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>OMG my precious baby just snapped I have NO idea why this happened!!
>facebook com/MTV/videos/1664498156919536/
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Weird Animals from the Paleogene and Neogene

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Some of them are so different - yet look kinda familiar
I'll start with Xenokeryx amidalae (strange horn that looks like Amidala)

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Rate my Pupper :)
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What is this
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Can you keep a beehive behind your house and just leave it alone, not bother taking honey or whatever, just have it as a place for bees to chill because they're good for flowers and trees?
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Help me cope, /an/

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>be me ten years ago
>Two quasi-stray cats go in and out of our house constantly
>One of the cats knocks up the other cat, and it gives birth in our bathroom
>We take care of the resulting kittens and give all but two to the cats' legal owners across the street
>Name our cats Fluffball and Mischief
>A few years later, Mischief disappears, probably eaten by coyotes
>Fluffball stays with us, being the beautiful, greedy little shit he is
>But it didn't last forever
>Three days ago he stops eating and drinking, and starts losing his balance
>I try and make him drink water and pet him so he feels a little better
>Doesn't work
>Take him to the vet
>He's fucked. He's really dehydrated, his muscles are atrophied and his internal temp is low.
>He probably has kidney disease or diabetes, which would only lead him to suffer while we pay thousands of dollars my family doesn't have
>Despite me wanting to help him get better, vet and mom help me realize he's not going to get better.
>We get a good long time to say good bye, and with the blanket they give him, he's not cold anymore.
>The vet comes in with the three needles and I pet him the way he loved as it's done

I had him for 10 years. I couldn't have asked for a better cat.
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ITT: Underrated animals
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Well kangooroos should jump after all
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>dog looks a bit like pic related
>hear random dude in the street say "wow is that a rednose pitbull?"