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I have a dilemma.

I adopted a puppy 4 months ago (dog is 11 months old now). She's been a brilliant dog but yesterday I discovered she's aggressive towards young kids.

I walk her past a school everyday and she's fine with school aged kids, but yesterday was her first time meeting kids under the age of 5 and it didn't go well. I took her to a coworkers house who had two kids aged 4 and 1. As soon as she saw them, my dog tensed up and started growling. Every time she made eye contact with one of the kids she'd lift her lips and show her teeth. I got her out of there quickly as I was afraid the toddler would try to touch her and get bitten.

She's a border collie mix if that matters.

So the real problem is, my wife and I will very likely be having kids during her lifetime. I hadn't considered that she would be a problem since she's great with older kids.

I don't have any close friends with young kids to try to get her used to them.

Am I too optimistic thinking this can be trained out of her or would it be better to rehome her now while she's young rather than 5 years down the road when she takes a snap at my kid?