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I'm looking for ducks.
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Why does my cat sit like this
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What are some pets that never deceive, lie, and betray?

What species is this bird?

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I think it's a budgie but I'm unsure.
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Help with a ratty tat

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hi /an/

so bit of a long story but i got my hands on a siamese dumbo rat who is probably about 2-3 months old.

he was in possession of some pretty terrible owners and they used him for breeding then completely neglected him.

the little guy is severely under weight (they were feeding him nothing by dried rice) and has a bunch of other issues

i first noticed he is infested with fleas or some sort of other parasitic insects. obviously tried a flea bath but they're still lingering as far as i can tell and i don't want to keep bathing him because of how frail he seems

he will not eat any solid food i try to give him. he's drinking milk and a lot of it but that's it

he seems lethargic and low energy

his penis is unsheathed and i just have no clue what to do about that or what it could mean.

i was wondering if you guys had any tips on what i could possibly do to help this little guy.

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This is a tapir
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There are kittens in my backyard, 3 of them and a mother

What do

That's a plate of cat food left for them so they're old enough to eat solid food

Should we gather them all up and take to animal shelter? Let them be?

Cows and people that support them

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Is anyone here involved with anti farm people? If so what experience do you have with farms? What is the level of experience for your group? Why are you against us? I just want to understand where people are coming from on this issue. I am willing to discuss aspects of dairy farms that I have experience with.

Pic related, sensationalist caption about a mother kissing her child as it's taken. The cow was probably just trying to lick the birthing juices off the cow. If a mother doesn't want you taking the calf they will literally attack you. Things like this are why I want to know more. There are legitimate issues, but things that sensationalize nonsense only alienate people in the industry when we are demonized.
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This fucking woodpecker is hammering away at a metal post on my deck all hours of the day. It won't fucking stop.


There are no fucking bugs in it.

Fuck I hate it.
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What's the largest (by weight) animal you think you could fight and win in hand to claw combat?

>hardmode: you must fight the animal in it's natural habitat
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