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Is there any bird that you could not just grab the neck of and rip its head off except for ostrichs? They all got some chicken bones in them
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what the fuck is their fucking problem?

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Hello. I am sorry if this is the wrong board for this. I found a small blob hanginging under my dog’s front leg. It is very small, please can someone tell me what it is?

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What should be done about the breed of peace?
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Fun Fact: Domestic guinea pigs cannot survive without human affection; each domestic guinea pig must be cuddled for at least 30 minutes a day or else they tend to stop eating, grow underweight and eventually die of starvation.
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What are some animals that should be depicted more often in film
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>went to forest, 3 pic related hills. 2 like 7 metres apart.
>did that thing an old friend told me
>use leaf, grab as many from one nest I can
>drop leaf at other nest
>they just greet eachother and don't fight at all

what the fuck man, are some ants non-aggressive to intruders or what? or did somebody lose a truckload of soj near them to make them fine with forced immigration?

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>mfw working with birds
They're so nice wtf

Why do we let them die?

Pet /stories/

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Vent here about irresponsible/horrible owners, recent pet deaths, bad experiences, family members, exes, cringe/horror stories, pet retailers/groomers, dog breeders/shows, shelter/rescue work, ignorance, neglect, abuse, laws, hunting/adoptions gone wrong, your younger self, any anecdote you want to talk about

Pet Stories #3 - Holiday Lab Edition
old thread hit bump limit, Pet Horror Stories #2 >>2700970

>bonus: stories about pets during holiday vacations

>greentext is encouraged and welcomed
>NO pictures/videos of dead animals
>pictures of pets getting better is welcomed
>OC is preferred to stimulate conversation and advice, pic pasta is welcome
>any kind of pet is welcomed, although dog/cat is more common
>hard mode: no pits
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Favorite weird/unconventional animal?

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Whats your favorite weird looking or not very well known animal?
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