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When can we just stop already?
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Can you guys tell me about Quaker Parrots?

I'm thinking about getting my first pet bird.
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ITT: Aquatic nightmare fuel
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Cat problem

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Our cat is soon going to be moving away to a new home with us, and sadly she will have to leave her cat best friend behind, as well as access to a garden. I am worried that she may find her new home boring or not settle.
Is it a good idea to get her a new cat friend? Or will they most likely not get on?
It is not an option to keep them together unfortunately
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What is this?

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Can it kill me?
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Hey /an/ what kind of bug is this?
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Doofy Cat Pictures

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Anyone have any other pics like this?
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I've never posted on this board before so cut me some slack...

I had an idea... its like a dart to mark animals, like a tag. But its placed on the back end of a mannatee and sticks up out of the water with an orange flag so boaters see it, and steer clear of the stoopid seacows...

Should i just go back to /b/?

Only related pic i got
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Weird Ass Animals That You Find Strangely Cute

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I just wanna boop that little snoot, man.