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Leopard Seal Thread

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Bigger than a grizzly bear and able to survive in one of the harshest environments as an apex predator. Let's show some appreciation.
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what kind of dog is this?
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Invert General

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This is is the invertebrate general. If you have any questions about invertebrates, want to look into owning one or more, or want to simply discuss them, this is the thread to do so, whether its

new /invert/ discord server: https://discord.gg/hs5TWxh

old thread: >>2876981

>Tarantulas and other spiders
>Or anything without a backbone

Feel free to post it.

Resources/help and information

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Webm/gif thread
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Post your cats, /an/
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friends thread

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post friends!
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what does /an/ think are the best dog breeds, and why?

i'll start- for me it's australian kelpies for their trainability and goofy personalities.
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Fun animal facts

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How about an interesting /an/ fact thread? Post whatever you've got
I'll start: Columbidae (doves and pigeons) are the only birds that are able to succ liquids, the rest can only drink water by tilting their heads up and letting gravity do its thing.
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