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here i'll start
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post pictures of birds doing bird things

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i'll start
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Since this is nature...

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Since this board is animals and nature, i thought i would leave some human "nature" here.

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RIP, buddy
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Border Collie on the road.

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I've been on the road, traveling the country in an RV for 2 months now. I used to have dogs back home, but they passed last year. Miss em like no other.

Planned on getting a Collie once I get done with this trip at the end of the year, but I'm currently in a position where I could "rescue" a little dude that's already house-trained, has his shots, etc. He's a couple years old. Pure Collie, and pretty much my ideal.

Would it be dumb to drag a doggo around the states? I'll mostly be outside of major cities and staying at camp sites, but I'll have to leave him behind in the RV whenever I go hit the shops or wherever else I can't take a doggo.

It all sounds comfy in my head, but reality is often different. And so I've come to ask for opinions or experience from you guys.

I feel like there's several boards I could have posted this, but /an/ is hopefully the most suitable.

/ham/ Hamster General

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We /ham/ now

Thread dedicated to our beloved rodents


- Enjoy other people's advices and experiences, and share yours.
- Don't be rude.
- Doubts are allowed but please first use Google.


- To be added by anons' sugestions
- For newcomers: Peter Fritzsche's The Hamster


- To be added by anons' sugestions

- Anon asks about what kind and quantity of hamsters would be acceptable for a 20 gallons cage (the most common answer was 1 because of the territorial behavior)
- Anon's 1 month hamster head is always bent and runs in circles (probably an ear infection. Anon took the hamham to the vet but didn't update)
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ITT: Cool animals that you wish were domesticated.
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Ok, not right If this is the right board, but anyway, there have been these birds that burrowed a hole into my bedroom wall from outside. So, my family patched a board to that hole so no one can get in or out. How long does it take either grackles or woodpeckers to die of starvation/thirst and are there any better solutions so I can actually sleep a full night before they die? They chirp all the time and I'm sad that I have to listen to some starving birds in my wall crying out. Also I'm insanely tired. Pic related, is hole.

Pets for new pet owners

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easyish pets because I haven't had one before and I want one. Preferably birds or lizards.
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Why is my blobfish sad?

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My blobfish Jordan, named after Michael Jordan, has been sad since January 24. I haven't contacted any doctors yet, but should I?
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