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Cats thread

( this is my cat rocket, he's 17 years old and probably never going to die. on really hot days he likes to go outside and use this rock as his little pillow )
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What are some good, low maintenance pets?

outdoor fish

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my dad is making a small waterfall pond thing in our garden (probably about 50-75 gal) and he wants some fish in it. problem is, we live in vancouver, canada where it gets to about -5C in the winter.

are there any easy to care for fish that can survive this? should i look into heating options? i know nothing about fish.
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Im looking for chickens

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Why do we allow stupid people to own exotic animals again?
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Stop what you are doing and post your cat

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kot bread
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Oh... hi

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Stingrays are cool. Check this one I found.
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Tube animals

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What's your opinion on these tube animals
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Owning a Hawk

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I've been reading H is for Hawk and now I want to be an austringer. I would like to form a special, brooding bond with a goshawk and live through it vicariously while it kills and kills, and perhaps I'd help it too if that was cool with the hawk. I'd want a really vindictive shithead of a hawk so that I would have a friend for once.

Anyway, I'm in the UK. Anyone have experience with falconry, or hawks specifically? Thanks.
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