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Found this little guy outside of my office, what do they eat?
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Why other animal species didn't evolve to be intelligent like human ?
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Genuinely curious: How is it possible to do a bad job looking after a dog? How is it possible to not train it? How is it possible to have a house full of dogshit and a matted half-feral dog living in squalor like some people do?
inb4 >dogs are like kids/dogs are high maintenance
I used to believe that shit until I got a dog. Little guy tells me when he has to shit and I take him outside and he shits and then we come back inside. He tells me when he is hungry and so I feed him. If he smells cheesy or sweaty, I take him in the shower with me and give him a rubdown with $1 dog shampoo from the pet store.
Dogs eat fucking kibble. They will be happy eating anything. They sleep when they are tired. They will play with a roll of toilet paper and be the happiest creatures in the world.
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Vintage Animal Photos

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Post old timey animal pictures/posters/cards here!
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So we all know that a horse has an enormous Dick (18inches/45.72cm). But a Dolphin's dong is notably long as well! According to Dolphin Specialist Orbach “We’re not talking hand-sized—we’re talking arm-sized, depending on the species."
The question we ignored for too long is who would win a Rape Deathmatch in a 16feet/ 5 Meter long pool filled with 70cm water.
No rules. Just rape till we have a winner and fresh sushi or a bbq party!
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How can anyone call himself an animal lover and eat animal products???
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More like this?
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We just had a fish kill in a catfish pond, couple hundred dead. Do we have to drag the corpses all out?
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Hey /an/ons
I’ve been given some silkworms to raise, i’ve had them for 3 days and they seem to have been doing okay, but the past few hours most of them have stopped moving, and are standing still on their prolegs with their head raised, pic related.
All Google says is they might be getting ready to molt, but most of them are not moving at all.
Are they kill? ;_;
Room temp is 26 C
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Flying from Minneapolis to Orlando with my cat since I'll be working there the next few years. He doesn't care for going to the vet, like most cats.

Should I try and get him cat xanax? Do those swaddling vests work? Those collars? Think I could get him through drug free with a thundershirt and pheremone collar?