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Gigantopithecus Discussion Thread

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Hey /an

I was wondering, since all we have of Gigantopithecus are teeth and jawbones, what do you think their skeletons looked like as a whole?

I'm curious if they were stocky (despite their immense height) and densely muscled, or if they had long slender limbs that were still powerful (given their size).

So what do you guys think? Did they look like the pic included? And do you think we may one day find an entire skeleton?
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Can anyone tell me what species of cactus this is and if it will be okay for two weeks with no water?
I'm going home for two weeks for Christmas.
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Spider hate

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Fuck these bastards. Post videos of spiders being killed, eaten alive, etc, and general spider hate talk
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Animals with weapons

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Post them.
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Red pill me on Pitbulls
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Pet pig thread

Post your best pige
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Name a more perfect looking animal.
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Cat wont eat

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My cat hasnt eaten for 6 days, her bowls are left untouched

Ive tried several kinds of food now and blown well over 50 dollars trying to find her something she'll eat but she wont

What is issue
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Octopuses are actually perfect organisms. They're strong, intelligent, and can do basically anything. The only thing holding them back is their lifespan. If they lived longer, their intelligence would only increase. As of now I'd say they're as smart as or smarter than crows, which are said to be as intelligent as 5-7 year old humans.
Anyone who asks which animal on earth is the best should be replied to with one word. "Octopus." I mean it. They would be kings of the sea if not for their one fatal law (lifespan). Sharks, get fucked you stupid ugly cunt bitch pieces of shit. Orcas, you smug stupid fucking ass fat fucks. Die, every single one of you. And by god you stupid fucking god damn jellyfish should get dabbed on at least once a day.
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>"Hey buddy you gonna eat that?"
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