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what about making a list of species that /an/ posters have?
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How do I get a pet deer?
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HELP /an/!

I won a hermit crab at a fair. I remember reading some threads that said that they treat them really badly at places like that, and burn their shells to get into the painted ones and shit like that.

I won one to try to get it out of it's misery. I tried to ask the lady about it but she new fuck all except "they eat fruit and dry cereal".

I was given about a 7 by 12 inch container to hold it in, but I know that's probably too small.

His name is Krusty. He is missing a part of one of his legs.

I want him to be happy. Please help.
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Name a more boring phylum
Protip: You can't

Speculative biology

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Lets discuss animals that could have existed, animals that might exist somewhere or animals that might exist in the future.
Where might evolution take the human race?
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i am trying to enroll to uni and i have to know ecology
is enough? maybe you have notes prepared when studying for exam on this branch of biology you could share with me?
thanks in advance
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how do we teach our monkey brothers to create and use spears? how would we go about to give them eyes, eyes on the inside to see the world for what it truly is?!
can we make them equal to us? can we teach them language? can we teach them justice and beauty?
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tapir hate general

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what the fuck is wrong with tapirs? they are the faggots of the animal kingdom, i hate them so damn much, they pollute my sight with their dirty bloody fucking nose
if they disappeared from the world i'd be grateful to god for granting me this honour to live on a earth without tapirs spreading their festering diseases to humankind and mammals

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Why No Temperate Apes?

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Why are the great apes restricted to the tropics? Excluding the genus Homo, of course.
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