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>kid begs for a dog for years
>finally cave under the condition he is responsible for it
>shocking to no one he isn't and I end up doing most of the work
>fast forward to a few days ago
>tell kid to take trash out and he doesn't
>dog gets into it and eats a bunch of chocolate
>figure since he is done for this is a great time to give kid a hard lesson on the price of being irresponsible
>have dog around back, give kid shotgun and tell him what needs to be done
>make it very clear he needs to do this because of what an irresponsible little shit he is
>he pulls the trigger with his eyes fucking closed
>blows the ass off the dog, it is still alive
NEVER buy your kid a pet. Buy yourself a pet and let your kid play with it at most
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Speculative biology

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Lets discuss animals that could have existed, animals that might exist somewhere or animals that might exist in the future.
Where might evolution take the human race?
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Are moose giraffe?

Cat General

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What, exactly, makes Shiba Inus so fucking cute? Why can I not resist their charms?

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What kind of dog is this?
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L - O - N - G - B - O - Y

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Hey guys, how can I convince my girlfriend that if she want to live with me she need to train her two dogs and leave them in the yard? They are the dirtiest, loudest and stupid dogs that I have ever seen, they shit and pee inside the house of my girlfriend and the fucking smell of her house is terrible, her friends and me avoid going to her house because of the smell and the dogs.

Once I throw her dogs out to the yard of my house and she got mad as fuck at me, she treat them as babies and bring them everywhere.
The worst part is that they chase my cat until the point she attack them back leaving them crying and when they start crying she get mad at me. Besides the dogs problem she is a great person and a good and loyal girlfriend but for me the dogs are a deal breaker.
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Ratfags get rekt. Just admit that your "pets" are meant for other animals to eat. They serve no purpose in nature except to be munched on.

ITT: post pics and vids of nature naiching on rats. Munching on mice also welcome.
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