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Look at this stupid face and laugh!

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What do you think of servals? I had no idea this animal even existed until yesterday but apparently people keep them as pets.

Here's a video I found. I think this one is really cute:
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Dog Family Ties

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Hey, an,

I adopted a 4 month old puppy and everything's great. I'm just curious about something.
My eldest dog went through a false pregnancy recently after her spay and ever since has displayed motherly behavior toward the pup. The pup, having been abandoned/taken too early, eats it up because she loves the attention.
So my question is simply, do these two or dogs in general, have any concept when they are or are not related?
Pic related

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Do I have bedbugs? Found this little guy when I woke up today. Doesn't really look like a bedbug to me but I wanted a second opinion
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What do my dogs say??

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Hi! my girl took this picture and we wondered what our dogs might be saying or thinking. What ideas do you got?? The dog giving me a paw is Morena, and the dog looking at the camera is Chiqui. Thx!!!
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How do get rid off of the alpha/beta wolf theory?
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Euthanasia of animals in the meat industry.

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Why does nobody use potassium chloride (KCl) to instantaneous stop an animals heart?

It is extremely cheap and as safe to eat as table salt, but when a tiny amount is injected it causes cardiac arrest.
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Who is your favorite race horse?

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Is Euarchonta no longer a thing? Apparently Wikipedia changed her mind and now lists Scadentia as basal Glires instead.