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is anyways else here in a really dark fucking place after taking the vegan pill? i cant stop thinking about animal testing and shit

>study drugs and shit
>find out about natural medicine
>basically we have most the medicine for shit we need
>they keep trying to make bull shit artificial shit anyways
>they just stick it in fucking rats and monkeys and shit
>they either die or get extremely fucked up off experimental drugs
>we make a vaccine for a disease that already has a .001% fatality rate
>test it all on millions of animals
>every day we have labs testing fucked up shit on animals when we literally already have weed and plants for everything

this is so fucking depressing thinking of monkeys and shit being ripped out of the jungle from their parents sent to some lab to just be stuffed with drugs murdered and cut up. this is so god damn fucking depressing how the fuck is anyone here not involved with peta and animals rights?