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Why we can't just kill impure wolves and stray dogs?
Impure wolves are just causing damage (killing chickens,pigs and hunting dogs) and they are growing more and more.
stray dogs are breeding with the wolves thus generating impure wolves.
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Do waterfowl have the cutest of all baby birds? I find ducklings, goslings and cygnets tucking adorable while other baby birds are kinda ugly to me until they get feathers. The only thing that come anywhere close are baby parrots.
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MY FUCKING HUSKY KEEPS FUCKING RUNNING AWAY, He literally makes fucking holes in seconds in my fence and fucks off and i ahve to run away after him because eithe he gets killed or he kills someone. Because of this he has to be closed for a good part of the day BUT HE IS FUCKING OUT FOR 2 OR 3 HOURS A DAY RUNNING AND PLAYING WITH ME BUT STILL THROUGHT THE FUCKING DAY He cries or wooofs or whatever you wanna call it. What the fuck do i do, i am considering giving him to another family, i am considering giving away my loved puppy (well he is 4 years old) because i cant keep up with it, my day when i had a job was 8 hours of job + commute + playing with him for an hour or two,shits fucking impossible . Somebody please help me
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Outside cat

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So I have a cat that lives on my porch. It’s not a pet, but it is friendly to me. I give him some food and he deals with my mole problem.

Anyway, today it’s pretty cold out, so I went out to give him some extra food, but when I opened the door he ran in my house. Now I can’t find him. How do I get this cunt back outside?
>inb4 just let it stay
Again, it’s not a pet. It’s tame enough to let me scratch a few times, but has spent its life as an outdoor wild cat.


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post cute aesthetic nice cats pls i beg pls
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Photos of funny cats thread

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What did my ferret mean by this?
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Who was in the wrong here?
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How do i get rid of rats? I shit you not, these are some sort of super rats that have infested my house. They can squeeze through the tiniest spaces, eat my food, chew wires.

I've had this problem for months now. Ive tried rat traps, none of them work. I even bought a cat, but she never manages to catch them. And I specifically bought her for the rats. What do I do?

I thought it was only one rat. One night I found it in my room- that was the last straw. I practically pounced on it. It bit me deep and I didn't even care, I was elated. But a few days ago, I saw another one. I'm convinced there's a whole family hiding somewhere. I've called the exterminator and he wasn't able to find them, he recommended me tearing down my walls.

I've just built this new house, so funds are low. I can't really do that, please help.

Pic fucking unrelated, I dont want the demons to invade my laptop too. I wont download a fucking rat pic
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