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*fragments your habitat*
Is veganism really better for the planet if it means more development just to produce protein?
You CAN make a wildlife friendly cattle fence, but development just takes from already diminishing natural habitats. You can't share the range with crops and wildlife like you can cattle imo
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Help me identify this caterpillar

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Do you know it? Can you help me to identify the species?

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ITT: Animals with anime or anime related objects
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huge leech!
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Dinosaurs with feathers: Yay or Nay?
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What are the best movies/documentary about animals and nature?
Bonus point if it's about the ocean and in HD
Ps: the humpback whale is my favourite cetacean
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I m about to get male rottweiler

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any tip?
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I keep finding these Fucking things on my floor at night.
Any clues what the hell they are?
They are some kinda larva..
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What the FUCK is THAT?
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Have you seen Okja? Not gonna lie, it made me cry.
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