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let's talk about them in all their majesty
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Cat pictures like this?
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Just dropped my dog off at a boarding kennel for 10 days

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I feel so bad about leaving her there. She's probably scared and confused right now, with all the other dogs around her barking.

Kennels are fine r-right? Dogs don't hold grudges do they? I feel like I'm abandoning her (or she thinks I am).
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I want to own a pet ferret, what should i know before even considering to buy one?
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Will we ever see crabs as more than just food?
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what plants repeal cats so they will stop shitting in in the dirt near my garden hose
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Alright, anyone here know a thing or two about snakes?

I heard a whining, meowing sound outside my front door,. It sounded vaguely like a cat, but not any sound I'd ever heard a cat make. It was happening maybe every 3 or 4 seconds.

Went to check it out, and after opening my door spooked what looked like a long, black snake, and it went slithering into the bushes in front of my house. It was longer than a foot, easily, and decently thick. Real snake territory, not any of those pussy shits you usually see around.

And the noise is gone with it, so I'm sure that the snake was the one making it. I thought for a moment maybe I was hearing the death cries of a kitten or something it was eating, but those wouldn't stop just because the snake dragged it into some foliage.

I'm trying to figure out what type of snake it is. I'm trying to identify it by the sound it made, because I didn't get a great look at it, but google is giving me jack shit in that regard, so I'm at a loss. I have two dogs, and i'm vaguely worried about taking them out now that I know i got this fucking black mamba looking motherfucker kicking around in the shadows, and I don't know if he's dangerous.

I live in central Florida, if that helps.
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Big Cat Thread

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I love big cats and I think they're the most beautiful animals in the world. I'll dump what I've got and anyone else feel free to add your own.
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What do we do about this?
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