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Vintage Horse General

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ITT: Ask questions and receive questionable answers

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how accurate was this series /an/?
also recommend me more like this, i love prehistoric animal documentaries.
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/kot/ - Cat General

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Are dog therapists a thing? I mean people who are therapists for the dogs themselves. I was thinking that it would be a pretty easy way to make money since I imagine that the people who take their dogs to therapists are retards who throw money at things. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't regulated first, because I asked my friend and he's acting like its a super serious thing.
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when i scratch my kot behind his ear he starts using his hind leg to scratch his ear too
why? he also uses his front leg to touch his ear

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does this work on rats?
is a a humane dispatch method?
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>be me
>at the museum
>in the extinct reptile (non dinosaurian) hall
>looking at a postosuchus skeleton
>see woman and her small child approach the skeleton
>”wow, isn’t that a cool dinosaur!”

Why do people automatically call any extinct reptile a dinosaur. They were just in the dinosaur wing, so she should know it’s not a dinosaur. There were turtles and snake skeletons everywhere. Is it just me that gets bothered by this?
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I'm not dead I just got sent somewhere with no internet with no warning.

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Sorry guys I know I said that I would remind you every day to want a platypus but a work emergency came up and I'm going to be without internet for a month on sight. I'm basically bootlegging a Sat phone right now.

So this will have to be your monthly reminder to want a platypus.

I won't be able to reply to this.
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Thoughts on the new(ish) Utahraptor?
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