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Animals you want to pet but know it's a bad idea to do so

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Bears are probably on the top of this list for me, I feel this way about alligators too, theres something so cute about them to me
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Wholesome pet stories

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Guys, I just got the news that my dog was put down. He was 13 and couldn't stand up anymore. I got him with 12 and we grew up together.
I know he was happy until the end, but I miss him.

Can you share cute stories about your pets or just post wholesome pics?

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This monkey has a better body than you.
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cute pet videos on YOUTUBE

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MORE cute pet videos on YOUTUBE Channel

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add pictures of animals with demon eyes
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realistically how many women fuck/have fucked dogs?
I remember one time seeing a study that apparently 1 in 10 women who grew up with a dog had sex with it and thats not counting the ones who weren't willing to admit to it or didnt consider blowjobs/anal etc as sex

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i saw a small housebug like this running around my wall, any idea what is this? the whiskers were thin and long, the thing was maybe 1-1.5cm, located in southern europe
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Dog or cat ? and why

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I just want help to choose for my further animal... dog or cat ?
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Does pig semen taste like human semen? Apparently they produce a cup of ejaculate per orgasm