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Why No Temperate Apes?

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Why are the great apes restricted to the tropics? Excluding the genus Homo, of course.
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should i get my pup a friend? I'm always so sad when i leave my pupper alone when i leave for work so i started taking her to a doggy daycare where she can run around wih other dogs, but when i go to pick her up she's always at the fence waiting for me. When I asked a staff about it they say that she does that all day. Do you think she'd be better off with a friend. Are two dogs really twice the work and money? Pic is of dogget, the name's Chocolate.

Housing two snakes in one tank

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Hey an, I'm a little worried. I was at Pet Smart picking up some chicken feed and a Halloween costume and they were having a huge buy one get one free sale on the dwarf hamsters and snakes.
There was two baby ball pythons in a tank together and an adult banana python and ball python in another tank and two corn snakes together.

Is this safe? I thought snakes were prone to cannibalize each other.

>pic unrelated
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Why do people bring animals to vets other than dogs or livestock? Treating literally any other kind of pet seems really simple.

Problem: My Guinea Pig has a respiratory infection!
Cure: Get a new fucking Guinea Pig

Problem: My rabbit has pink eye!
Cure: Get a new fucking rabbit

Problem: My gerbil has irritated skin!
Cure: Get a new fucking gerbil

Problem: My Gecko is bleeding!
Cure: Get a new fucking Gecko
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What is your favorite dinosaur?

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I gotta go with the classic
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Anyone here into beekeeping? I'm going to start soon and would like some tips.

How do you really start, is my question.
I have the boxes and equipment ready, but need to know some things.
Do you start with just a queen? Does she build it all from scratch (per se)?

I have a breeder that will sell me a fertilized queen. Do I need anything else?

Thank you, 4chins
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With the 4chan Summer cup over and /an/ taking third place, it is time for the team to have a sit down and decide which players will represent /an/ in next year's cup. The next cup that the team will be participating in is the Winter 2018 Cup

More information about the Cup and the /an/ team can be found here:
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Shiba Inu's have the perfect temperament for me but I don't want doge fags walking up to me being retards and making me cringe, are there any alternate dogs with a similar temperament?
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What type of chihuahua is this?

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Is it a minitoy?
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