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Are dogs the biggest WEWUZers in the animal kingdom?
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Post snakes.
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/birds/ general

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Yet another OP edition.

Post any questions you have about birds.

Share any pictures you have of your cute little terrors in this thread.

I've had her for 8 months, and she has been going after my glasses at the slightest opportunity since day 1.

German Shepard thread, and dogs in general:

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German Shepard thread, and dogs in general:)
i'm getting a German Shepard puppy next weekend :)

List solitary rodents

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I have a cage that's ment for rabbits but the thing is it's only big enough for 1, i can't keep a social animal alone.So instead i decided to ask /an/ for some solitary rodents, oh and can guinea pigs be fine alone? As a kid i had 1 guinea pig, she seemed pretty fine with being alone.
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Which would in a fight, Anomalocaris or Eurypterus?

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Let's talk about what alien life might be like in the newly-discovered solar system so similar to ours. Discuss theories, let your imagination or rationality go wild.
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It is possible to put a sprout in a potato to grow it,
But if i keep ot in there, will the potato eventually blossom as well?

Pic related

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Giraffes are a hoax and the ones that have been seen are holograms

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Post your webms my dudes
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