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found this lil' fella today, i know its some sort of ladybird but i've never seen such a beautiful design

I found this under my shirt while in bed this morning

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Is this a bedbug? At first I thought so but the vertical ridges on the back instead of horizontal are making me question that judgement. And if it isn't then what is it and is it a problem?

Bunny thread

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My bunny has turned 12 today :)

I hope my friend still has a few good years in front of him.

Pic related, it's him.

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Fuck whichever one of you told me I should leave my dog in the freezer when I go on vacation because it'll go into hibernation and wake up when I come back from my vacation. It doesn't fucking work.

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What are wolves' problem?
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I was wondering what breed this dog was

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I found this dog on craigslist, I was wanting to buy it but I wanted to know the breed, the age is unknown but he's older then 5 months old
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What organization is genuinely pro animal? If I wanted to leave all my inheritance for animals, what should I donate to?
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Oh Shit, is it Caturday already?
>Better post your best cat Pics and memes!
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korea shit

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in seoul
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>Invented farming
>Invented slavery
>Invented warfare
>Invented complex hive structure
>All done millions of years ago while humans were just apes throwing poop at each other

Are ants the smartest beings in existence?
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