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What dog breed would /an/ recommand for a first dog owner ?

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I live in an shitty neighbourhood (noguns chavs), and I'm going to leave the nest. In a few years my brother is probably also going to leave. So I thought a guard dog to protect my mum would be a good idea (my 12 yo cat is also going to leave us in a few years, and I don't want to leave her alone).
But we never had a dog, and most "guard dog" breeds (GSD, Doberman, Rottweiler...) are unadvised for first dog owners. My grandma had a Skye terrier mutt when my mother was a child. That's it, and it was actually enough to intimidate weirdos and kill rodents. But my grandma was a farm girl who knew how to train a dog.

What breed could be used as guard dog, live in a flat (forget Brittanies and Jack Russell Terriers), and is not more complicated to groom than the average shorthaired stray cat ? It's a small flat, so Great Dane and Mastiffs are not the best choices (would require to give it its own room, wouldn't prefer).

Any ideas /an/ ?