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Dumping fetuses
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My bubba he dead.
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Male or female

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Can anyone help me?

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Have you ever had an encounter gone wrong with this motherfucker?
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Friend gets mad at me for beating the shit out of his dog while its in the process of killing my chickens, like wtf dude, why bring it over and let it run around when i have yard birds? And wtf, i watched his dog kill my livestock while he was trying to control it and failing, i had to step in and crack a 1x2 over its damn head before it stopped, if i remember the Livestock laws correctly, me not killing the damn dog is a curtiousy.

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Here are bugs I found in my backyard.
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What is this beautiful moth called? I want to learn more. Photo was taken but moth wasn't disturbed or touched. My location is southeastern Pennsylvania (Denver PA, Lancaster county).

P.S sorry about the tilted photo
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animals that are basically aliens

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ITT: The most horrible things ever

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"Seriously, fuck this thing."

The Bobbit Worm is known for being up to 10 feet long and it's horrible, painful bites are known to cause permanent nerve damage. This is less of a problem for its prey though, as they are dragged underground to be eaten alive.
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