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Special Needs Pet

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I have autism and I want a pet. What is a good pet for someone like me?

The picture is not related.
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Is it okay to give my dogs a kiss on the mouth?

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Is it okay to give my dogs a kiss on the mouth? I do it all the time. But I want to know if I shouldn't do it. After all my dog licks his nutsacks all the time.
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Can you really pop a rabbit like this?
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I don't understand, why do people like animals?
Almost all of them are loathsome creatures. Especially dogs
I am glad I live in a country where kicking and abusing stray animals is not illegal
>inb4 you like cats more because you're a numale
I don't like cats at all, they're equally as normie and bad as dogs
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has a gorilla and a lion and a bear ever fought each other at the same time and if so who won
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Cats about to sneeze

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I urgently need pics of cats about to sneeze

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Just got two of these little guys in today the third one arrived DOA from a different vendor which made me quite sad. they are juvie cobalt tincs, I'm still new to the hobby and was wondering if anyone else on this board keeps any darts as well.

Are big cats generally calmer?

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How disciplined is your doggo?

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