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Craigslist Cringe

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1. Go to your local craigslist pets page
2. Find the cringiest or saddest listings
3. Post them here

>male, unneutered pitbull
>good with children, cats, and other dogs
Consider me triggered.
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Say you move to a different city. How long do you keep your cats indoors to prevent them from running away in search of their former home?

inb4 indoor vs outdoor cat discussion

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/an/, I need your help-

I live in a 1/1 with my dog of two years which I got as a puppy. She has always had water bowls (yes, plural) available to her at all times around the house and has never had an issue using them. I have mild OCD, so I make it a point to keep the toilet seat completely down and the bathroom door closed. Idk wtf happened at some point, but now she will literally refuse to drink water for days unless she can drink from the toilet. I have tried everything to get her to drink water from the bowls. I've started adding ridiculous amounts of water to her food just to make sure she doesn't dehydrate, and even bought a different color bowl because maybe she doesn't like blue.

What is going on? How do I stop this behavior? I believe I heard her pawing at the bathroom door last night trying to get to the toilet.
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Cownose rays are cute.

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Humans are the most superior animal that ever marched through Earth.
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Okay 4chan i need some help. I am looking to buy a gecko my 2 options are a leo and a crestie. I am a little concerned about buying a crestie because it gets about 30 to 35 degrees in the summer and the gecko might overheat. As for a leo is it good to just feed him mealworms?

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why are cats so disgusting?

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What is the goofiest animal around?
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>fiancee wants dog
>tell her its a bad idea
>gets German/Australian shep mix
>realizes she really only wanted the idea of a dog, not the responsibility of one sinc she has a Sun Conure she takes care of already
>I'm now attached to dog
>tfw don't want to get rid of her but I can tell it's making fiancee depressed

what do /an/?
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