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Someone else have this kind of gifs, animales with hands? Love it

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what was his name again?
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annoying thing your pets do

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my dog perches on the arm of my chair and stares at me and whines at me to do things for him

pic very related
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Have any of you seen this? is it worth watching?

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Do you guys neuter your pets?
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deep sea thread

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i'll start
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Invert General

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This thread is for the discussion of tarantulas and other invertebrates.

Come here with your questions, your invert buddies, your hopes, and your dreams

previous thread:
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I need some hivemind advice and help, please.

Friday night, my 10 year old cat was displaying signs of distress, didn't seem to want to stretch out, was very hesitant to walk, would cry out in pain if we tried to handle her. I also found bloody urine in her litterbox.

My wife and I were very worried about internal bleeding, or some other horrible emergency. We took our cat to the 24 hour emergency vet.

The vet on call ordered bloodwork, x-rays, and a UA on the cat. X-Ray came back clear, no problems with any bones/joints in her hind legs, no stones in the kidneys or bladder. Bloodwork came back normal as well.

Cat was kept overnight for observation and to attempt to collect urine.

Saturday, urine was collected, cat apparently showed positive for an active UTI. I was allowed to pick up my cat around 1pm and was told she was given a shot antibiotic that would last for 12 days in her system, given a shot pain medication, and sent home with 2 more days worth of pain meds.

Today, 5am, I was woken up by the sound of my cat crying in pain. I got up and checked on her (we have a recovery area set up, small bed/blanket, food/water, litterpan nearby). Found a large puddle of urine under my desk, some blood in it still (hard to tell because it went into the carpet). Cat is very interested in her food/water, seems alert, but still appears to be in a lot of pain, still is not walking right(she will not stretch out to her full length, I'm assuming due to pain in the bladder region).

This cat has never been sick, and I've never seen her in pain. I've never dealt with a UTI before, and I have no idea how long it's going to take for her to start feeling better.

I feel awful for her, I'm worried, and I just want to know what else to do to help her. If she's not improved by tomorrow I'm taking her back in to her normal vet...
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My cat just ripped open one of my acne medication pills (powder inside). I think she had some but I honestly dont know how far she went. I feel terrible because I forgot to take it and she went right after it ;_;
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