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The Great Debate
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Why do you people like this faggy scavenger anyways?
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Which country has the most boring animals?
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Help identifying plants

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Just bought these little guys so I'm trying to find out the proper way to take care of them. I know one of them is a cotyledon tomentosa a.k.a. "bear paw" but I'm don't really know the rest
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Why the fuck do catfags always justify and excuse their cats' bad behavior and blame the victims of their aggression? Why do they justify bad behavior even when it's done to them? Why do they let an animal literally bite the hand that feeds them and get away with it?

What's the point of having a pet that you can only interact with on their terms? You have all the expenses and hassle of taking care of a living thing but none of the supposed benefits. Is the toxo meme real or is something else going on? Genuinely curious, only shitbull owners are similar in their psychology.
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There is literally no fucking way this thing is real.
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I might have killed my dog, my best friend, or at least caused him a lot of pain. There was a small cyst on his back that I just wouldn't leave alone, and it got infected. He's been on antibiotics since Friday but it's not getting better and I'm taking him back to the vet today.

What the fuck have I done? How should I kill myself if something worse happens to him?
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