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My cat is in heat
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BIRD GENERAL THREAD #1: let's start counting the threads edition!
All things birds, from pets to wild birbs. Old thread was dead, figured I'd make a new one.
Previous >2447741
>DIY bird cages

>Bird ID

>Buy birds

>Very basic pet bird care

Last but not least
>Found baby bird, wat do?

>Discord link goes to #birb
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What are some fun things you can do with a horse?
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is there any dating website for wildlife lovers?
t. european kissless virgin

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Im having a very hard time deciding what reptile I should get Im very torn between a Leopard Gecko or a Ball Python. I was also considering a Blue Tongue Skink but they are a quite a bit more expensive to buy. Are there any owners here that can help with my decision?
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I found the world's smallest centipede in my bathroom

I refused to kill it. Would you have killed it?
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A lot of the bias against raw food seems to be stemming from the fact that kibble is extremely profitable. However, many raw feeders seem like hippies and whatnot. Are there any non biased readings I can do on raw vs kibble diet for dogs?
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First pet ostrich

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Hey, guys. I fucking love non-parrot/corvid birds.
I've owned chickens and pigeons before, but I can't stop thinking about ostriches.
I have a whole incubation room that stays around 85 degrees year round that I raised my chickens in and a fair bit of land. My back yard has brick all around it about 6 feet tall and is fairly large with a huge awning. I've checked local laws and restrictions involving ostriches and I'm fairly certain I'm in the clear.

The problem is I've been having trouble finding ostrich related care guides and websites.
I was wondering if any of you kind folks had any experience with raising/farming/owning ostriches or if any of you could point me in the right direction resource wise.
I'm sure it'll be a while until I'm prepared to raise a baby ostrich, but I'm dead set on having one within the next 2 years.

TLDR; Red pill me on owning ostriches.
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Do chickens and/or ducks make good pets?

Bug identification

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Any idea what this bug Is? Bastard flew into my house and I managed to kill it after an ordeal (was chilling on the light fixture on the ceiling). I thought it was a male mosquito at first but it looks sort if like a weird cross between a wasp and a butterfly.

Pls respond