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Hi guys,

I need some help. I'm taking on responsibility for a 6 week old puppy with weak back legs that is almost half the size of his litter mates. If I don't take him in he will likely die but I don't know the first thing about taking care of young puppies.

Any help, advice on how to strengthen his back legs? Can diet and exercise help?
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Do all-black Abyssinian cats exist?

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I posted this on /b/ first but was referred here, so:

How to make my cat have a miscarriage without my family figuring out I caused it? Everyone else wants to keep the kittens but I don't even want the cat.
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Foster thread

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Hello /an/

I'm really happy to introduce you to my second kitty mom, but this one is called Vanessa. Vanessa is among the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. Imo 'Cream' would suit her better as a name, since her furr is so light and creamy.

She has five beautiful baby kittens. They are six days old.

Worry number 1:
Vanessa is really skinny, so much that you can feel her spine when you pet her. She has almost no fat and ribs are easy to count too. She is a lost cat, maybe she was abandoned by her owners, maybe she just went on an adventure. But she is definetly houseraised. She is so kind.

I just gave her some wet food to fat her up, she bailed on her kittens like a hot pan, lol.

Worry number 2: While most of the kittens eat well and keep the mom painfully busy, there is the runt of the group. He is so tiny that you can see the shape of his eyes in his skull. He reminds me of a cute bug rather than a kitten because of his head shape. He is so small. I'm legitimately afraid that he won't make it. I'm going to try to give him special milk time with his mom were he doesn't have to compete with his sibling.

I'm about to weigh them soon, but I am wondering how to tell them apart and notice the progress of each individual kitty, since they look so similar after birth.
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Thinking about manning up, doing the right thing and buying a real purebred from Toadline.

Does anyone here have a real toad, none of those fake toads?
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Parvovirus vaccine for puppies

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When is it safe to take them outside in a fenced yard only occupied by another dog who is up to date on everything? Some searches say after 3rd set of shots, some after second set.
I guess my question is my yard has been fenced for 5 years and only my lab is in it sometimes a stray cat he chases out pretty quickly. Would my yard be considered fairly safe?

Anyone ever have a Woodcock?

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look like they might be fun. Wha U think?
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If just one of these was alive right now, would it live until death or would it be possible for it to be killed by a non-human predator?
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