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Found this on the beach years ago. Near Boston, MA. Can anyone identify what it could have come from?

Furniture quality grow cabinets for display

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Do they exist? Dr. Google seems to only want to prescribe closet systems for growing pot. I grow Nepenthes & some orchids with limited space, & would like a couple bookshelf/China hutch-sized self-contained grow cabinets that will actually show off the contents, instead of keep them hidden. Do these even exist?
Otherwise, cool plant general, I guess.

Color variant animals

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Albinos, leucistics, melanistics etc
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how to make cat enter home via kot-doors? he can leave home via kot doors but cannot return via kot doors
is he retarded?
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sad cat meme

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new content highly appreciated
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flat friends

Why is he always angry?

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>start learning about a super cool animal
>is currently being poached into near extinction for a traditional Asian/African remedy

Does this make anyone else rage?
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We know that arachnids like slugs and snails have 8 legs, and that insects like scorpions and black window spiders have 6 legs, but what are bugs with one slimy leg like moths and ladybugs called?
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Animal related music thread

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So what are your favorite songs that are themed around animals?
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