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If you watch the olympics you are not an animal lover. The host country has a problem with dogs (they are just too damn tasty).

If you bought any olympic products you might as well have eaten a dog.
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Anons Tard experience

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>Be me in second grade year at public elementary school
> This school island out in a retarded fashion
> classrooms are in segments called pods around the center of the school
>Anyway i go to school one day without breakfast so walk down to the cafeteria
> On my way to the cafeteria I see him
> A massive 6'11 tard in the middle of the hall
> He heres my new light up sketchers sneakers squeaking on the floor
> He turns to revel his potato of a face
> OH FUCK .jpg . gif .mp3 .mp4 . ram . rom .chr .system32 .wifi[email protected]
>He started sprinting at me full tilt
>I would have ran I should have ran but i was frozen astonishment at his shit smeared shirt
> I snapped outfit when he was 10 feet away and my 10 year old ass dove for safety.
> I Got up but it was to late the Tard wrapped its arms around me and lifted me in the air.
> This was it I thought it was over
> But then i heard the beautiful sound of footsteps
>My face when I felt piss on the vegetable's pants
> The footsteps heard was the priceable and the tard's wrangler
> the potato dropped me as soon as he saw them
> My face when I'm covered in a potato's shit and piss
> the principles face when tard just gave kid ptsd from covering him in piss ands shit.
>The wrangles face when they walked away for 2 minutes and the entire library was covered in tard shit
>The Tards side of the story was he tried to check a book out from the library
> the librarian said he had 12 books late from last year
> the tard went full apeshit
> Shit and pissed himself
>reached down his pants and pulled out a clump of potato waste and smeared it all over his shirt and ran into the hall and thats where he found me
> I got to to go home early that day
> never went to public school again
>Started going to Snobby public school
>2 years later entire public school shut down
> The principle faced4 years prison for locking a 9 year old autistic outside in 5 degree weather.
> Ive had ptsd sense

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give me dog reaction pics
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Pure Breed Thread

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Post your favorite pure breeds. No shitbulls/"mixes" allowed
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>shout 'woof' at my doggo
>he makes a snide remark about my accent
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Sloth thread. Post your finest sloths. Or talk about them.
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What's the name of this bird again?

Puppy goes nuts by random house

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Hi everyone,

Whenever I walk my puppy past this one specific house, she goes absolutely bonkers. Like running all over the place, biting her leash, etc. It takes like 10 minutes to calm her down, but only if I can get her away from this house. For now, I can still pick her up, but that's not a good solution at all.

Does anyone have any idea why she does this and what's a good way to handle her when she's acting like a nut?

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pit bull/violent dog thread
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deer thread

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