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My dogs' water bowl is a bitch to clean. It's a Drinkwell Bigdog automatic water bowl, so it has a little engine that circulates water, and that means it has a whole fucking lot of little corners and deep places that are nearly impossible to reach with just a dish scrubber. Anyone else have a similar issue? Can anyone recommend a scrubber that can get into the tight corners or down into the recesses?

Also, pet care hardware general to keep this thread from being a single question.
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Just how powerful is the Canada goose?
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Why do they want to revive the mammoth so much?
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Why do kittens meow so much?
I've had this guy for about 4 weeks, and he meows at me every time I say something.

Does he just like communicating with me or could there be an issue with him that I should get checked?
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Spayed cat

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A few hours ago my cat got spayed. Now she's doing this thing where she sticks her tongue out constantly (not licking her lips, just sticking it out as if she had a bad taste in her mouth). Could it be dehydration? She's still pretty shaken and doesn't want water
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Will our ears ever grow pointed/spiky.
Works with thoughts too. Euclidean geometry.

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If your cat was given the ability to talk, what would they say about you?
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