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Moth spotting

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Hello /an/, It's beginning to get close to the time when Luna moths start breeding around where I live.

I've never seen one of these moths before IRL even though they're one of my favourite insects.

I want to try and see a few in the woods in late may or early june when they're at their prime. I heard that they like birch trees to sit on best.
Is there anything else I can do to ensure a better chance at spotting one of these moths besides maybe getting a light near a birch tree to attract them?

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What type of animal is this
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Tasty Bug

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Can tasty bug have a taste?

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Is this dude okay? I got him from a weird ass pet store a while ago and it closed down recently
I did some research and I think he's got a calcium deficiency
(I'm gonna change the water) but as you can see there's dirt in the. He's active but so are the crickets.
This guy sometimes doesn't eat them.

You can see the cap with calcium but he doesn't even lap it up it doesn't seem. How do I force feed this dude some calcium?
Sometimes he won't eat the crickets or mealworms with calcium on them.

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General flower thread: post pics and/or videos of flowers now that it's pollination time. I'll post some fresh pics that I took today to help some to the thread to continue and you post more. Bonus points for HQ pics ^^
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My Dog is going to get put down today. He's 19 this month.

Can you guys post some cute shit to cheer me up?
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Post things that make you go REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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I've been having to put off feeding my wild birds for this past winter because of money issues but I recovered and I finally cleaned and refilled my feeders and now there is an entire flock of dark eyed juncos feeding regularly every day. I love these little guys.
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can we Dox these faggts
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What is comparatively the best breed of big dog?