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/O U R G U Y/

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you know the ksss ksss and click like sounds you do to cats to get their attention

is there anything similar to dogs?
>pic unrelated

What dog breed would /an/ recommand for a first dog owner ?

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I live in an shitty neighbourhood (noguns chavs), and I'm going to leave the nest. In a few years my brother is probably also going to leave. So I thought a guard dog to protect my mum would be a good idea (my 12 yo cat is also going to leave us in a few years, and I don't want to leave her alone).
But we never had a dog, and most "guard dog" breeds (GSD, Doberman, Rottweiler...) are unadvised for first dog owners. My grandma had a Skye terrier mutt when my mother was a child. That's it, and it was actually enough to intimidate weirdos and kill rodents. But my grandma was a farm girl who knew how to train a dog.

What breed could be used as guard dog, live in a flat (forget Brittanies and Jack Russell Terriers), and is not more complicated to groom than the average shorthaired stray cat ? It's a small flat, so Great Dane and Mastiffs are not the best choices (would require to give it its own room, wouldn't prefer).

Any ideas /an/ ?
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Which country has the most terrifying wildlife?
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There's a stray cat stuck on my neighbor's roof, what should I do?

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Anyone else a fan of Frida? Where can I buy some merch?
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about raccoons i sniffed its poop today trying to figure out if it was actually poop or some kind of something idk.

anyways, apparently roundworm can be ingested through the air because of the eggs in the racoon poop

i dont want to die and this happened today
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Animal Testing

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I need photos and videos of animal testing for cosmetics and what not. It’s for a project.
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What dog breeds get along with cats the most?