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How do we solve the dog owner problem?
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she thicc

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>Long day at work, drop on bed
>See pic related, Google it
>It's a mature bedbug
>No bites on me, now sleeping on the couch downstairs and buying a new mattress tomorrow
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Hi /an/, I just got back from the reptile expo in White Plains. It was pretty disappointing desu.
I went there to get some aquatic frogs like clawed frogs and the closest thing I saw were some dyed clawed frogs (or "jelly candy frogs," as the vendor called them) for fifteen dollars and some dwarf frogs for eight dollars each (both of which i didn't buy).
But hey at least there were a hundred vendors selling ball pythons.
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Deer Appreciation Thread

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What do you think of forest dogs?
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Baby Possum

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So I found this guy trying to sneak in the local 7eleven at the corner of my street so I nabbed him and now I'm attempting to clean him all up but he has WAY too many fleas. Hows the proper way of bathing him and feeding him? In other words what should I do?
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ITT Wild Birbs you've seen 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Old thread reached image limit, so started a new one. Post your bird sightings here!

Pic related, Northern Flicker.
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Post some neat animal sculptures

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Is there such thing as an allergy vaccination? I know that allergies are all about that antigens
I wanna get a cat because I love playing with them but this shit happens to me every time I do
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What are wolverines' problem?
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