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Why are deer so pleasant to look at?

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Why do you still eat animals?
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What's an animal that you really fucking hate to the point it would make you irrationally crazy?

Related is mine. Good god, I hate these horrible fucks. If I had a rifle and a bit of land these things came on to, I would literally spend all day blowing them the fuck out the water.
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Post your favorite low-res animal pics

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Horse General

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Old Thread: >>2695580
/an/cord horse channel:

How fares your ponies, /an/?
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You have to choose an animal to reincarnate into after you die. Which do you choose?
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Working animal thread.

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Post your best wagecucking animals.

Stray kitten help

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I found this kitten on my way home from work. She didn't have any mom around her. She's in a small pool house right now and I'm not sure what to do. Humane society and stores are closed, I have no formula, only adult cat food, regular milk, water (giving her now). I can't even tell if she's old enough to have anything besides formula.
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Manually overriding doggos

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Anybody else do this?

>dog won't let go of fetch toy
>grab him by collar
>spray him with hose while saying the command "loose" until he lets go
>praise his wet ass for being a good boy
>rinse & repeat as I continue to play fetch
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Racoon bit my dog. She had a large chunk of her skin and fur come off in vets hand. She's on antibiotics and pain meds. Vet says she will probably be ok. I just hear 'PROBABLY'. Whats the best and way to track these pests down and murder them?
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