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Is it wrong that chubby dogs arouse me

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Say hello to my cockatoo
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Greetings! So I found this little fella on the roof of my house. I live in west México and while I don't plan on keeping it, I want to keep it alive until I find someone to taken it. Any idea of what kind of frog is it? Anything important I should do to keep it alive and comfy?
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speculative evolution thread /se/

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speculative evolution thread, discuss spec evo stuff here

old thread : >>>2839024
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what birb did my cat just catch? Should I let him screw with it?
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Who would win?
A great white shark or saltwater crocodile?
Both fully grown and fully pissed off.
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All About Clams

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clam general. if you see anyone else start a clam general thread please direct them to this thread.

some clam topics suggested for discussion include but are not limited to:

>clams: what the FUCK are they planning?
>best pasta for clam sauce?
>all about shells: differences in intelligence between clam shells of different colors
>shorebirds: what the fuck is their problem?
>strategies for squirting as far as possible from the sand into the air
>using your foot to get up to 10 feet away from anything in under a month

feel free to use your curiosity and imagination to ask any of the clam and clam-related topics your heart desires

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Hi /an/. I found 4 neonatal kittens and took them in. Mama was no where to be found for a bit, the weather is gonna be deathly cold soon, and there were definitely 2 raccoons eyeing them up. They are so young that they still have their umbilical cords. I've been feeding them every 2 hours, they average around 4.5 ml, and I've been trying to keep them nice and warm. Any advice?
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Cow General

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Only Two More Months Before the National Western Stock Show™ Edition
Post and discuss cows.
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Sudden Dog Bite

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There's a farm nearby that I visit nearby, and there was a dog in there that was rescued from the streets some time back. Every day I went there, I petted this dog, and he seemed to like me quite a lot.

Today, I went to pet him as usual and when he was standing up with his paws on my legs receiving it, he suddenly bit me, in the middle of the petting. I was careful to not touch any wounds he may have had, or close to his mouth, only behind the ears and at the chin. He, however, in the middle of the petting, when I was removing my hand, bit it, and bit it quite hard. He wouldn't let go when I pulled it, and I had some lacerations in my hand and I had get vaccines and medicine for the wounds. I didn't even have a reaction, Just watched it try to tear my hand apart, since I wasn't expecting it at all from a dog that knew me and I petted regularly (who was also treated very well at the farm).

What happened there? Why did the dog suddenly decide to attack me?