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Can penguins fly?

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Saltwater Fish Tank Disaster?

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Any SWfags here?

Tank is 90g @ 3' long. peninsula. estimate 140lbs rock/85g water in total system

I introduced a foxface rabbit fish yesterday. Today it died....but before it died it swam into an impossible spot to get it out of.....

Unless I remove most of my rockwork and coral.

This is a HUGE undertaking.

Would leaving the corpse for the 30+ hermit crabs cause a noticable ammonia spike?

I don't feel like rearranging all the rocks. I have a few "options" but none of them are desireable. At the moment, I have a frogskin acro which is growing like crazy and have dozens of frags....I don't want to upset this coral......goddamn.....

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks anons!

Pic related is my reef a few weeks ago.
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Where I live, in the Washington DC area, some cicadas have mysteriously emerged early (No broods were set to come out this year). I see their holes in the ground. I've seen their moltings on trees, but I haven't seen any of the bugs themselves.

I fucking love cicadas. I love how they look like horrific hellspawn yet are totally harmless. I want to find just one so I can play with it and let it crawl around on my shirt. Any tips on hunting them?
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I'm thinking of getting a Belgian Malinois because if I'm going to have a dog it's going to be the best.
Tell me why a Maligator wouldn't be a good choice


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Hey guys, I found a bird and it doesn't want to leave, I tried making it fuck off but it's still with me.

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>Be me
>breeds inverts for shits and giggles
>keeping some at GF's place while moving
>has velvet mits
>didn't know they had babies
>so small they got out of their cage
>now have 100+ baby velvet mites loose in GF's apartment
what do?
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Marine life General

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Here,you can post pictures of fish,facts about them,have discussion about fish,or really talk about anything that's in the ocean.

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>Afternoon on a really windy day
>notice a big broken limb hanging off a tree in my backyard
>tear it off by hand only to realize there's a hummingbird nest on it
>one of the babies is nestled deep in the nest and not moving
>the other is hanging on for dear life from a tiny branch next to the nest
>manage to reattach the limb using wire
>wind keeps shifting the now dying branch and the nest keeps turning sideways
any advice? I know it's just a couple of birds but I'd rather not have them die if I can help it.
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what kind of frog is Pepe?

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If dogs can eat dandelion and chicory leaves, do you think they can eat hawkweed or sow thistle? No information is available whatsoever anywhere on the internet about it, but I think my dog was annoyed at me today for adding cooked dandelion leaves into her food because of the bitterness so I want to find a less bitter tasting wild herb to utilize often.
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