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So what does it mean when all my dog wants to do is fuck my other dog and refuses to eat?
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funny pictures of doggos and animols
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He protec

He respec

But most importantly


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whats her endgame?
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My roommate has a cat, I want to get a bird. Does anyone with both animals as pets have any advice to keep them safe from each other? I've been doing some research and it seems like a budgie would be best for me, I would keep it in my room for the most part because of the cat. Its small enough to get enough play time flying around my room. But I worry because the cat likes to run in my room the second my door opens.

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What would you name this cat?
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any geologists or geology majors here?

what are some cool shit about the earth I should know?
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What kind of frog is this?
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Can anyone tell me what the hell these are? They're less than an inch tall and have been getting into my house ever since the beginning of the month
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When do you think will they start to shill hard against having a real pet?

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"Having a pet is cruel, here, take this instead"

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