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/SG/ Shepherd General

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God I love these dogs and this country.
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r8 my new doge
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>bird mastera-
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Horse General

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Olympic edition.

Discuss horses, possibly even other equines such as Zebras and Donkeys.

>My horse is...
>You know what they say about horse girls...
You're marrying the horse, not the girl?
>No, no, the other thing...
Daddy pays all her horse bills?
No they don't or they would actually fucking bother to clean out the smegma.
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>be an Indohyus
>be a cat-sized mousedeer like animal living in India about 50 million years ago
>fairly successful animal can swim and s h i t
>over time a few of your buddies decide that being on water feels better than being on land
>after 10 million years, all your descendants spend almost all their time in water
>about 50 million years later your descendants becomes blue whales, largest animals to ever exist

Why did he decide that water is better than land?
tfw you’ll never be able to know for full certainty the selection pressures that lead to such effects.
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Deep Sea Creatures

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Can we get a deep sea thread going? Post cool creatures we know little about.
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i have mealworms on my plants and i bought insecticide with Acetamiprid
can i spray a mixture of this insecticide + water on the infested plant indoors, in my room?
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how often should i feed adult crested newt?
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>tfw no qt doe gf
>tfw hunter Chad kills your nature waifu
>tfw depression

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Post your favorite type of wild feline, Mine is the Pallas Cat.
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