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Need advice

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Just took in a dog from some shitty owner [ofc they were trans and borderline abused the poor thing] it's doing healthy, bit on the light side from previous owners making it a vegan fixing that steadily now, but they also kept her in a cage for like 18 hours a day and she just endlessly clawed at it and now her claws are a bit fucked up
I'm guess its a fungus infection but don't know too much


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The Plant General - Living Fossil Edition

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Guys I think i fucked up

Im a brand new fish owner and just got my tiger barbs yesterday, i fed them for the first time a minute ago and they are now swimming in place and throwing up some of their food.

Help what did i do?
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What race

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Hey /an,i got dog bout a year ago, its mix of races, and i dont know what races she is mix of, care to help poor fella out?
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hoo-hoooo hoo, hoo-hoooo-hoo, hoo-hoooo...........hoo.

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I just found this thing in my bathroom what is it
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Juicy boys thread
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Yulin Dog Festival

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Why do they believe that torturing the animal makes the meat taste good? Does dog meat even taste good? Considering a lot of these are street dogs aren't they just eating garbage since dogs can't really hunt naturally? And don't they know stress just makes meat worse?
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Why should we care about animals going extinct?

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I mean obviously there are many species that are very important to our ecosystem but why does it matter if some random rhino in Africa goes extinct? Who cares? I doubt it affects us at all.
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>cat has a minor symptom
>tell /an/
>ayo take dat nigga to a vet
>don't take cat to a vet
>cat gets better after a day of rest
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