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How do I stop the urge to eat my pet crayfish
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What kind of dog is this?
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What bredd is she?

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something's wrong with my dog
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How does this make you feel, /an/?
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I have to inject lab rats with drugs, while running them through light association trails to test their short term memory on said drugs for psych laboratory experience. I am doing it for graduate school admissions.

Their entire existence is to further our understanding of human cognition. They get gassed after they've been used enough times.

Is this right? Is this wrong? Is veganism the path to true righteousness and morality?
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Found this boy hitchhiking on my trailer. Anyone know what species this is? Not sure if it's a caterpillar or a silkworm type thing.
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>tfw just spotted that my dog has mite on his snout
what do? I tried pulling it out but my dog has been resisting it and it's quite impossible to do it
Can't take him to a vet this week
Should I wait until it drops off on it's own? Can he get any diseases?
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Why do hawks scream when they're circling? Wouldn't that give away their position to their prey? Are they autistic?
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