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What is this flower?

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I am ADDICTED to booping my dog's nose, /an/ please tell me how to stop I beg of you
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today has been a ruff day

there are people with two of these gigantic floofs and they always sit on their front lawn and never step off the property. passing by always puts me in a good mood

I was just passing by and saw how they get in the house, the dog gets up on its back legs and actually presses on the latch of the front door and opens it himself.
Really cheered me up

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What happend to him anyway?
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Would a pack of doggos raised in an urban area be able to survive on their own if they were dropped into the middle of a forrest?
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Underrated Pets

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Rats were some of THE BEST pets I've ever owned. They are so social and love to cuddle up to their owners.

Why in the Hell do these cute little guys get such a bad rap??
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>watering my mom's plants
>notice FOUR caterpillars over the place
>and they're the ugly nigger ones who probably turn into moths
>"whatever, they're pests"
>kill them all
>come back to my room
>after a few minutes a butterfly lands on my window
Is there a deeper meaning to this experience? How do I pay my debts to the caterpillar god?
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Since this board is about nature too, is anyone else sick to death of this winter that will never end? West coast 4 lyfe here and it should be in the high 80s with plentiful sun by this time of year and day after day it's constant rain, overcast skies, high 40s. I just want this winter to fuck off already. I don't know if it's some El Nino or what that's causing it but I want to just get out and do walks and go bird watching but the constant awful weather always manages to ruin it. Feeling like a caged animal in here.
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*blocks your path*
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How well would a grown-up dog(Anymore than 2-3 years old) bond with a new owner when compared to a puppy raised by an owner since birth?