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Hey y'all, I usually don't come to /an/, I tend to stick around /his/ and /k/ mainly, but today I have a question.
You see, about a decade ago my childhood dog, Bandit, a German Shepherd/Alaskan malamute mix (big ol boye) had to be put down due to the complications of his dementia and hips. To replace him, about 8 years ago my parents decided to buy a pair of Huskies, a sister and brother. They're beautiful, purebred huskies, AKC registered and everything.

This is all fine and dandy, but age caught up with my parents rapidly after buying these dogs, and as a result, they've spent most of their lives in my parent's house and yard, not socializing with other dogs, not being trained, ect. They barely even know sit, but that doesn't keep them from being lovely dogs, always so happy to meet new people, they've never once been frightened or aggressive to my friends, or the few dogs they've met through the fence.

I feel bad for these dogs, they're 7-8 years old and haven't even been on half a dozen walks, but my parents are too elderly and busy (My dad still works as a computer engineer even though he's past retirement age) to spend time training these two huskies.
Since I live within driving distance, I was thinking I could spend weekends with them to try and start them on learning, mainly, how to heel so I can take them on walks throughout the neighborhood without them pulling and trying to run up to everyone they see.

I can't train them separately because they've never been separated since we bought them from a friend, they whine and cry if they're separated in the slightest, the sister chewed through a chain link fence when we had to take the brother in to get fixed.

>tl;dr i want to train big, 8-year-old, untrained dogs that have separation anxiety from each other

So my question is: where do I start? Are there any websites that would walk me through training a stubborn breed like huskies? Or do you guys have any tips?

pic related, it's the male