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Crcodile returned a human body after summoned by a witch doctor

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Would you eat your pet if it was legal?
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Plz Help me !

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Why aren't you adopting a cute little Pitbull from your nearest animal shelter anon? I'm sure theres plenty of them out there smashed, slammed, and ready to go just waiting for you :3
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are australian animals really that scary?

Beetle Shell Question

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Greetings from /tg/, I've got a question about beetles that you all may have an answer for.

I'm planning on potentially raising some dynastes species with my brother, mostly for fun. But we also got to thinking about what we would do with the shells when they pass.

My idea was to somehow preserve them and utilize them in conversions for warhammer. Just whole pieces, nothing too ambitious, a head here and there, maybe more. But my question was if this is even feasible? I know people usually pin hard shelled beetles without any other preservation, but then they get hung on a wall and not touched. Would they withstand some light handling as time goes on? Could I potentially coat them in a plastic or painting hard coat? Google is leaving me high and dry right now.
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ITT post interesting arachnids

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pic: Soerensenella prehensor, a predatory harvestman. looks like a bean shaped amblypygid.

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How the hell do I kill these fuckers? I bought my dog a flea/tick collar and she's still covered in a shitload of them
Today I gave her a bath with flea/tick shampoo yet a couple hours later I find more live ones on her
Nothing short of a lighter seems to stop these bastards
Am I buying the wrong products? Are these some kind of super ticks? What do?
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How do we feel about mosquito's?
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