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Why are cats always so playful and energetic after taking a dump?
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Post what you got.
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What is this fruit that's growing from my neighbor's tree? I'm in Los Angeles btw.

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Which country has the most terrifying wildlife?
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Outdoor cat problems

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For weeks, asshole cats have been waking me up with some seriously vicious fighting in the yard. They're not fucking. They're having territorial battles. When I do feel like getting up and going out there, the victor is sitting there smugly, running off when I get close.

I'm not going to try kill them, but fuck these assholes. I am the apex predator. This is my territory. I have started inducing ketosis and saving my intensely strong urine in 1 gallon piss jugs. I will pour it all around the perimeter of my yard, and the next time I catch a smug asshole I am throwing my alpha piss right in its face. I will update with results if anything happens.

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Most Cats dislike water,because when all the fur gets wet they start feeling heavy and less agile right?
Then how do Sphynx cats feel about getting wet?
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I went outside on my trip to peru , and gound a cat in the park, took a photo for you guys to see
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are mosquitos evolving?

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male mosquitos live about 10 days while female live 42-56. surely during this time many are swatted or die by other means. given this quick rate of life and death of being swatted you would think that Darwin's evolution must be taking place favoring those stronger mosquitos surviving swatting right? will mosquitos soon become invincible?
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Shitty Owner Stories

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Hey /an/

Tell me about people you know who have absolutely no fucking business owning pets.

I did work for a Bull Terrier rescue for a bit. As you can imagine it's extremely hard to find fosters and homes for Bull Terriers as they carry the Bully stigma and are known to be animal-aggressive.

We tried to balance making sure we had enough fosters with proper vetting of the fosters, but some people lied or were too stupid to follow our instructions and they always suffered for it.

We had one guy who was extremely gung-ho about fostering, wanted to foster and possibly adopt. Not a common occurrence for us and he seemed financially/mentally stable so we let him foster a bully that was coming out of the hospital.

We told him in no uncertain terms: This animal is in pain after surgery. This animal is not friendly to other animals. This animal is territorial. Keep him in one reasonably sized area where he can be contained and observe his behavior. Talk to us before doing anything else.

A day or so later we get a call from his wife. As soon as he got home with the Bully from the vet he let it loose in his house. It decided his young daughter's bedroom was now his territory, jumped on the bed, and growled at his daughter. He decided the best course of action was to try to grab the dog and throw it off the bed.

Guess who no longer has feeling in most of his left arm after getting fucking mauled?
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Hey /an/, I got a bird feeder recently. The thing is I have 3 cats and I want to set the feeder in such a way to avoid the cats from fucking up these birds. What are some good ways to feed the birds around me while avoiding predation by the cats?
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