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Is this mold?

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Hi everybody, a couple of days ago a half onion I had in my fridge sprouted and decided to plant it.

It's growing pretty nicely but it has this green area surrounded by some white that I suspect might be mold or something.

What do you guys think it is?

Also, sorry in advance if this is the wrong board, it's about nature so I thought this belongs here.

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What happened here?
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Why does my cat keep deciding that the best time to take a huge, smelly dump in his litter box is the time when I'm just finished preparing my dinner? Whenever I eat food I've microwaved or heated in any other kind of way, my cat decides to take a dump right when it's finished and it stinks up my entire first floor. This has happened so many times now it has to be a connection between the two. Why?
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Where were you when Dinosaur family tree was kill:

Also, for that matter dinosaur thread
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Silly animal pictures thread
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Daily reminder that if you have to clip your dog's nails you are abusing it through neglect.

A dog should never need it's nails trimmed. The only reason that would ever happen is if you don't exercise it enough.
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Invert General

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This thread is for the discussion of tarantulas and other invertebrates.

Come here with your questions, your invert buddies, your hopes, and your dreams

previous thread:
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Post your webms my dudes
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has a gorilla and a lion and a bear ever fought each other at the same time and if so who won