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Virtual YouTubers

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Hololive, Nijisanji, VOMS, etc.
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Lucky Star Thread

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post lucky star!!
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Strike Witches

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Not much longer and summer's gone with its heat and humid.

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Miki Thread

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>Let me see them kawaii pics
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Waifu Thread #119

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Primal wife.
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Waifu Thread #71

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It's Rena! Yeahhhh!

Post that special girl in your life
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Nakano Azusa Thread #36

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Azunyan Thread: Grass Sprouts, Trees Bud Edition

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>Discord server:

>Useful links:
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Happy birthday to dearest Hoto Cocoa!
My favourite chocolate drink.
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Waifu Thread #43

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Waifu Thread #37

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Made by a regular edition!
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