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Strange Moth or Butterfly

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A Friend Found This Creature That Might Be A Butterfly Or A Moth. Strange Thing Is It‘s Morphology.
Can Someone Help Me Find The Name Of The Species? Or It's An Undiscovered Animal? Thank You From Colombia

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I'm thinking of getting a dog, but the contract for my apartment specifically says no pets.

I've talked with my landlord before I moved in about pets, and he says it's fine if I have to watch a dog for a friend or family for a couple of days, and the only reason he doesn't allow pets is because the next tenants might be allergic.

I've only been living here for about 4 months, but I'm probably gonna be living here for at least 2 more years, so I'm hoping I might be able to convince him to let me get a dog, but I'm not sure how ask him about it.

Any idea on how I should approach it?
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can i have a dogo if i have a garden? or maybe i have to take him for walks? im basement dweller so i avoid leaving my property :( but i could let dogo run in garden
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What is this mushroom? More pics incoming

this is totally not good

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alright so I was mopping with a bucket of bleach and water and my nephew was playing with his budgies and what not
one of them flew towards me and landed in the bucket, I scooped her up in less than a second and we washed her off a few times but she still has a little of that bleach scent on her chest area
wat do?
pic unrelated

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Do you guys get irritated when people try to interact with you while you're walking your dog(or other critter you walk)? I fucking hate it, personally. I just wanna spend time with my doggo and take in the sights, leave me alone. Especially irritating if some cunt with another dog tries to get friendly with you because "haha we're both walkin our dogs", fuck off, you don't know how my dog is around other dogs. Kids, too, always running up to pet the damn animals and just shoving their hands into their face which freaks my dog out even when I tell them to slow down. I hate that kids will fucking chase you, too, like you can just ignore people(usually) and keep walking but fucking kids will sprint after you just to touch the dog.
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What is better for vermin control, a mean ol tomcat or pick related.
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Dog General #4 - /out/ edition. Do you take your dog /out/ with you?

Dog food review site -

>What should I feed my dog?
>What breed of dog should I get?
>How do I train my dog?
>Rate my dog!
>Should I bring my dog to a vet?
>What breed is my dog?
>What toys should I get my dog?
>My dog is doing x, what do I do?
>Where do I get a dog?
>How do I take care of a puppy?
>How do I house train a dog?
>Can my dog eat this?
>Let me blog post!
And much more!

Discord link goes to #mammal:
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Rate my doggo /an/

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Be honest now
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