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Zoo authorities in China say a kangaroo has been killed and another injured at Fuzhou Zoo in south-eastern Fujian province after visitors threw rocks into their enclosure.

Local media said the 12-year-old female kangaroo was "pelted" with rocks by visitors, with a sharp stone injuring its left foot and causing bleeding.

An autopsy reportedly showed the kangaroo probably died due to a ruptured kidney, after zookeepers treated the animal's injured foot but did not realise it was bleeding internally.

A few days later, a visitor allegedly threw part of a brick into the kangaroo enclosure, injuring a five-year-old male — but it is expected to make a full recovery.

Fuzhou Zoo's kangaroo breeder told Chinese media visitors sometimes throw stones to make the marsupials wake up or jump around.

The zoo has reportedly now applied for funding to install high-definition surveillance cameras.

It has also decided to only allow three of their kangaroos to be on show for visitors, while the body of the dead female kangaroo will be preserved and put on display.

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ITT: Underrated animals

Animal reaction pics

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Why aren't you walking your dog right now?
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Anons, help
google did not give any results
i was cleaning my cat's litter (she is an outdoor cat) and i found a dead mouse in there. it was the whole thing but it was so covered in the litter that i couldn't see it clearly. why was it there from all places? once per 2 months she brings a mouse in the house (dead of course) so it's not the mouse thing that worries me. can she have eaten it? it does not look possible to eat it in one bite and then shit the whole thing. does anyone have any advice on this situation?

are they the pitbulls of japan?

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Post Cute

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What are 4chan’s biggest crimes against animals? I’m sure you sick fucks have something to regret other than using 4chan in the first place.
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Post a special individual animal well known for a particular reason. Unusual behavior, colors, injuries, etc. Preferably wild, be them still with us today or not.

This is Wisdom. She is the oldest confirmed wild bird, still raising chicks 67 years old. She most likely lived out her first mate. Say something nice about her.
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YLYL Thread

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Animal edition
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