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Best breed

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I just bought an apartment and considering getting a dog, so far my favourites are samoyed, west-siberian laika and siberian husky.
My question is - what is the best breed if you have cat at home and soon, possibly, a child?
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*drags you to the bottom of the tank*
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*Oh non pas encore!!*
*S'IL VOUS PLAÎT! J'ai besoin de jouer MARI-
* AAAHHHHHH AIDE! Je vais me faire sucer! *
* tamponner *
* Aaaaaahhhhh -..... *
* WHIIIIIIRRR-RRrrrrrrrrrrrr *
* brique *

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What is the most humane way to kill them once I've caught them?
I caught a mouse recently because it's winter and all and they're starting to show up in my house, which is an old hunting cabin with probably about a million ways in.
I grabbed this one in a sock, flipped it inside out and took it out and hit it off the ground as hard as I could. It was kind of awful in so much that I felt like a monster and felt like maybe there was a better way. The squeak it made when it hit made me feel terrible, but if it's the most humane way outside of making a gas chamber and buying something to gas them with, I guess I'll keep doing it.
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This is my dog koda.

We got him from my brother when his crazy ex wife wanted to put him down out of spite.

Before he got fixed by her dad, I could hold a Frisbee over my head and he could jump all the way over my head and grab the frisbee. If you asked him if he wanted to see his girlfriend, he would perk his ears up and wag his little docked tail (again crazy ex wife). He absolutely loved going for walks, but he was a big ole pansy. One day while we were out walking we came across a bear in the middle of the woods. That jackass left me behind in the dust, and I can guarantee you if he had a tail it would have been in between his legs.

He was always a young dog, at least until one day a rescue puppy we got beat him out to the stick that we threw in the lake and came triumphantly marching back to shore with it. He stared at her for a minute, and then laid down in the shade.

Here I am, on the opposite side of the states, and that jackass apparently up and left me in the dust again tonight.

Thanks for letting me vent on your board.
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Rate my dog
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Can we start an ant love thread?

>post anything related to ants or any questions
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Who's behind this ridiculous misconception that kiwis are small birds? Do they think the fruit of the same name was named after the bird rather than the region?
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My cat stopped eating today and I'm scared. She is the only friend I have.
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