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Human Thread

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Can we have a human thread to appreciate how cool and awesome these guys have the potential to be?
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The Daily Winston

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Baby cuttlefish

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How can I get my dog to look more like this?
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Friendliest deer

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This is Bucko! He’s an incredibly friendly deer that stops by my yard every few days to eat corn & other goodies I leave out for him.

What is this fish?

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Currently in the Maldives and I saw this little guy (next to the black one) Its colors are similar to those of the lionfish but it’s a lot smaller and kept moving around. I’ve never seen it before and I can’t find it in any guide. Frankly I’m not even 100% it’s a fish, maybe a snail?
More terrible photos in the next posts
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Epic Mountain Survival Thread

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What are some good supplies to bring and tips to stay well up on the mountains?

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I took my young cat to the vet and stupidly let it run around the examination room. Now he's sick and throwing up + diarrhea. Should i be worried?
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