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What are some extreme examples of evolution?
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So, I'm getting ants crawling up my wall every now and then and I've started forming an ant graveyard on it. Idk where else to ask but how do I stop these rapscallions? Ive plugged up every hole in my wall and theres no food in here its completely clean. Ive tried the tricks to leave food out to make them form a line and see where theyre coming from but all i get is a big dogpile on the food, and no clear line to their source..

How do I stop the ant menace?

Should i get a bird?

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Like a parrot (i heard they can live for 70 years), the only questions i have is can: you pet it?
Honestly i just want a bird because they live so long, i lost my dog and i want another animal but i don't want to experience that anytime soon again.

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Let's talk about declawing. Also general cat thread. If anyone has some anecdotal evidence about declawed cats, I'd love to hear them. Is it true that cats are friendlier after being declawed? The AMA stated that cats are more friendly with their owners after a declaw, but looking at it logically that doesn't make any fucking sense.

Quick poll on declawing cats
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morel mushrooms

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Hows the hunting going?
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So is this a meme or does using this while cleaning actually turns away bugs?
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Yo, what the fuck is this, mississippibros?
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Name Me

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First post with quads names dog.
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If Ligers existed in the wild, do you think they would hunt in packs like their paternal species (lion) or solitary like their maternal species (tiger)?
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