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just foun̫̣̟̬̮̞͈͠d̨̥̩̦̹̺̠ this duck

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sa̪̤͡y someth͖͕̟͍̜̳͙ḭ̶̣̦͎n̨̨̘͉͉͔̻̜͙͇̼͟g̤͕̤̭͚̣͝͠ͅ nic̥͟e a̠͍b̼̖o̦̻̜̮̦̟u͓̱͉͚͜t͇͈͚ ̮̟h͎̤̹̭͖͍͝i̛̠̭m̭͝
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atlas beetle

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atlas beetle

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Uh, this thing was abandoned, and I'm hosting it for this night.

Too much energy, cries when we leave the room, what do?
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Besides cats and dogs, what pets does /an/ own or used to own?
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JUST animals

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Post the most JUST animals you can find.
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My Dove...

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Apparently my rack is the perfect place to build a home
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Akita Inu Buy/Adopt

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Hello i would like to buy/adopt a breed called Akita Inu.I´ve read and searched a lot of info about them,but i cant find where to buy/adopt them in my country (Spain)
any help??
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A fox killer one of my chickens today. I know that it will come back to get the rest of the chick at night.
If I put ant poison in the remains of the chick will the notice. And most importantly will it die.
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The Daily Winston

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