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UVB lighting

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So I guess I kinda got confused. I bought this nano lamp for my new vivarium and it turns out the LED bulbs dont do anything other than make light which is stupid because I guess my day geckos need UVB light and worse is that all of the nano bulbs zoomed makes for this lamp fixture don't make UVB although one does make UVA.

So should I return the lamp and LEDs altogher and get something different or is UVB really that important? The tank is only 12x18 I think.
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Extinct animals you're glad are all dead
i'll start
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Traveling with a pet

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I'm going to be flying across country soon and taking my cat with me. I've never flown before, much less with a cat, so I'm wondering if any anons have advice on how to make the process easier for the both of us.

I'm taking Alaska Airlines, and I'll be carrying the pet in the cabin with me. It'll be about a five hour flight with no connection. I'm mostly worried about him panicking and making a lot of noise, or pissing or shitting in his kennel during the flight.
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How to play God /an/?

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I wish to forcibly accelerate evolution and create I was thinking of using guppies, since they're known to breed and grow very rapidly. Maybe even Mollies. But I need a purpose. What should I try to evolve them into or change about them? I'd like to keep them as fishes, transforming them to amphibious creatures would be both arduous and boring, also it's been done to death (mudskippers, catfishes with lungs etc).

Evolving guppies to grow fancy goldfish sized is a worthy goal, if a bit unimaginative. I always wished they were bigger so their fins would be more visible. If anyone has better ideas, or advice on how to do this I'm open to suggestions.
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Firebug video

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want to see firebug? enjoy!

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Ok /an/. I'm too allergic to hay to have prairie dogs. Now I'm trying to decide of:

1 baby mink
1-2 lovebirds
Or, the pic related gcc's (3-4 years old)

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*blocks your path*
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I just rescued a cat from a junkie. Redpill me on cat ownership /an/

Pic related, I called him Johnny Joe
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