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Does anyone know what predates on these things? Or on black widow/redback type spiders.
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How did you discover this magical board? What kept you here?

Separation Anxiety

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Pic related is my girlfriend’s 6 month old miniature golden doodle. She’s in grad school right now and has to leave him at home when she goes to class (not more than 4 hours at a time).
He gets enough exercise, he doesn’t chew on shit or mark in the house, he’s gentle with kids and other dogs, never barks, all in all a great dog until you have to leave him for more than 5 minutes.
When he’s left alone he barks like crazy and chews on his kennel door trying to get out. Sometimes he’ll shit in his kennel and eat it. He’s a great dog except for separation anxiety.
What should we do? She gives him a kong full of frozen pb every time she leaves to try to distract him. When she comes home and let’s him out she ignores him for 20 minutes so he doesn’t get too riled up. All of the trainers in our area are bullshit “show him who’s alpha of the pack” types and that’s not the issue. The only certified animal behaviorists are 2-4 hours away. What should we do?
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Something is wrong with my pet snail.
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weaponized animals

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What are examples of animals used of weapons through history you really like?

Would you accept practices of military breeding?
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This fucker is in my chair and I don't know what to do or what he wants!
What does he want /an/?
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A cat that lives in my neighborhood has killed two birds in my yard in the last week. I saw it kill both. I have a bunch of feeders and a birdbath. I've chased it away every morning when I see it but it often will hide under my deck or get away - then I have to leave for work so who knows if it comes back and kills more.

I don't know who's cat it is but it has tags. It's really pissing me off - why the fuck is it just allowed to go anywhere?

What can I do to keep it away or scare it off? I'm really fucking angry. I thought about shooting with airsoft but don't want to hurt it if it is a neighbor's pet.

What do I do?
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How much do I have to be able to bench press to beat a gorilla in a fight?
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My dogs sheds a lot in the spring, anyone ever have any luck with curbing shedding with your dogs? I'm using anti-shedding shampoo and conditioner in their weekly baths.
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>Be me
>Go to goodwill to look for anything cool to buy
>get a few dog books
>start walking and browsing the rest of the store
>walk by a random aisle and notice some old chew toys
>chew toys still have bite marks from a previous dog
>tfw this toy was once owned by a dog and was probably the happiest dog within that moment of chewing that toy
>tfw the toy was just left scattered with random items deserted collecting dust