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What does /an/ think of dillie the deer?
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Are aquariums cruel?
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has any of you been in dominican republic?

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Are cockatiels cuddly?
I want a meme bird to sit and cuddle in my hand while I watch tv
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Scary deep sea creatures. Bonus points for names

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Anyone else ever been so angry at their dog that they bit them?

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Why are so many large animals afraid of snakes? You'll see that large predators and herbivores like lions, tigers, and even hippos and elephants are all afraid for even the tiniest little snakes. Why the fuck is that? Why are they such huge pussies?
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>animal video
>top comment is something stupid like "haha and then it bit the dude's face off XD"
>replies filled with people arguing whether the animal would kill a person or not
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Hi, /an/. Does anybody have experience with German Shepards? This little buggar is almost five months and he's still biting me quite a bit. Is this normal at this age? What's the best way to change his behavior?
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Animals right activist btfo
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