Planned outage this weekend.

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Karen Thread

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Hanayo Koizumi

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About this rice lover
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Sakura Matou Thread #4

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What do you think of her Pseudo-Servant design?

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BB/Passionlip/Meltlilith/Dark Sakura also welcome.
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Poofy thread for poofy girls VI: Lightning Round

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Nonon Thread XIIII

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Halloween is tomorrow for me, and 4chan has the decor up as of now so that's pretty cool I guess
I'm going trick or treating, what's everyone else doing?
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Pantyhose thread the second

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Preferably black, transparent stockings.
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K-On! Thread #39

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How much does /c/ like K-On?
>Fude Pen

>K-ON! Music History's Box (aka the whole 13 disc soundtrack) + Disc 14 (all Instrumentals) in one rar file.!YtUBECxT!SlqfUBQJmEcGIEq1PcFfi2RH1CQIhLE-wZLvBXO8PMg

>5GB collection of high quality screenshots:!S54SwYDD!N8_bmNHxQBxGbYoM5mNm5g
Click "Download as ZIP" in the top right to download the whole thing (it will take a while!)

>Discord server (Now open)

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Yuuka Kazami

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The Flower Master of the Four Seasons needs her own thread.
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Post pictures of best demon
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Akko Kagari Thread v4

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Hey anons! Welcome back to the akko thread!
Remember, a believing heart is your magic!

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