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Cownose rays are cute.

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Humans are the most superior animal that ever marched through Earth.
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Okay 4chan i need some help. I am looking to buy a gecko my 2 options are a leo and a crestie. I am a little concerned about buying a crestie because it gets about 30 to 35 degrees in the summer and the gecko might overheat. As for a leo is it good to just feed him mealworms?

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why are cats so disgusting?

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What is the goofiest animal around?
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>fiancee wants dog
>tell her its a bad idea
>gets German/Australian shep mix
>realizes she really only wanted the idea of a dog, not the responsibility of one sinc she has a Sun Conure she takes care of already
>I'm now attached to dog
>tfw don't want to get rid of her but I can tell it's making fiancee depressed

what do /an/?
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>looking after my aunts cats this week while she's on holiday


they're not even friendly or cute. what the fuck is the appeal of these things?
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>hug your pet
>post its reaction
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Can anyone tell me what sort of spider this is?

The bastard was found crawling around in bed last night with me...
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