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Are these fire ants? I love in KS and know nothing of ants

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I'm on a shortage of retarded cat faces help
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Have you booped the snoot today, my dudes?

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Post "special" animals.
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I just wan't to say that reading about extinct species make me really sad.
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Animal Recordings

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/mu/ wouldn't help me with this, maybe you can? I'm looking for the most beautiful/extensive collections of recorded animal sounds. I know of the Cornell Lab but maybe you have some other tips? This seems like a nice board.

Animal cruelty laws.

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So someone I know keeps a german shepherd in a space thats only about 4 ft by 4ft inside their trailer. Everytime I come over its always begging for attention and doesn't even try to bark at strangers, its just wants company. Is this against animal cruelty laws and can I report them somehow?
Additional info - this dog is more of an ornament rather than a pet.
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Why are ring necks so cute?
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Can I get an ID on this larva? From my understanding its a harlequin ladybird larva but its pattern on its back doesn't match that of the harlequin on google images. Is it just young and not developed the normal markings yet?
Took this in northwest UK.

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Any /an/ related horror or encounter stories?

>Lived in the Arctic circle in Northern Canada
>Polar bears were known to come to town when hungry
>Everyone in town kept their doors unlocked in case people need to run in
>Most and if not all houses have heavy aluminum doors
>Huskies would howl or bark when bears were coming
>Mother always told me to look behind me when playing outside
>New years day
>Family gathering at my grandfathers
>Most of our family members there
>Cousin of ours runs into the house panicking
>Fucking polar bear chased him to the house
>Mother grabs me and brings my little brother and I into a bedroom
>Polar bear trying to get it's way into the house
>Several relatives are forcefully pushing on the door as the massive animal was trying to get in
>Remember the horror I felt while listening to the whole incident
>Hear a loud gun shot
>Silence fell, seemed like forever
>Never knew what happened to the bear
>Reoccurring nightmares of polar bears chasing me

The bears are afraid of shot guns and will often run away without hesitation. Rare incidents where they actually get killed. I remember that there were 6 of the bears in town once. Glad I moved back to southern Canada.
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