.
I really want to do something but I know I could get into a lot of trouble if I went for the final solution.
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Sup /an/, just got a 3 month old kitten from the pound a few days ago, pic related. I have a 16 year old cat that doesn't like other cats but won't care as long as he's left alone. He hisses at the kitten if he gets too close which is what I was expecting and is fine around people otherwise.

My other 1 year old on the other hand hates the kitten, me, and everything around him. He hides and hisses and swipes if you get too close and growls even if you look at him. I haven't experienced this with a cat. It's only been a few days but is this normal? He's so nasty I'm wondering when he'll come back around.

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Animals in costumes
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What are your thoughts on bengal cats? I'm thinkning of getting one.
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Any veterinarians in here?

i got a problem, my second cat has been in heat for the last month, the other one had a heat period of about one week and we got it neutered.

wat do?
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I witnessed the murder of a mouse today
>in school
>class as normal
>suddenly a girl screams
>everybody turns their heads to see what's wrong
>teacher runs over to ask what's the problem
>girl shouts MOUSE ITS A MOUSE
>fucking mouse running around lost
>its a tiny forest mouse
>everybody freaks out
>I know they will try to harm her
>tell teacher we should catch it and release it to the forest which is RIGHT NEXT THE FUCKING SCHOOL
>another girl hears and shouts to kill her instead
>classmates join it ranting to kill it
>edgy kid trying to impress the girl tries throwing a book at her
>she runs
>yell at him to stop
>teacher tells him to stop
>he throws a big textbook at her
>she gets injured
>teacher tells him to leave the class
>we eventually carry her to the forest, but shes too injured to move
>mfw she's destined to die

Should I go back to put her out of her misery? Im worried ants will swarm her. It's 10pm now.
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post weird cattos (pic related)
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