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Somewhere under the rainbow

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stands a wonderful muskox

- Cape Krusenstern National Monument, Alaska

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Why aren't super smart corvids like ravens kept as pets in favor of parrots? Is it just because they're less pretty to look at?
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The Daily Winston

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is there anything i can realistically do about this little spic mutt that barks every morning for the whole duration it's outside (about 20 minutes)

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Does /an/ like seahorseys?

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Was it love at first sight?
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What the fuck is this plant?

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I went to Baja to a friends house and saw this Demonic plant in his backyard near his 6 meter Cactus.

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/guinea pigs/

Should i adopt these fuckers? I got two of them to a animal shelter since i found them in a bush and i got first rights to adopt. Dont know if im right for it though. I work 8h a day 5 days a week and dont get home til like 5 pm. Note that i do really like them, just want the best for them even if it means i dont get to have them.
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