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How do wild animals survive/avoid infections?

A lot of wild animals are covered in scars, either from territorial fights or attacks from predators. Wouldn't a large open wound be a death sentence? How do they recover from this stuff?
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Posting shit I found using my microscope. What is everyone's favorite microorganism?
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No Rat thread? Rat thread!

Owned rats for almost 9 years now, and I currently own 3.
Any questions? Ask them! I've cared and raised rats for years so I should be able to help.

That being said, if you are having a serious medical issue with your rat, please seek help from a small animal specialist.
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Micro Aquariums

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I want to build one for a yabby. I want it to be battery powered. My question is filters.

What sort of filter should I use and how do I calculate the minimal volume of water? Its for a yabby, they are pretty hardy. It will only be a small one which will be transplanted when it gets too big.

>aquarium general I guess
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What is this? Broke it open and it had this black and white pulp inside

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>old doggos nails are too long
>She slips and slides on my hardwood floors, has trouble standing
>Because she's old, she doesn't like to go for walks anymore, walks for a bit then just turns around and goes home
>Bought some nail clippers from PetSmart, try to clip them myself
>Start clipping, doggo gets antsy and jerks her foot, stop because I don't want to twist her foot or some shit

What is the best way to go about doing this?

9 Ft shark eaten by unknown creature

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Something unknown ate a 9 ft great white. Was it eaten by an even bigger cannibalistic great white? What are people's theories on this?
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look at me

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I am the pet now
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ITT: Animals that look shooped but aren't

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