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YLYL Thread

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Animal edition
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Wonderfoal Horse General

Peep Edition
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Feathered dinosaur pics

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scale pictures are okay too, just nothing too awesome bro
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/an/, i have a question. Dog in pic related is essentially autistic. Only way we can get her to shutup is by throwing a blanket over her head and her barks and grumbles fade away as she calms down in her little void world. Is this animal abuse?

I offer sticc but get licc

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I got these trees as a gift and want to buy more but dont know what they're called. Thanks in advance with ants in your pants.
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ITT Wild Birbs you've seen 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Old thread reached image limit, so started a new one. Post your bird sightings here!

Pic related, Northern Flicker.
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What's his fucking problem?

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Have you ever had any personal experiences with pitbulls? Good or bad?
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