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What's some good ways to mix up dog meals without harming digestion? The food I like to buy has three flavors, so I was thinking of buying all three bags for each meal: lamb breakfast, fish lunch, chicken dinner. Is that switching it up to often? Is cheddar cheese OK to mix in if it's small quantities?
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Frustrated first time puppy owner here.

Just got this 45 day old boxer puppy and it's giving me a hard time. Vet says he's fine, and to come next week for vaccination.

I can't seem to toilet train him. He always has an accident before I get to him. Is it too late to properly train him?

He only drinks milk. Doesn't even like biscuits. Is that normal?
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Are these tumors? Very old cat, her butt and backside are really sensitive also, might be related? Does anyone know?

Sorry about my fat thumb in the picture.
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Let's get a /bird/ thread going.

Post any questions you have about birds in this thread.

Share any pictures you have of your cute little buddies in this thread.

Here's my 2nd best buddy, he passed away this morning. My other tiel is feeling a bit sad and lonely, so I decided to DIY my own bird stand so she can have fun. Any tips?
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Are some dogs just untrainable?

My boss asked me to train her Yorkie. They got it free from a family in an apartment. The little shit is 5 months, always running around, humping and yapping. I agreed to come teach commands maybe twice a week, but she also wants me to "teach" it to potty on a pad in the bathroom (these are hour sessions). She told me she has no time to do any training herself. Great.

Anyways, it took 3 sessions just to get it to start sitting. It has zero focus and is so small and fast its like trying to train a hamster.

Is there any hope?

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>a giant rat
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>tfw no raccoons in your country/continent
It's not fair. I want these cute fellas here where I live. Why has no one thought of importing them to Europe yet? Who's gonna they hurt, the street pigeons?

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What the fuck is thier problem?
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