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what is your favourite tailed amphibian? mine is lyciansalamander
it is my dream to find all species of them in wild and to take photos of them
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Come join our discord server for all m/an/iacs for nature discussion.

We have 137 members so far and there's always someone online if you're looking for help fast.

>discord isn't anonymous!
Make an account, don't link any of your shit to it. It's that simple.
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How clean are your cats toes

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realistically what would happen if you actually tried this?
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what do you think about maltanese dogs?
pic unrel
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-ples hel pme

my rabbit is fat!

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>Scientists often debate the extent that elephants feel emotion. Elephants have been one of few species of mammals other than Homo sapiens sapiens and Neanderthals known to have or have had any recognizable ritual around death. Elephants show a keen interest in the bones of their own kind (even unrelated elephants that have died long ago). They are often seen gently investigating the bones with their trunks and feet while remaining very quiet. Sometimes elephants that are completely unrelated to the deceased still visit their graves

Post animals displaying unanimal-like behavior
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let's say im doing MSc extramural studies in biology
i should be in uni every 2 weeks
can i send emails to professors abroad asking them whether they want me to help them with research which is of my interest?
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How should we act so save the endangered species of Earth?
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