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What species could be introduced here and thrive, without harming the existing ecosystem?
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Favorite Burdle??
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is it cruel to glue trap flies?
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Are all hunters bad?

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Some hunters are just cruel killing mercilessly innocent and defenseless animals just for the "thrill" of it , I'm going to share the story of a different hunter, a hunter who has a heart, a hunter who respects animals and nature, A hunter who once heard the cries of a little confused and panicked deer , and without hesitation went to help. The deer had entered a garden build near the forest , afraid and panicked the little deer got stuck between a big metal object and a wired fence covering the garden, only crying for help , when the hunter saw what was happening without hesitation he went to help the poor thing by unstucking it and helping it get over the fence and going to the wild again, This man had saved the deer's life , he had saved even more lives because this man is also a doctor, his whole life is based around saving lives and helping other people, this man is called a hunter because only on Saturday his only day off he goes to the forest with a rifle which he has a permit for and mostly walks around and appreciates nature and all the beautiful things that are rarely seen in the civilized world, away from technology and civilization, the rifle he carries is for self defense and the only animals he kills are the predators like wolves, who kill and eat some of the shepherd's sheep and leave the poor shepherds without enough money to buy bread, so this man is a great man I know him personally he had saved many lives , so can we assume that all hunters are bad share some opinions and stories.

Here is a link to the video where he saves the deer, the poor thing sounds like a kitten or a puppy which makes it even more heartbreaking
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make /an/ cringe

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This guy is selling this fish on some Facebook fish group
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is somthing wrong with my paraket? his cere looks way darker than it usually does. like a muddy brown

sorry for bad pic, he didn't wanna stay stil
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Wolf hybrid puppy at dog park?

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So these people claim this husky mix is a wolf hybrid. I initially thought they were full of shit, but I noticed a bunch of things.

>wiry fur, not soft like a husky
>mannerisms are really aggressive when playing, not resembling a 5 month old puppy
>always bullied by other dogs; all the dogs, including puppies, constantly team up on it
>have seen like 10 dogs of all different ages, breeds, and size chase down and bully this thing
>when not getting slapped around, it has really an aggressive, loud, hard playstyle

I'm not 100% convinced it's a wolf pup, but even my golden retriever seems to act different with it than other dogs, and he's 100% love. I feel like it shouldn't be lawful to take them to a dog park if other dogs, or them, are at serious risk... right?

It's also 5 month old and more the size of a husky

Also, some crackhead used to bring his red wolves (I think), 3 of them, to the dog park before they got in a fight with a pitbull and cane corso which ended in basically all 3 needing some level of medical attention. They look similar in the face to this thing.

Pic related
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/herp/ - Reptile & Amphibian General

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Can we climb it? Yes we can: edition

previously on /herp/ >>2441765

Reptile classifieds for finding breeders of various scaled and sundry creatures

> (Canadian breeders)
> for newts, salamanders and lots more amphibians
>Also check to see if there are any annual reptile shows/expos in your area as these are good places to find good animals from good breeders at partial discount

/herp/ officially official all purpose care sheet of wonder and magic

>sand a shit
>use a thermostat
>read all the caresheets
>set up your tank before you get your herp
>regulate temps & humidity levels prior to herp arrival
>do not fuck with (handle) your herp for at least 7 days after bringing it home and ideally wait until herp has eaten at least one meal (for snakes), two meals for lizards, frogs, etc.
>PVC tanks are way better for most applications and worth the extra money
>it is best to avoid chain pet stores when looking to purchase live animals as mass breeder suppliers are not especially careful about health and sound genetics... it often saves you money long term to spend a little extra up front to get a healthy animal

>Jump Start (formerly Hydrofarm) thermostat is a good basic and inexpensive thermostat for regulating ceramic heat emitters and under tank heaters (Amazon sells it)
>if you want something more advanced for temperature control, look at Herpstat products
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Why do so many people who own chickens dislike roosters? Or are at least nervous around them if the off chance that they have one. I've seen many posts on backyard chickens that go something like

>I have to make sure my roo (a retarded and unnecessary shortening of the word rooster) is out of the coop before I even head in


>if he gives you any trouble, give him a light bump with a broom or something

or even

>I might have to cull my roo (there's that stupid nickname again) if he doesn't quit being aggressive

Hitting him is only going to give him an even better reason to see you as a threat. I've had my black cochin rooster for two years so far, and I got him from a friend when he was one, so I didn't have the benefit of having hand raised him. Sure he didn't like me at first, and had attacked me once or twice, but I persisted in gently restraining him, picking him up and walking around with him until it got through to him that I wasn't going to hurt him. Sixth months into this routine, and I he didn't mind me in close proximity to him at all. In fact, he will eat from my hand every day and doesn't at all mind me picking him up. I love him, he's probably my favorite and friendliest bird. All I had to do was be nice to him and I earned his trust. Maybe the bitchy old country women at backyard chickens should put down the broom/axe and exercise a little bit of patience with their birds. I don't understand why they would rather kill their single rooster and go without one, than put in a little bit of effort and put up with a couple of scratches until you get through to him. It's just a rooster, you old bag. The spurs don't hurt that bad.

Do you have a rooster anon? Post a picture of him. Pic related would have been a picture of mine, but it's 4:34, my chicken coop is unlit and I have to leave in ten minutes.
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