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hey, /an/, i am trying to figure out this mix, something with collie?

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What's your favorite animal and why is it the possum?

>rawr xd
>nice chomps
>immune to rabies because it's already filled to the brim with rage
>eats disease for breakfast
>buffed against snakes
>can be pets
>have skull faces to pose as cats with costumes during Halloween
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Gpig co-habitation

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My wife has a single male guinea pig who is about 3 years old we believe. we need to get him a friend but he didnt come with another and were at a loss on whether to put him with another male or female, we have no intention of breeding, in fact id like not to. After having asked several sources we keep getting conflicting info on how to proceed, help me bros, I hate seeing him all alone.

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What's up with my cats eye?
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How do you prevent your pets from escaping through the door when you come home and open your door?
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We all love animals here!
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Try and look up the video of an African bullfrog caring for its tadpoles by David Attenborough and making sure they survive. you cant! I watched the video all the time and now it is gone. The jews are trying to corrupt us!!! By destroying the natural male position of guardian and projecting their soyboy fgy way of thinking.

my cats

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My cats

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I had to put my cat down today.. cost 200 bucks and I lost a friend.. can we have a cat thread to cheer me up?
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Any other amateur pet chiropractors here? I've been cracking my cats spine daily and she really seems to enjoy it.

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