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Hi I just caught this zebra jumping spider and I'm wondering what I should feed it. It's very small so any suggestions

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How the FUCK do I get this bat to leave
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The future of spacefaring!
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My dog has started attacking other dogs at the park. She used to be really friendly and nice to all dogs but in the last couple months she's been aggressive and violent. She doesn't draw blood or anything but it's still unacceptable behavior obviously. Any ideas of what to do or resources to use for training? I watched some videos on youtube but they weren't particularly helpful. The dog is about a year and a half old and a saluki mix, she's about 45 lbs.

Realistically how dangerous is a Honey Badger to an adult?

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I know that it would probably fuck me up, but how severe would my injuries be and would I be able to overpower it.
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5' 10" 175 lbs reasonably fit male. What are my chances of defeating the average adult male deer in a fight. Also how can I make this happen for real?
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lads i think my dog has autism

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This is Coyote Peterson, going for the bullet ant sting. (HEAVY BREATHING) Here we go!
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Is the Irish wolfhound the king of dogs?
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how much do animals suffer?

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I heard fish and bugs don't feel pain, is that real?
If animals feel as much pain as people do then nature really is fucked up
just think about how much suffering animals are having right now out in the wild
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