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What do we do about this?
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Dogs as prey

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post videos/pics of dog being killed for food.

Bedbug Cannibalism

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This is my jar of bedbugs I've picked off my bed the past year. I don't want to tell my mom I have bedbugs because:
1)she will get pissed at me
2)I don't want an exterminator to kill them
3)I'm lazy and don't want to have to move/clean everything for an exterminator.
I am going to dump the jar somewhere secluded soon because I'm worried they might be cannibalizing each other. How likely does /an/ think that would be?
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>Take dogs out for night walk
>One of them refuses to shit
>Well, okay I guess she didn't eat that much today and pooped twice earlier
>Put her in crate for the night and go to bed
>Wake up to a rancid stench
>Liquid shit and smooshed up poo all in her cage
>Clean her up in the shower
>Other dog decides to shit in the kitchen cause why the fuck not, ripe smell of liquid doodoo permeating the air


/S&S/ Smashed and Slammed

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Post smashed and/or slammed animals.
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>dogs are doggos
>cats are cates
>seals are waterdoggos
>birds are birbs
What are foxes?
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Anyone indoor grow here?

I want to run this for 12 hours a day; do I need an exhaust fan or is leaving the door open a bit enough? It's chilis so I want the soil temperature at least 20C but not over 25

How do I into nature?

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/lit/fag here. Can anyone rec me some good introductory nature books? I'm interested in birds, trees, and geology.

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My friend found this in his apartment building, looks like a black witch moth but he lives in Ohio. Can anyone help identify?

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post animal genitals

and don't ask why please
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