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>Be child
>See a big spider in my room.
>Decide to be brave for once and take care of it instead of having mommy or daddy
>crush the spider
>see hundreds of little baby spiders coming out of it
>Now forever terrified of spiders

what's the most autistic animal?

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I'd say raccoon
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Post your favorite snakes
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How the fuck do I get rid of those things?
They're fucking everywhere in my apartment. I come home from work and there are guaranteed 5 or 6 flying around. When I turn on the TV as the only light source it's got 3 fruit flies on it in a matter of seconds.
It's never been like this the past few years, maybe for 2 or 3 weeks in the summer, but it's mid november now and they're still here.
Will some cheap traps do the trick? Any experiences to get rid of those pests?

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I want to befriend the local crows and feed them but my dad's been shooting at them with an air rifle for a couple years now.

Anything I can do about this? Will they associate me with being shot at enough to avoid me if I try to feed them in other places?
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What's this?
They just stay in my room and dont move for weeks. Dont show to be bothered by me moving or even touching them.
Im in Northern Chile

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*blocks your urethra*
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Anyone know what this is?
Found one dead on my front porch.

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Send me your best animal reaction faces!
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>Republican area
>full of hunting, conversation, trails, and nature in general
>Democrat area
>full of traffic, skyscrapers, smog, pollution
So where did this Republicans hate nature meme come from?