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Comfy thread with comfy live stream of Kimani the Cheeta about to give birth.
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Are horses by far the best animals domesticated by humans?
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Are Amstaffs prone to chimping out like the APBT? Google just gives me the same old "not every dog" response that's no help.
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Bengal Appreciation Station

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Do you like Bengal cats?
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Animals you don't ever want to encounter in real life. I don't think this thing is dangerous really but I would be very unsettled if I ever happened upon one
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Minerals and Fossils Thread

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Old thread hit the image limit


Post mother nature's finest artwork

Or just whatever you found on your last hike
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Mommy is sending my dog to a farm. He'll be okay, r-right?

What is this?

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German Shepherd

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So apparently a guy my dad knows told him that his dog was preggo and asked him if he wanted a puppy, he said yes.

Now i'm not against it because I like dogs but I'm worried about how it will adapt to the other dogs here. Dunno if he'll give us a he or a she and if that makes any difference but we have 3 females and 1 male dog here, they're all quite small and I don't want them getting hurt by a dog that could kill them in a rage fit
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