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Has /an/ ever put down a pet?

I have a cat thats about 21 years old. She lost a ton of weight and looks very raggedy. She lost both front canines and can no longer groom herself properly. Shes starting to step in her own shit in the kitty litter and is trekking it in the house.

I've thought about maybe putting her down but my mom is against the idea.


Denied Pets

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>been wanting a monitor since childhood
>love reptiles in general

>live in cold-ass northern Scandinavia

It's unfeasible for me to move to a temperate climate, and even country import laws prevent me from owning a reptile pet. Post gripes about pets you want, but can't have.
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I thought I had my dog potty trained. How wrong I was.

Crated him at night and would check the blankets in the morning. Always dry and stain-free. Awesome.

Noticed while cleaning the floor that on the other side of the crate there was dried pee. About 2 feet away from the crate. Must have happened sometime during the day.

Keep seeing more pee everyday despite him not being let out of sight during the day. Huh.

Come to find out he was shooting his pee out of the crate every night, with deligent aim to get it as far away as possible.

Great. Will putting a blanket around it fix this? Or do dogs only care if they are actually laying in wet pee? Do I need to use something that will bounce back the stream, like plastic sheets?
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Why do people not like the adorable chicken winglets?
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Which would in a fight, Anomalocaris or Eurypterus?

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Post your webms my dudes
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Blini/ Jazz Cat thread

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Why are moths creepier than butterflies?

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Tonight a white moth intruded into my house. He was beautiful, and I contemplated the idea of moths being symbols representing certain things. However, I wanted the little guy to GTFO of my house. If he were a butterfly, I would be cool with him and let him hang on my hand. But the mere fact he wasn't made me unwelcome him. Alas, I'm a man-child and neglected the responsibility and just left him, i'm sure he'll die in 3 days or week.

Sidethread: Are moths spiritual deities?
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>tfw my cat is in heat