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Which was the best episode, /an/?

Vintage Horse General

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ITT: Ask questions and receive questionable answers

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Hamster thread?
I got this cutie a week ago, a Roborovski from a shelter. She's still very skittish, as robos tend to be apparently, but she'll already take or straight eat snacks from my hand. And she is no longer spooked by my presence unless I try to touch her sides or back.
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I am terrible at identifying type of trees. What sort of tree is this supposed to be? An oak? An elm?
Help please!

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Do you let your dog sleep with you in bed like a subhuman or do you keep it on the floor to show who the alpha is?
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My chook just died, we'd had her 11 years

RIP chookie
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Cockatoo thread

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Why are they so autistic, /an/? How does screaming like a retard benefit the species? Do they mate for life like penguins?
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