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question for forest pros

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Are the Cali fires a result of an unfortunate alignment of incidental circumstances or rather the systemic mismanagement of land owing to bureaucratic hurdles and pressure from political interest groups?

serious discussion of forestry and public policy relevant to forestry only, please

Why are people so afraid of terrestrial arthropods?

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Seriously. Most of them are harmless.

I hate people who scream and get on a chair whenever they see a spider. I live in Canada. The spiders here are harmless.

I once had a friend who would freak out if there were bugs flying around him. He would say "Bugs! Bugs! Away!" and flail his arms all around. it was fucking pathetic.
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Petco has a huge press release coming out tomorrow.

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They're going to be getting rid of all the low quality foods and treats. Any food that is made with low quality proteins, added coloring, or poorly sourced ingredients will no longer be carried in store or online.
No more fancy feast cat food.
No more Purina pro plan dog food.

Petco is going to take a huge hit from sales by doing this but the plan is to become a better retailer as a whole.
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What's your favourite type of cat?

Please note: dead ones is not a valid answer
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How can one fish be so based?

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They're so absurdly precious

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The Daily Winston

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Horse General

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Brap Stallion Edition
Old thread: >>2845170
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sad cat meme

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new content highly appreciated
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/pp/ - Pocket Pet General

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We haven't had a good pocket pet thread in a long time.

Ask questions, post your pets, share your stories. All pets small are welcome.
>Sugar Gliders
>anything else that's small.


Don't buy pre-made cages (with adjustments can be used for other pets like rabbits and rats)

Try not to buy your pets from pet stores

Please learn about the pet you want before you get it
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