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Yesterday I caught my cat playing with/torturing a bird, I grabbed the bird and let it go in some bushes. Today my cat came to the window and brought a bird that I think is the same bird from yesterday, it's at least the same species and size, dead this time. I didn't take a picture when it was within arm's reach, I dropped it out the window and took a pic after. What kind of bird is this?
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I'll never EVER get a dog, because I have dog phobia.
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ID this plant?

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Can anyone here identify this succulent? Thanks in advance

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Leave the native reef population to me
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Pets you want but can't have, and why

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I want a macaw so bad. Any large macaw. I'm afraid since I work full time, and I don't really socialize with anyone much, I wouldn't be a good enough owner. It bums me out every day.
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A MUST READ for any aspiring herpetologist?

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Do any animals mate consensually?
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You are on your way to home. Suddenly you see this fucking bird staring at you. Wat do?
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Animal abuse

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What does /an/ think about people who find pleasure in torturing/killing defenseless animals?
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