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Megumin Thread #8

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"They still exists?" Edition

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Aioi Yuuko Thread

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Thread for /ourgirl/
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Can I get some GIFs! its can be anything funny, cute, sexy, or weird.
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Mugi Thread LXXXV

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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer - the nights are getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and our beloved threads are getting ever-so-closer to that 100 mark!

Perhaps it's time we switched over to iced tea.

As always, thank you to everyone who keeps the threads afloat while I'm away - this really cannot be done without you!

Continued from: >>2882642

Spread the love /c/omrades, and go get some sun!
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VA-11 HALL-A Thread
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Stay Fresh and Stay off the Hook!~
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Sugiura Ayano Thread

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She deserves some love too, you know. Preferably from Kyouko.

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Kotori Minami

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The cutest Muse
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