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*blocks your path*

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WHY are birds IMPORTANT?
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I wish every person who purposely tortures an animal had the same exact thing done to them
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Horse Presentation

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Hey guys, i'm kinda fucked here
I need to do this presentation about horses because i didn't get to chose the animal i wanted to
I really don't know much about them and don't know what to say about them
It's a 1 minute presentation but still
So any information/help would be greatly appreciated
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What breed of dog is this?

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My roommate got a dog from a woman giving them away in a Wal Mart parking lot, and she's training him to be an ESA. The woman said he was a shitbull mix, which has me wary since I have a medical service dog in our dorm and I don't want her to be bitten by him.
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Need some advice
My neighbour's cat had kittens in my backyard and incidentally that cat is a daughter of my old cat that died at the age of 10 so i'm kinda happy and sad at the same time. My new cat isn't very stoked about this but my neighbour's cat isn't agressive at all, in fact she's going out to be pet. But then again my current cat seems to be very defensive.
Any ideas on what i should do?

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Why do /pol/tards and all sorts of other rightwingers hate nature so much?
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Is my dog going senile?
>randomly growls at me without provocation (she never did this to me before)
>sudden change of moods from being a happy playful dog, to being an angry and hostile in one second
She's 11 years old and of a mixed breed. I know she's going to die soon but I didn't know dogs experienced senility.
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This fucker is small dog syndrome incarnate.
>Doesn’t play fetch, just his little game of keepaway running around with his toy and violently shaking it like it’s his fucking kill or something
>Extremely hostile and violent with any person or dog he doesn’t know or like
>except the bitches, who he just completely blows off like a total autist
>Pretty much only likes me and is fiercely loyal, will growl at/ attack anyone he thinks is attacking me

I love him, I’m just worried he’s gonna bite the wrong person and make us put him down ;-;
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