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Satania Thread #2

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Future Queen of Hell and best girl there is!
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Taiga Aisaka Appreciation

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Taiga is the best and we all know it post your favorite pics/gifs of her.
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GJ-bu Thread pls?

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I've recently finished this adorable anime and wanna start a thread for these cuties!
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Karen Thread 5: The only person maintaining the thread edition.

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I go away for *two days* and you let the thread die.
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Schoolgirls With Swords

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Schoolgirls, but with swords.
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Sakura Matou Thread #8

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Sakura-clones also welcome.
Previous thread >>3123707
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Precure Thread

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miggu thread

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>no miku thread
Let's fix that
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anime reaction pics

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post your reactions pics with favorite waifu
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