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Why are raptors so stupid-looking?
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Hey /an/.

Question for the fish people.

My aunt decided my little cousin wasn't allowed to have her fish anymore. She wasn't responsible enough. Besides the fact my aunt is a shitty person expecting a 5 yr old to understand proper aquarium maintence, I was given the fish.

I have little knowledge but I know they need to be cycled, fed and housed in a few gallons compared to the tiny plastic filterless trap my aunt had them in.

There are three danimo tetra and one make half moon.

They were "tank" mates before.
So I kept them together. The tetra seem to leave the betta and his fins alone and the betta doesn't care about the tetra in the slightest.


I upgraded it from a tiny critters keeper to a ten gallon, filtered, and heated.

I don't want real plants as I've heard having and eco tank with a ten gallon is really hard for noobs.

Besides a bubbler (which is coming in the mail). Is there anymore I need?

I breed meal worms so I've been giving those to the betta (really small hatchlings that I kill before feedong) and the tetra pick at them too.

Filter is a tetra whisper 20.
Heater is also tetra, 50w heater.
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What is the most JUST species of animal?

Bonus points for anything aquatic, avian or buglike.
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Clingy cats?

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My cat is a beautiful girl and I love her to death. But she follows me everywhere and I love that. But she mainly follows me into the bathroom and if I don't let her in, she scratches the door until I open it. she does this all the time. Even in the middle of the night. And she's a loud outspoken cat so I have to let her in so she doesn't wake anyone up with her meowing. Does anyone else's cat do this? Picture not related. My cat is a pure black cat
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only patrician tier favorite animals are allowed in this thread
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This is my cat
I love my cat
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What should I do with these tanks, /an/?
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dog id chip locations

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do vets ever inject the id chips under the dog's armpit? my puppy has a lump there and it seems like it might match the shape of an id chip. it doesnt bother her or look bad or hairless, just an odd oval lump.

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My mom's getting a dog, a Yorkshire Terrier. She also spends ten hours a day at home, eight of which are asleep.

So guess who will be expected to come over every day to take care of her? I'll give you a hint, his name is OP.

What am I in for? How bad are these guys to care for?
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