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Axolotl Thread

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Post your axolotls, post interesting axolotls, ask questions, and discuss.
It's such a niche thing that doesn't seem to fit in with the aquarium general or the herp general.
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How does /an/ feel about rodeo?
>people that don't actually know what rodeo is will make an opinion
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/SOS/ - Shitty Owner Stories

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>neighbor is a dumb cunt straight off the boat from the Philippines that married this black ghetto dude for citizenship
>have 3 stupid kids
>forward 5 years, marriage is failing so they buy a dog (schipperke-pit mix)
>forward 2 years, the dude takes off. She now has the dog tied up in the sunroom and never walks it, bathes it, pays it any attention, or cleans the shit out of the room. She hits it when it won't stop barking literally every day
>I call animal protective services dozens of times and she always weasels out of it even though the dog is absolutely disgusting
>forward 2 years, the dog is absolutely insane and hostile now. It gets out and kills two dogs and attacks their owner outside. The police come and shoot it, the owner lost some fingers
>she gets in no trouble
>a few months later she can't afford the mortgage and the house is foreclosed on eventually
>they have to tear it down (built in the late 90s) because there is dog piss and shit literally leaked into the house foundation, walls, and floors
She should get the fucking death penalty
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Inconvenient babies

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More pics like this

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How can I meet girls that /an/?
My major is predominantly female (equine industry), but I've decided horse girls are crazy and not even necessarily animal lovers.
I'm thinking of doing some volunteer stuff but I don't want to date a VEGAN and shit
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What's that bug?

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Midsouth US, by the way.

Cheetahs as pets/cheetah conservation

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How do we save them /an/???

Personally, I want to have a small cheetah zoo/habitat, a breeding facility, more or less.
Something like Michael Jackson's neverland ranch, except just cheetahs and dogs
Maybe some elephants

You ever think cheetahs will be domesticated? Theyre like dogs, except they're cats
Seems like theyd be great pets, and they already can be, dispite being wild animals
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Do wolves smell nice?
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Post your cutest doggos

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Only cute doggos like mine
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My chihuahua won't leave my car

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She won't budge from the goddamned passenger seat. She just sits there and growls at me. At some point she's going to piss in the car. How the hell do I get her out before then?
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