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Is this some kind of joke?
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Cephalopod anatonomy and evolutionary history.

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1. Did vampire squids filaments evolve from tentacles?

2. When did octopuses and vampire squids split, was it before pohlsepia was around?

3. Did pohlsepia have a gladius? If not did it loose it independantly from modern day octopuses? (palaeoctopus had a gladius and it was around along time after pohlsepia).

4. Do squids, cuttlefish and vampire squids have many neurons in their legs/tentacles like octopuses have?

5. How many brains do cephalopods apart from octopuses have and where are they located?
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I found this little guy on some icy concrete outside. I wasn't sure if he was alive but once I picked him up he moved in my hand.

I live in Colorado and it just snowed so he wouldn't have survived outside. Any resources or tips for raising caterpillars until spring?

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Koi's in tanks?

The other day I got high and walked into a Pets Mart and bought a couple baby butterfly koi. I have a 20gal tank and both are about 3in long right now. How long could I keep them in the tank before stunting them?
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My friend recently bought this snake and was wondering how much they should feed it. Seeing the breeder didn't mention how much or what to feed. He's approx a year and a half old. Any ideas? Was thinking fresh or frozen mice but unsure about size or amount.

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Using a Pitbull to hunt foxes
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Favorite /an/ related YouTuber?

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Just got a cat from a shelter. What's the prevailing thought on fapping and pets? Is it acceptable to fap in the presence of your pet, or should they be separated while you fap?
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Most humane way to dispatch an animal?

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