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>Malinois doggo
>has a partial ligament rupture
>doctor not sure about surgery being necessary
>barely any exercise + glucosamine + knee brace-harness for 8 months or so
>dramatic improvement
>2 months after taking the harness off, dog can do short walks fine. Start to slowly take him for longer walks
>now, when he walks on pavement his leg will start limping after 1 block. When he is on grass/dirt, he can walk much longer

what else can I do? I just ran out of glucosamine, and I know it MIGHT help, but I am thinking on maybe trying it again.....any other supplements I should look into?

also, the area around his knee seems "bony" but it could be from low muscle mass in that leg after such a long time resting...any ideas what else could it be?

thank you